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SiriusDecisions sample lead management service level agreement


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During the session, "Marketing and Sales: We Need To Talk with April Dunford (RocketWatcher), Ally Motz (SiriusDecisions), Renny Monaghan ( and Ian Gilbert (Third Core)", Ally Motz shared some great information talked about having service-level agreements (SLA). When close over 90% indicated that they did not have a service-level agreement (SLA) in place for lead hand-off nor lead management, Ally was compelled to share some information with meshmarketing as a followup.

Thanks to Albert (Ally) Motz, President & CEO of SiriusDecisions Canada Inc, for his on-going support and this sample SLA.

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SiriusDecisions sample lead management service level agreement

  1. 1. <SAMPLE> Lead Management Service Level Agreement <SAMPLE> Section 1: Category Description Campaign Name: Market Description: Products/Services: Marketing Team (provider of leads): Sales Team (receiver of leads): Executive Overview: Section 2: Lead Definition Lead score threshold: (numeric value that defines when a lead reaches a pre-defined qualification level and should be delivered to receiving function) Criteria 1 Criteria 2 Criteria 3 Criteria 4 Type Demographic Firmographic Activity BANT Description Value/Weight Section 3: Rules • • • Agreed upon reasons for rejection of leads prior to working Agreed upon reasons for disqualifying a lead after working Route around rules (agreed upon reasons for bypassing qualification process) Section 4: Responsibilities and Timeframes Sales (receiving function) agrees to the following: • Accept/reject timeframe • Reasons for rejection • Timeframe to begin working leads • Specific actions that will be taken • Disposition/disqualify within a defined timeframe • Key processes – how data will be entered in CRM, that marketing will pull back leads that aren’t worked in defined timeframes, etc. Marketing (delivering function) agrees to the following: • Timeframe for lead delivery • Volume and lead flow • Lead delivery method and format • Timeframe for pulling back dormant leads • Defined nurture activity for rejected leads and leads that are pulled back _______________________________ Regional Manager Date: ______________________________ Field Marketing Manager Date: © Copyright SiriusDecisions All Rights Protected and Reserved