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Brand Identity Assignment


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Brand Identity Assignment

  1. 1. Sound Advice Consulting and PromotionsA Brand Identity Presentation by: Michelle Yates
  2. 2. Brand Name• Sound Advice • Name is short and simple with a fun play on words that is memorable. • Strengths: 2 simple words that make sense together, memorable, creates a sense of something music or consulting related. • Concerns: Might bring up ideas of music lessons or something not related to our actual services. • Suggestive category: upon analysis of the name you could connect it to the services/products offered. • Protectable and registrable with, but entitled to less protection and may be more expensive
  3. 3. Logo
  4. 4. Logo (con’t.)• Logotype/ Letterform Mark• Follows the Law of Shape by being totally legible and horizontal• Follows the Law of Color because yellow is used to stand out and be the brightest with the tagline and white brand name represents our pure dedication to making dreams come true while it completely stands out against the black background.
  5. 5. Logo (con’t.)• Effective because it incorporates the brand name, tagline, and catches your attention all in one. It would appeal to who are creative and most likely have an interest in our services.• This logo reflects our unique brand because its font is unique, it includes our catchy tagline, and is creative, but simple just like our business. It can catch your attention and tell you exactly what we do all in one little glance!• There are not any main competitors that have logos. If there were they would either most likely be something more mainstream like a guitar or instrument, or boring and plain not attracting the right attention.
  6. 6. Logo (con’t.)• Simplistic. Leaves you thinking. Creative font. Catches your attention.• Makes you think of a fun atmosphere and fostering creativity (play on spelling).
  7. 7. Tagline• “Rockstar ambitions stressing you out?” • Provocative category- Evokes thought and peoples dreams to be musicians • Hints to services that provide consulting/advising/assistance • Reinforces brand message of making dreams come true in a stress free manner • Relates directly to what the client wants/needs unlike competitors • Commands action because viewers are left wanting to learn more • Short, unique, and easy to remember
  8. 8. Corporate Culture• Objectives: • Provide outstanding guidance and promotional services to every client • Work hard to find the best networking connections for our staff and clients. • Make clients realize we are truly there to guide them in the right direction to live out their dreams • Stay positive, upbeat, and always on top of industry trends (especially in the New England area)
  9. 9. Corporate Culture (con’t.)• Corporate vision • We will maintain the highest quality research, service, and environment while fostering a fun, exciting, stress free environment that inspires creativity and hard work in our clients and staff. • All the work of a “corporate” business, but with and atmosphere that our clients will feel completely comfortable in. • Feedback is always encouraged to make sure we meet and exceed clients wants and needs. There will be no surveys or questionnaires that make people uncomfortable, we will just use conversational questions before or after appointments.
  10. 10. Mission Statement• Here at Sound Advice we work hard to help make your musical dreams come true with as little stress as possible. We offer consulting services that include: booking, finances, managing, marketing, and promotions. Our rockstar employees work together with you as a team with your specific career aspirations and goals as the number one priority. We offer five star customer service and always want to make our clients feel like the very important people that they are.
  11. 11. Mission Statement (con’t.)• It will be posted in the lobby of our offices along with in each conference room or office we work in to make sure it is always effectively communicated and clients and staff both know exactly where the business stands• Mainly directed towards our customers, but it also gives a clear indication to our staff as to how we need to remember to make our clients feel like rockstars and do whatever we can to help them succeed• Harnesses a little bit everything the business is about and represents our direction, focus, policy, challenges and the passion we have in every thing we do• It’s concise, unique, memorable (because it relates back to our tagline and makes our clients feel special), and sums up our business as a whole in 30 seconds or less.
  12. 12. Thank you!• Resources: • The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding • The Brand Gap • • Taglines copy .pdf • Pursuing strong brand .pdf