A trip to london


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  • Bild von London Eye zum Veröffentlichen in unserem Projekt kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt
  • Hier könnte man ein Quiz einbauen, um die Internet bzw. Encarta Recherche zu üben
    Find Notting Hill on the map
    Which is the nearest tube station for Notting Hill?
    What is Portobello Road?
    Where is Hampstead Heath?
    What is special about this area?
    Die Tasks könnten mit Hilfe einer MindMap festgelegt werden
    Z.B. What do we have to consider when we plan a trip to London
  • Hier könnte man eine MindMap machen, da wären alle Vor-und Nachteile gut unterzubringen, einschließlich der Kosten
    Alternativ eine Word oder Excel Tabelle zum Kostenvergleich erstellen
  • Gruppe bereitet virtuelle Führung mit Infos durch Westminster Abbey vor
    > MindMap machen lassen!!!
  • Describe the sight you have from the London EYE capsules
    Gruppe könnte hierzu ein Webquest-Blatt zur Auflockerung erarbeiten, das die Klasse dann bearbeitet
    conceived and designed by Marks Barfield Architects
    the world's highest observation wheel with amazing views of London
    takes guests on a 30 minute flight, rising to 450 feet above the river Thames, in 32 high tech fully enclosed capsules  
    British Airways London Eye
    Jubilee Gardens, next to County Hall, SE1 (0870 500 0600/http://www.ba-londoneye.com).
    Westminster tube/ Waterloo tube/rail.
    Open Oct-Mar 10am-7pm daily 31 Mar-25 May, 10 Sept-30 Sept 10am-8pm daily. 26 May-9 Sept 10am-10pm daily. Admission until 1 Apr £8.50; £6.50 OAPs, disabled. 2 Apr-1 July, 1 Oct-31 Dec £9; £7 OAPs, disabled. 2 July-30 Sept £9.50; £7.50 OAPs, disabled. All year £5 5-15s; free under-5s (must have ticket).
    "For a long time, it didn't look good for the British Airways London Eye. After the initial controversy over the design of the mammoth big wheel came the comedy of errors that was the erection of the thing. The problems didn't end once it had been hoisted up onto its base opposite Jubilee Gardens: the grand Millennium Eve opening was delayed by safety concerns, and it was a good few weeks before the wheel started turning with passengers on board.
    But since then, the public reaction has been almost uniformly positive, and London now loves its big wheel. The Eye is now an established part of the capital's skyline, visible from all over town, and locals and visitors have been completely won over by the stunning vistas afforded from one of the 32 capsules (which each hold 25 people) on the 30-minute journey: views of up to 25 miles (40km) can be enjoyed on clear days. With the public barred from London's three tallest buildings (Canary Wharf Tower, NatWest Tower and BT Tower), the London Eye, as the city's fourth tallest structure, offers an unparalleled picture of the capital. Were it not for the nightmarish bookings system - don't expect to just turn up and take a ride; advance booking is more or less mandatory - it'd be just about perfect.
    AUS: Time out http://www.timeout.com/london/sight/the_south_bank.html#129736
  • Hier sollten Vorschläge gesammelt werden , z.B. für ein Musical und alle Background-Information dazu herausfinden
  • Auswahl treffen lassen und dann bearbeiten
  • http://www.londonci.demon.co.uk/index.htm#intro
    gute Seite zu Portobello Market und Wegweiser...
  • Sehr gute Einführung von BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/london/yourlondon/colours/caribbean/index.shtml
    Das könnte gut als Text zu multicultural society genommen werden , evtl Arbeitsblatt erstellen, Lückentext /Fragen zum Text
    Sound-Dateien könnten hier auch verwendet werden.
    Welcome to London, the multicultural epicentre of Europe: 33 boroughs, seven million people, 300 languages and enough bars and restaurants to experience a different part of the world every day. This section showcases ten of the largest ethnic communities in London - it's only a beginning, and we'll have many more communities on the way soon
  • Hier ist die Schnittstelle zum Modul AUDIO
  • Diese Themen wären besonders für kaufmännische Schulen interessant!
  • Weites Betätigungsfeld für Bautechniker!!!
  • Hier könnte man sehr gut ein Quiz unterbringen
    Royal Mint
    Coat of Arms
    Crowns and Jewels
    Great Seal
    National Anthem .....
    Royal Warrants
  • Beispiel: vorbildliche Seite
    Tower of London U.a. für Quiz/ webquest/ Worksheet etc... :
    Factsheets Crown Jewels and other Regalia Yeoman Warders Traditions at the Tower Ravens at the Tower Walter Ralegh at the Tower of London Shakespeare and the Tower of London Ghosts at the Tower Richard III - Monstrous Monarch? Prisoners at the Tower Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress The Royal Menagerie at the Tower of London The Koh-i-Noor Diamond The Ceremony of the Keys Lady Jane Grey The Constable of the Tower The White Tower
  • A trip to london

    1. 1. Getting information Deciding on transport Finding accommodation Setting up the programme Tasks
    2. 2. How do we get there? Coach/ferry (ferry companies’ website) Plane (Ryan Air) Eurostar-Channel Tunnel The London Pass
    3. 3. Westminster Abbey
    4. 4. Abbey tour
    5. 5. London Eye
    6. 6. Cultural programme Theatre Musicals Concerts Museums Art Galleries ....
    7. 7. Places for young people Covent Garden Carnaby Street Notting Hill Portobello Market Madame Tussaud's Planet Hollywood The London Dungeon ....
    8. 8. Antique Market
    9. 9. Notting Hill - London The film The setting The actors The music
    10. 10. Cultural and Social Aspects Carnival Notting Hill Caribbean society Security problems Minorities, social problems Multiracial society http://www.bbc.co.uk/london/yourlondon/colours/caribbean/index.shtml
    11. 11. Radio stations BBC local radio stations ……
    12. 12. Economic Aspects City of London – financial district Bank of England Stock Exchange Lloyds Building New Economy
    13. 13. Architectural Aspects Historical architecture St.Paul’s cathedral Westminster Abbey Parliament Buildings Buckingham Palace Greenwich Observatory Windsor ....
    14. 14. Architectural Aspects Modern architecture Docklands’ development E.M.Foster – Millennium architect Millennium buildings New Tate Gallery British Museum – Great Court London Eye Thames Barrier ….
    15. 15. The Monarchy today…. http://www.royal.gov.uk/
    16. 16. Buckingham Palace Kensington Palace The Royal Mews St.James's Palace Windsor Castle ... and their residences….
    17. 17. The Parliament •Parliamentary Elections •The House of Commons •Parliament and Government •Making a Law •Debates in Parliament •The House of Lords •Webquest on Parliament