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The Case of the Undiscovered Business Tool: A Twitter Mystery


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What is Twitter.
How businesses benefit from Twitter.
Getting started with Twitter.

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The Case of the Undiscovered Business Tool: A Twitter Mystery

  1. The Case of the Undiscovered Business Tool<br />A <br />Mystery<br />Meryl K. Evans<br /><br />@merylkevans<br />
  2. The Mystery<br />How can a business stay in touch…<br />
  3. “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.”<br />-- Wayne Gretzky<br />
  4. The Unknown Subject<br />The “Unsub”<br />Who or what is ?!?<br />[Cue theme]<br />Sorry … :(<br />Can’t play “Who Are You?” due to copyright laws… oops. <br />
  5. Don’t take “What are you doing” literally.<br />Only 140 characters INCLUDING your ID.<br />Meet the Suspect<br />RT = Retweet. Repeating another user’s tweet. <br />
  6. Twitter?<br />Business?<br />Seriously?<br />Seriously!!<br />
  7. “But … but … it’s for kids …<br />“For reporting every activity you do… Showering, eating… Borrr-ing!<br />“Nuh uh.<br />“Well … maybe for some folks.”<br />Wait! Stick with me…<br />
  8. Evidence: Exhibit A<br />What age group do you think uses Twitter the most?<br />Nope, not making it up!<br />Straight from the Nielsen’s mouth<br />
  9. Evidence: Exhibit B<br />Convinced?<br />No? Hrm… <br />
  10. Making the Case: Picture This<br />Clients<br />Business<br />Prospects<br />Industry<br />One way conversations = Old marketing<br />Zzzzzz ... <br />
  11. Making the Case:<br />How about this?<br />Clients<br />Clients<br />Investors<br />Prospects<br />Business<br />Contractors<br />Employees<br />Industry<br />Bloggers<br />You get the idea…<br />Prospects<br />That’s word of mouse in action!<br />Media<br />Clients<br />
  12. Proof! True Stories<br />I swear! I promise! They’re real!<br />Publicity<br />Expertise / thought-leadership and RT (retweet) to share with others<br />Word of mouth / mouse<br />
  13. Proof! True Stories<br />More…<br />Savings: Because of Twitter, I got a new laptop and saved money.<br />Hire: Because @wpanswers solved my WordPress problem, I hired him for web site work.<br />Pretty, isn’t she?<br />
  14. Proof! True Stories<br />More…<br />Problem solving<br />Networking within <br />industry<br />I could go on and on …<br />
  15. Why Should I Care<br />about ?<br />Word of mouse wasn’t enough for you?<br />I worked hard on that picture!<br />OK, OK … you’re the judge ... <br />
  16. Connect with ...<br />New people<br />Potential clients, contractors, experts, etc. <br />Current customers and industry, so they think of your business<br />
  17. Round out Marketing Efforts<br />Build buzz with tweets.<br />Manage reputation, crises and problems.<br />Send traffic to your web site, articles, wherever … from Twitter.<br />
  18. Boost …<br />
  19. Search for business-related keywords.<br />Discover Trends<br />One way to get trends.<br />Other search and Twitter tools available<br />
  20. Share Expertise and Resources<br />Information<br />Referral<br />Experience / <br />Expertise<br />
  21. Putting Human Touch on Your Brand<br />
  22. How Should I Use<br /> ?<br />Let’s get the show on the road!<br />
  23. Basics: Where Do I Start?<br />Good place, ya think?<br />
  24. Basics: @Name?<br />Your name counts in the 140 characters when people tweet you. <br />Note #1: Shorter is better. <br />Use real name or business name for @name and add real name into “Settings.”<br />Note #2: Real and business name.<br />Note #3: Name change.<br />If you change @name later, your account starts over.<br />
  25. Basics: Create a Cool Profile<br />Nice pic, ya think? Rare!<br />Click “Settings” to get here.<br />No default image allowed!<br />Uncool!<br />
  26. Basics: The Bio<br />Share fun fact to help personality stand out.<br />160 characters<br />Keywords: Industry, <br />interests, business. <br />Twitter tools like Twellow let people search by keywords.<br />
  27. Unwritten Rules<br />Following & Followers<br />Rule #1: You are NOT obligated to follow everyone back.<br />Rule #2: Don’t follow everyone.<br />Rule #3: Quality not quantity.<br />
  28. Unwritten Rules<br />Who to Follow?<br />Step 1: Study numbers. This is not good. Lopsided.<br />Step 2: Much better! Check frequency of <br />updates. Too often = overwhelming. <br />Or never.<br />Step 3: Guess who? @Oprah. Some folks have<br />followers. Not necessarily good. Some<br />rack up numbers by unfollowing.<br />Take your time adding people to follow to avoid lopsided list. <br />
  29. Engage!<br />Tweets add value. What’s in it for OTHERS not you.<br />Link wisely: Don’t overdo linking period … especially your stuff.<br />No original thoughts.<br />Spammy and often links to own stuff.<br />
  30. Engage!<br />3. Quotes can be inspiring, but not if that’s all you tweet.<br />4. RT others (copy their tweet and add “RT” in front)<br />Space an issue? Shorten as best as you can.<br />Shows respect and shares with people not following @alferretti. <br />
  31. Engage!<br />5. Be yourself.<br />Twitter users can detect fakery easily.<br />Faking it WILL backfire.<br />
  32. Engage!<br />6. Customer Service<br />7. Crises / Reputation Management<br />Respond ASAP even with “We’re working on it.”<br />
  33. Beyond Twitter<br />Track and Monitor<br />Spy on keywords, competitors, etc.<br />RESOURCES<br /><br /><br /><br />Keyword<br />
  34. Beyond Twitter<br />Tools for Twitter<br />Organize<br />Mobility<br />Group<br />More features<br />More control<br />Many more! <br />Just search!<br />RESOURCES<br /><br /><br /> - BlackBerry<br />
  35. Beyond Twitter<br />Social Media<br />Mix up social media =<br />success <br />
  36. What’s Your Verdict on<br /> ?<br />
  37. Fin<br />The End<br />That’s It<br />Back to work!<br />Thank You<br />Images: and<br />Presentation: Meryl K. Evans<br />Thank you to Twitter followers for making this possible<br />© Meryl K. Evans<br />
  38. Meryl K. Evans<br /><br />@merylkevans<br />