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Attend this webinar to see how you can monitor your Hybrid Cloud infrastructure to increase efficiency and get a better control on the overall availability of your messaging environment.

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  • 1st Myth-Yes cloud providers promise great SLA’s based on service up-time. First thing is, how do you know that you are receiving perfect service? The most common complaint of people during and after they migrate to the cloud is performance issues!2nd Myth-Yes they are most certainly monitoring their cloud environment, but they are likely using network monitoring tools that are NOT monitoring performance and are not testing the end-user experience.3rd Myth-Why weren’t you monitoring before? Are you crazy? Just kidding…it is just as important to monitor an on premise and cloud environment to make sure your users aren’t impacted! 4th Myth-This approach is very reactive and dangerous. Do you really want your CEO to call you up complaining that he cannot receive email? I didn’t think so…
  • Of course there is a lot of anxiety associated with a Exchange Migration..You have a big choice to make, will you go to a full could environment? Hybrid? Or On-Premise?......Luckily GSX Monitor and Analyzer monitor and reports on all of these environments seamlessly. How do you easily manage one of these environments? With GSX it is easy, the tool does not require extensive training and it gives you a clear view on exactly what is happening 24/7.How can I ensure that my end-users aren’t impacted by our decision? The answer is PROACTIVE PERFORMANCE MONITORING with GSX. We identify issues before they impact your end users.How do you justify the costs associated with infrastructure needs? GSX ensures ROI with proactive monitoring and of course there are no hidden costs, its easy to learn and deploy in any environment.
  • Control & Visibility of your Cloud Environment-If an issue comes up for your end users…they wont be calling Microsoft…they will be calling you! GSX will give you visibility on this issues before your users are impacted!Responsibility is still on the IT department- just because you no longer have the servers in house doesn’t mean you’re aren’t responsible for your messaging environment. You still need to guarantee your end-users have uninterrupted access to their email!Receive Immediate Notification when there are issues…Ihave heard of people relying on the Office 365 Status tweets to be notified of issues. This is too reactive and unreliable, our tool will allow you to have PROACTIVE customized alerting on any issues, big or small.Performance Monitoring is becoming increasingly more important-Most cloud providers promise near perfect up time, this means that the performance of your environment is the most important thing to track!Exceptional Reporting Dashboard-The reports will give you visibility on your level of services usage and it is also a very important tool when your need to build a case or open a ticket with your service provider.
  • Ppt webinar gsx_exchange_hybridcloud

    1. 1. When Business Line Satisfaction Drives Email Cost Efficiency
    2. 2. Agenda • • GSX Solutions at a glance Monitoring your Exchange environment in Hybrid Cloud: Why is it important? • • • GSX Solutions’ value Demo of GSX Monitor/Analyzer Q&A session
    3. 3. GSX Solutions Strategy History Founded in 1996, offices in Switzerland, France, UK, USA, China More than 600 customers worldwide Leader on Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Domino and BlackBerry Monitoring & Reporting Strategic Partnerships with Microsoft, IBM and BlackBerry
    4. 4. GSX Solutions Partners and Awards GSX Solutions© 2013 4
    5. 5. 5
    6. 6. 4 myths associated with migrating to the Cloud 1. 2. 3. 4. I do not need to monitor my environment as my Cloud provider is promising perfect service. My Cloud provider is already using monitoring tools. I did not monitor my Exchange while it was On-premise why would I need to monitor in Hybrid? I do not need to monitor because my users tell me when something is not working correctly. 6
    7. 7. GSX Solutions Answers IT Needs End-user anxiety on Exchange evolution Choice: Full Cloud? Hybrid? OnPremise? Simplicity: How can I easily manage all of these choices? Continuity: How can I ensure business line satisfaction no matter the choice I make? Cost: How can I decrease my management costs and justify any infrastructure needs? GSX Solutions ensures Choice: Any platform and version of Exchange is monitored by GSX Solutions Simplicity: No specific skills required from Administrators Continuity: Business line focused, proactive monitoring based on user performance across any platform Cost: Increase ROI, no hidden costs, fast learning curve, plug & play, agentless
    8. 8. Ensure quality of service On-premise & in the Cloud Maximize the ROI of the Exchange infrastructure Identify performance issues proactively 8
    9. 9. Why GSX Monitor & Analyzer is the best solution to manage your messaging environment • Control & visibility of your Cloud environment • Responsibility is still on the IT department • Receive immediate notification when there are issues • Performance monitoring is what matters • Exceptional reporting dashboard 9
    10. 10. GSX Monitor & Analyzer v10.7 available now 10
    11. 11. GSX Monitor & Analyzer -Demo
    12. 12. Customized demonstration of GSX v10.7 Available upon request at Sales@gsx.com Free trial version of GSX Solutions v10.7 Available for download on www.gsx.com - 30 days Full features Up to 10 servers per platform Unlimited users 12
    13. 13. @GSX_Solutions Friend of GSX GSX-Solutions Like page Blog www.gsx.com/blog GSX Solutions HQ EMEA GSX Solutions America GSX Solutions Asia Geneva, Switzerland +41 22 735 82 40 sales@gsx.com Boston, USA +1 310 765 4139 sales@gsx.com Shanghai, China +86 15 61 84 29 801 sales@gsx.com 13
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