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5 razones para utilizar Google Plus en tu plan SM


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5 razones para utilizar Google Plus en tu plan SM

  1. 1. busine ss2co m m unit mhttp://www.business2co m/go o gle-plus/5-reaso ns-to -co nsider-go o gle-plus-in-yo ur-so cial-media-marketing-plan-04532315 Reasons to Consider Google Plus in Your Social MediaMarketing PlanBy Karishma Srivastava , Published April 2, 2013Google Plus has been around f or quite a while now and marketers are using itto enhance their business successes. According to GlobalWebindex –Google+ is the second largest social media platf orm with 343m users sinceJune, 2011(when Google+ was started). If you haven’t employed this platf ormyet, below are some great reasons that will help you change your mind.1. Real-time topical search streamsSearching f or your industry-related queries on Google+ produces f armore accurate results than those on Facebook; theref ore, theseresults will allow users to engage in meaningf ul industry-relatedconversations with interested parties who may cover topics importantto your company. Also, the network lets users share directly f romGoogle search results, and contribute to a topical Google+ stream.2. Higher Search Engine VisibilityT he content published on Google+ is indexed and ranked by its searchengine. Google+ sharing f unction (i.e., +1) has broader search engine optimization inf luence than shareson other networks. When users +1 content, it can create a ripple ef f ect that can increase brandawareness and social inf luence.3. Leverage your AdWords campaignBy linking your Google+ URL to your AdWords ads, users can endorse(+1) your company’s ads. More the people who endorse those ads,more your company’s Quality Score increases – Quality Score is howGoogle estimates how relevant ads, keywords, and landing page are toa person seeing your ads.In turn, Google’s search engine is more likely to highlight your companyads in higher positions than those of your competitors, whichadditionally raises your company’s “social awareness” and increasesits relevance in search queries.
  2. 2. 4. Hangouts and CollaborationGoogle + hangout is an online gathering place where you can f acilitatea virtual chat with nine of your closest pals. Hangouts provide f reevideo calls with up to ten participants. Unlike Hangouts, Skype chargesf or this f eature. T his f eature could serve your best marketing interestsby engaging your predetermined top inf luencers to participate in yourlatest product or service bef ore its release. Hangouts f acilitate themeeting with clients, networking with experts and thought leaders, orsimply creating a virtual co-working space.5. Authorship and Google LocalGoogle uses author inf ormation associated with their Google+prof iles in search results, meaning content produced by writers withpersonal Google+ prof iles linking website/blog content to their prof ileswill be more widely visible. In addition to this search results with theauthor’s photo displayed are more eye-catching to users and havemore likeability to be clicked on.Google Local helps your business show up in local search results.Every business listed in Google Places now gets its own page inGoogle+. Businesses can claim their existing pages. Users can checkout the inf ormation and post their reviews. T hese pages are beingindexed by the Google spiders. So, Businesses need to manage thesepages through Google Places.At Grazitti Interactive, a professional web marketing company, weprovide efficient Digital marketing strategy and Services to help yousucceed online. Our Digital marketing service includes: Search engine optimization, Pay per clickadvertising, Banner advertising, Social media marketing, Creative content, Drip marketing. Need an onlinedemand generation plan that works your brand? Contact Us now.T his post was originally posted in