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WordPress Blogs and Websites for Beachbody Coaches


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Managed WordPress Hosting and Custom Website Design.

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WordPress Blogs and Websites for Beachbody Coaches

  1. 1. What can Electronic Word of Mouth do for Beachbody Coaches? Click NEXT to find out! See site examples! See what is included!
  2. 2. Your site will be setup the way you want it (either a custom site or a template site) until you love it before you pay one dime!
  3. 3. Your site will have over 100 pages of Beachbody products with your coaching code to speed up customer purchases.
  4. 4. Total Saved: $450-$3,450+ EWOM—Electronic Word of Mouth Equivalent Fully-Managed WordPress Included with Hosting (Break/Fix, etc.) $564/half-year (WP Fix It: $94/mo.) Premium Plugins Included with Hosting $594/half-year (WPMUdev: $99/mo.) WordPress Template Included with Hosting $19-$69 (Elegant Themes: $69/yr.) Unique Theme Custom Design Included with Hosting $100-$3,000/site (VivaLaViolette: $3,000) Secure Hosting w/NinjaFirewall $249/half-year ~$20/mo.-$30/mo. (Dreamhost: $19.95/mo.) Total Six Months Hosting $249/half-year Over $700 (non-custom) $3,700+ (custom site)
  5. 5. Your site will be run by Beachbody Coach Joseph Dowdy who runs about 40 coach sites, himself and others!
  6. 6. You Need This! You must be fully-connected to Google if you have any expectation of people finding you on the Internet. You’ll have all these things connected!
  7. 7. YOUR OWN pages for Shakeology or Ultimate Reset embedded in your blog!
  8. 8. Your site will be connected AND POST to your social media sites and can be shared easily using all the latest tools and networks.
  9. 9. Your site will reflect YOUR style in a way that will attract people who like your style instead of a cookie-cutter site!
  10. 10. In addition, you will also get your Facebook page customized with the latest links and tools from Beachbody. My Wife’s FB Page
  11. 11. Your site will also be optimized for search engines (SEO) and also for mobile devices including smartphones and tablets (one of my sites!)
  12. 12. Bring your own theme, have one created from scratch or use the templates used by Scottie Hobbs* and Jonathan Register*. *Scottie Hobbs and Jonathan Register are not my customers. Anyone can buy these themes and I have the licenses for those themes at the request of my other customers and hundreds of others.
  13. 13. Use forms to collect information on your Beachbody Challenge sign-ups instead of sending them through Beachbody’s sign-up. You can use your mobile app, But this way you can ask them pre-qualifying questions such as what programs they own, what type of exercise they like, times to reach them, etc.!
  14. 14. Get speedy page loads which will improve your rankings on Google, keep your visitors on your site and keep them coming back.
  15. 15. If you want pop-ups, you can use one of the best in the business: Pop-Up Domination! You don’t pay extra to use it on your site!
  16. 16. If it breaks, don’t worry. I’ll fix it! If it needs upgrading, I’ll take care of that, too! Plus I take care of security! (my wife’s site!)
  17. 17. If you have any questions, visit or write to