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Safe cars for teenage drivers


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Safe cars for teenage drivers

  1. 1. Small cars should be avoidedMidsize cars are the fit for them.Larger vehicles are very hard to maneuver for ayoung driver.
  2. 2. Mid-sized sedans costing are the most appropriatebecause they are safest and most reliable.Late model cars appear to be the best cars forteenagers.Those cars are also easily serviced and do notallow the teen driver to have too much power onthe road.
  3. 3. Choose a safe car modelCheck cost of car insurance and car maintenanceGas or fuel mileage figuresAvailable warranties
  4. 4. Parents and other supervisors during the learnerspermit stage generally do a good job creating asafe in-car environmentCrashes are rare during this first phaseThe specific reasons behind this sharp increase incrash risk are not well understood
  5. 5. Mid-sized sedans may be the blandest on the road.Four cylinder engines are better than six cylinderengines.Newer SUVs or 4WDs may be suitable depending onthe make and model.Sporty cars and tiny subcompacts are out as well(NOT recommended).