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Sendsteps concept cards

  1. 1. 01 No matter how interesting your story is, after a certain amount of time your audience will begin to lose focus. Engage your audience right from the start by asking a question and then keep the questions coming. The result is two-fold: you keep your audience’s energy up and you receive concrete input that allows you to alter your presentation to suit your audience’s interests. Hanging on your every word. Involve your audience during your presentation. Learn Involvement
  2. 2. Effect By asking the controllers questions about their own work, their attention was instantly peaked. And since questions were asked throughout the presentation, they remained engaged. Both the speaker and the controllers benefited: The speaker gained insight into the thoughts of his team, which helped him during the afternoon discussions. The controllers became more aware of how their fellow team members experience actual topics within the team. During an annual KLM meeting of financial controllers, the CFO discussed the annual figures. Before he started his presentation, he asked his audience to answer a multiple-choice question via mobile phone. During his presentation he also asked them questions about company culture. By asking both substantial and practical questions, a fairly long presentation remained engaging to listen to. KLM CFOdiscusses the annual figures with the audience. Best practice Suggestions Determine in advance the message you want to get across to your audience. Help your audience connect to your message by posing thought provoking questions during your presentation. Sendsteps can help you with formulating your questions. One of the questions was: “How much free cash flow did the KLM Group generate in the last five years?” A) Less than € 500 million negative B) Close to € 250 million negative C) Close to breaking even D) Close to € 250 million positive E) More than € 500 million positive Feel free to contact us at +3120 716 3656 or visit We love to think along with you!
  3. 3. Inspiration02 A speaker’s story quickly raises questions. How do you make sure those questions are really asked rather than suppressed? And how do you do this with a large group of people? It’s impossible to discuss everyone’s questions; still you can easily facilitate the process by discussing a number of anonymous questions. Go ahead and ask. The audience asks questions to the speaker. Learn
  4. 4. Effect The audience, mainly entrepreneurs, responded enthusiastically and a lively interplay ensued between the Sidekick and the speaker. Throughout her presentation, provocative questions were thrown out to her. This resulted in some great new ideas for the company. After the presentation, the audience remarked how they loved that they could participate directly in the presentation. The speaker stated that she would use the responses to improve her next presentation. During the annual “Food Inspiration” event, the hospitality industry is updated on the latest trends and developments in the food sector. The audience was able to ask questions and comment during the presentations. One of the speakers was the founder of, Marieke Hart. The audience could ask questions via mobile phone and tablet throughout the presentation. “Questions or comments for Marieke Hart?” Founder of received great ideas from the audience. Best practice Suggestions Create a presentation that consists solely of questions and answers. Let the Sendsteps Sidekick represent the voice of the audience and create a smart and contemporary Q & A session. Feel free to contact us at +3120 716 3656 or visit We love to think along with you!
  5. 5. 03 Wouldn’t it be nice to hear how the audience collectively views itself? In only a short time frame, a series of questions will help you sketch a profile of your audience. Ask questions about the image of a profession or reveal a different side of your audience by asking them unexpected questions. It’s a nice way to start the day, a rejuvenating break during a long meeting and an exciting finale to your presentation. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Get to know what the audience thinks about itself. Learn Change
  6. 6. Effect Although accountants have an image of not being very outspoken, it was nice to see how many comments came about from the questions. The session brought up a sense of belonging, not to mention, a lot of laughs. At the reception following the presentation, there was an extensive talk about the findings. Van Riel said that through the audience interaction the study came to life. During the 2013 NBA Accountant’s Day, Cees van Riel, Professor of Corporate Communications at Erasmus University Rotterdam, presented a reputation study on accountants for an audience of 1,300 accountants. Van Riel tested his findings to the audience by asking them questions about how they see themselves. These questions could be answered via mobile phone and tablet. Since the audience was NBA live reputation study with 1,300 accountants. Best practice Suggestion Let a Sendsteps Moderator prepare and guide your session. the subject of the study, the response rate was high. One of the questions was: “If someone at a birthday party asks what I do for work...” A) I like to tell them that I’m an accountant B) I’d rather keep it a little vague C) I suddenly remember that I have to go home Feel free to contact us at +3120 716 3656 or visit We love to think along with you!
