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Chapter six things fall apart


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Published in: Education
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Chapter six things fall apart

  1. 1. Chapter Six<br />The village attends the wrestling matches. One boy stands out – Maduka, son of Obierika. He defeats his opponent so quickly that most of the audience couldn’t even see his winning move. <br />Between the boys’ and men’s matches, Ekwefi speaks to Chielo, the priestess and voice/oracle of the spirit of Agbala. <br />Chielo is good friends with Ekwefi and very fond of Ezinma. Their conversation hints that something threatened Ezinma’s life as a child, but it has since been overcome. <br />The wrestling ends with a rematch between Ikezue and Okafo, two men who had fought to a standstill the year before. Just when it seems this year will end with another draw, Ikezue makes a miscalculation out of desperation, and Okafo throws him – much to the crowd’s delight. <br />The chapter ends with the villagers singing a song of praise to Okafo.<br />