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Working Social -- A Marketer's Perspective


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Product Session by Matt Wolodarsky, Yammer and SharePoint Product Marketing Manager;

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Working Social -- A Marketer's Perspective

  1. 1. Matt Wolodarsky, Yammer and SharePoint Product Marketing Manager; @mwolodarsky
  2. 2. • This isn’t about organizations opening a Twitter account, getting executives to blog or setting up a newsfeed • This is about forging a strategic corporate competence around social • It’s about transforming into a social organization, “applying mass collaboration to address significant business challenges and opportunities”
  3. 3. Build Deeper Relationships with Customers, Partners and Influencers Objective Tactics Continue the dialogue with customer attendees outside of our in person events to foster further interest, evaluation and consideration of Yammer Use Yammer to build a national community of customer decision makers, experts, influencers and partners and Microsoft sellers Key Learnings • • Find the sweet spot between your marketing goals and the customers’ needs for connecting Engage community members thru on-site engagement, interactive media wall, prizes, exclusive content offers, recognize & reward contributions
  4. 4. Shopping center group stays on trend with Yammer Objective Tactics Results Manage all aspects of shopping center development—from design and construction to leasing and management. Use Yammer to leverage the knowledge of managers, employees, and partners. • • • Quick response to retail trends via targeted communications Improved operations due to crowd-sourced insight Problems resolved in days rather than weeks “Retail is a very dynamic environment. Keeping up with changes and staying on trend is essential, and Yammer helps us do that. It allows people to share best practices, even across functions and geographies.” –Andy Hedges, Director of Shopping Center Management, Westfield Australia
  5. 5. Xerox accelerates innovation with Yammer Objectives • • Connect employees with the people and information they need in order to excel Merge two company cultures following an acquisition Tactics Results Deployed Yammer as a go-to place for employees to connect globally and innovate together. • • • Accelerated innovation Streamlined information flow Merged communications across two companies “There’s no question Yammer has helped us reduce the time it takes to go from a new idea or call to action to execution. It accelerates innovation.” - Gregory North, Vice President of Corporate Lean Six Sigma and Business Transformation, Xerox
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