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The speak strong communication kata


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How to practice communication improvement

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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The speak strong communication kata

  1. 1. © Communication Excellence Takes Practice
  2. 2. © Who knew? Practice transforms the preach
  3. 3. © Surprise! Doing smart things takes smart practice
  4. 4. © And, Knowing and caring are great, but excellence takes practice. X
  5. 5. © Because Communication Excellence Takes Knowledgeable Practice
  6. 6. © A specific practice A repeated routine to increase adaptiveness and skill A way of keeping things in alignment or synchronization with each other
  7. 7. © more about “The Ultimate Communication Formula” here.)
  8. 8. © Say what you mean Mean what you say Without being mean when you say it Create a vision of excellence…
  9. 9. © Because YOUR Excellence Takes Practice
  10. 10. © Stop, start, continue Yes, and… Attitude adjustment Sarcasm fast “Yes” fast Pass the problem Three questions
  11. 11. © 1. Define communication perfection 2. Assess your current skills and situation 3.Set your next communication “target condition” 4. Pick a kata and iterate toward your desired result 5. Review and set your next approach based on learning
  12. 12. © Toyota’s Excellence Takes Practice Too
  13. 13. © Toyota Kata author Mike Rother summarizes Toyota’s improvement method, or Improvement Kata, this way    Download Mike’s poster here
  14. 14. © I imagined A WORLD OF TRUTH
  15. 15. ©
  16. 16. © The “Yes Fast” is a very powerful Kata
  17. 17. © It’s amazing what we hide behind our sarcasm. Or what I hid, anyway.
  18. 18. ©
  19. 19. © Plus, it gave me plenty of new challenges/opportunities to practice my communication kata… …so my next visit will be even excellenter.
  20. 20. © Wanna play? Yes, it’s just a stapler. It’s MY stapler. I’m happy to share if you’ll please ask before you borrow it.
  21. 21. © Because excellence…oh, you get it.