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Purple cow employee benefits 2011 (summary)


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Purple cow employee benefits 2011 (summary)

  1. 1. 6. S UMMARY What’s in it for…ME?
  2. 2. 1 <ul><li>What’s in it for… Employees ? </li></ul>Purple Cow 2011 Summary EE Features EE Benefits A complete Employee Benefits package made up of insurance and HMO plans You get to experience even more financial security from your EB plan Life (or Disability Income) and Accident (or Murder/Assault) = 5x MBL You won’t need any life insurance, PA insurance, or memorial plans Medical, Dental, and opt. APE networks You have 2-3 networks for no-cash-out Choice of doctor as a Private Patient for insurance reimbursement at HMO rates You can see your own doctor and get reimbursed the HMO doctor’s fee 100% Pre-Existing Conditions and 100% Congenital Conditions coverage You are covered for existing illnesses as well as for conditions since birth Benefits on top of Philhealth You get full HMO & Philhealth benefits Optional outpatient reimbursement for Rx medicines, dental & vision You can add the best perks of medical insurance to your Employee Benefits 1 health card for every employee You can get treated anytime, anywhere
  3. 3. 2 <ul><li>What’s in it for… HR ? </li></ul>Purple Cow 2011 Summary HR Features HR Benefits A complete Employee Benefits package instead of just an HMO plan You get life & accident to complement health in a single, integrated package Instant rates, without utilization reports, regardless of the size of your SME You won’t need to wait for a quote or negotiate: one price fits all SME Multiple Room & Board as well as Maximum Benefit Limits to choose from You can adjust your R&B/MBL combos to suit your organizational structure 3 simple forms to fill out (1 master-list, 1 endorsement, 1 letter of guarantee) You won’t need to create any forms; you can just use ours A chance to use Employee Benefits for recruitment & retention purposes You can use Purple Cow as a tool to recruit and/or retain staff Group renewal rates on New Year’s You won’t have to stress over renewals Retention of a top insurance broker You can outsource your EB work, etc. 1 schedule of benefits for all employees You can promote equal treatment
  4. 4. <ul><li>What’s in it for… Finance ? </li></ul>3 Purple Cow 2011 Summary FIN Features FIN Benefits A complete Employee Benefits package for the price of an HMO plan You get the benefit of scale whenever you buy Purple Cow Employee Benefits 4 ways to pay to suit your budget: annually, semi, quarterly, and monthly You can budget your healthcare costs according to your cash flow Membership in a bigger & bigger pool of SME, to maintain financial viability You can spread your risk by joining the Purple Cow pool Separation of Employee vs. Dependent utilization You can pay for your employees only, and not subsidize dependents at all A chance to compare rates instantly You can lower your EB costs instantly A chance to switch to Purple Cow anytime, even in mid-year You can correct your past mistakes, and not wait a whole year to do so Your Broker acts as Gatekeeper Your Cowboy runs the Herd 1 set of fixed costs for all employees You can limit your financial liability
  5. 5. <ul><li>What’s in it for the… CEO ? </li></ul>4 Purple Cow 2011 Summary CEO Features CEO Benefits Happier Employees  very pogi CEO! Happier HR  Happier Finance 