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Game changers


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Game changers

  1. 1. PLASTICS Game ChangersRe-Inventing the Value of Our Plastic Trash
  2. 2. Plastic - Everyday Living
  3. 3. Plastic - A Miracle CommodityMid-19th Century ~• limits to natures bounty• physical limitations of natural materialsInnovation in medicine, technology and science,automotive industry and manufacturingindustry.
  4. 4. The Toxic Love Affair
  5. 5. What We Know Human Health At Risk! • CANCER • OBESITY • DIABETES • ASTHMA Marine Life Threatened! • 1 million seabirds and • 100,000 marine animals killed every year. Plastic Waste has become a Social Justice Issue!.
  6. 6. Valuing Plastic
  7. 7. Innovators
  8. 8. Business Re-Designed!
  9. 9. Plastic from the Pacific Gyre
  10. 10. Who is tackling the challenge? Cora
  11. 11. Key Challenges• Detoxifying plastics• How to make a high quality bottle out of degraded, brittle plastic that has been floating in the ocean for a decade or more• How to establish a supply chain for a material that’s floating in the ocean 2000 miles off the West Coast• How to change consumer behavior to stop the flow of plastics into the waste stream
  12. 12. Strengths Weaknesses- Proven process of recycling plastic - Not a practical solution to completely- Built in use for the plastic clean up the Gyre- Raises awareness about the issues in - Difficult to establish a supply chain the Pacific and waste plastics with a plastic source that is so remoteOpportunities Threats- Partnership with Envision Plastics - People will continue to send plastic to- Sharing their process with other landfills further degrading the situation in companies to increase awareness the Pacific
  13. 13. Complex Waste Streams• Plastics are comparable to steel on a price per pound basis.• Less than 10% of plastics from complex waste streams such as durable goods are currently recycled.• Over 90% of metals are recycled from these same complex waste streams.
  14. 14. MBA Polymers
  15. 15. Strengths Weaknesses• Proprietary system for difficult waste • Requires large scale permanent facility streams construction• 20 years of successful history • High capital investment• High volume capacity• Produces high quality product, comparable to virgin petro plasticsOpportunities Threats• Unlimited supply of plastics waste • Cheap/ free labor for waste sorting in• Increased cost of virgin petro plastics 3rd world countries• Partnership and investment from • Plastics waste availability, much of the Ambienta I developed world sends its complex• Partnerships with manufacturers to plastics off to developing countries for offer EvoSource closed-loop recycling disposal and processing. services.
  16. 16. Reduces Plastic. Produces Oil. Creates Community
  17. 17. Condensing Cylinder Gasification ChamberMovement Tube
  18. 18. Strengths Weaknesses• Proprietary system for difficult waste • Name is difficult to pronounce streams • A medium sized company that is trying• Purpose driven company filling a real to grow human need • Process is not zero waste, there is a• Can get raw materials for free or waste product inexpensively• Investment by Kleiner PerkinsOpportunities Threats• Unlimited supply of plastics waste • If virgin plastic becomes more easily• Increased cost of crude oil recyclable (using technologies from• Partnership with garbage haulers and MBA Polymers for example) could face recycling facilities scarcity of raw materials • Expects competitors to emerge soon