  7. 7. 04 How do you create ownership over an issue? And how do you make one person’s issue relevant to the whole group? By presenting the issue to the audience they can discuss it as a group first to gain a better understanding of the matter. The comments that are sent in, give a broad insight. Discussing the input during a plenary discussion allows you to get the issue solved together! Many hands make light work. Let the audience work together on a solution. Involvement Inspiration
  8. 8. Effect By using the input of the morning session during the plenary afternoon session, the theme could be tackled from different angles. “By discussing the themes in smaller groups, I noticed that it was much easier for me to listen and respond with more detail and nuance during the follow-up session”, said one of the managers. The audience said that everything discussed that day was actually used to find solutions. AHOLD HR managers determine the agenda. Supermarket chain AHOLD invited its European HR Managers to an annual meeting. During this meeting the success and challenges of the previous year were discussed, as well as what to focus on in the new year. The morning program was planned, but the organization had deliberately left the afternoon session open. During sub sessions in the morning, the discussion groups were each given Best practice three questions to discuss. The leader summarized each answer in a brief text message and sent it to the organization. Based on those messages, the agenda for the afternoon was created. This was done by a separate team, supported by Sendsteps. One of the questions was: “What support do I need from the HR Management Team?” Feel free to contact us at +3120 716 3656 or visit We love to think along with you! Suggestions During the presentation you can use the responses that you’ve received from the audience to formulate relevant multiple-choice questions about the problem. These questions add a valuable dimension to the conversation.
  9. 9. 05 You have a room full of people, but how do these people relate to each other? Is there tension within the group? If so, it might not be the best environment to begin sharing and discussing. However, there is an easy way to create a safe and amicable atmosphere to get the ball rolling. By dividing the audience into different groups, and then have them answer questions via mobile phone, you can clarify differentiating opinions without having out individuals. By using a professional, independent moderator, tensions are released and problems become solvable. Opening communications within departments. Let the audience ask itself questions to understand each other better. Involvement Change
  10. 10. Effect The audience could clearly see how the questions pointed out the sore spots. The reason the dialogue worked so well was that they could see what the issues were without pointing out individuals. Equal time and energy was spent on each department, so contrasts between the departments became clear. After, a group discussion ensued in a positive atmosphere with a positive tone. A number of challenges exist in the cooperation between two different departments. Prior to the meeting, ABN AMRO created a number of provocative statements to trigger existing feelings. Each delegate was asked upon entrance, to indicate which department he or she is working for. Then per department, one would answer questions about the other department. The results were shown to the audience and later discussed together. ABN AMRO Finance and Risk Management &Strategy. Best practice One of the questions was: “What best characterizes your opinions/ feelings about the Finance department?” A) They are nitpickers. B) They are whiners. C) They don’t know the business or the risks. They always complain about the costs. D) “We do not recognize the numbers” Feel free to contact us at +3120 716 3656 or visit We love to think along with you! Suggestions Spend some time and carefully formulate your questions. Sendsteps can help you with this.
  11. 11. 06 “What do you actually think about this?” A debate can help to form a clearer opinion. A subject can be fiercely defended, but what does the audience actually think about it? Will they let themselves be convinced or will it confirm what they already thought? Comments from the audience can help the debaters sharpen their points. Follow suit. Vote on statements during a debate. Learn Involvement
  12. 12. Effect The debates kept the students engaged and thinking, partly because their own questions were constantly being discussed. The participating companies felt challenged and were pleased with the refreshing approach to the career event. After each debate, the students became more confident to approach, and talk with, the professionals. They also expressed that the event gave them a much better picture of their future fields. Ten student associations, along with event agency Conjugo, organized a career event. During brief debates, proponents and opponents of various companies discussed a statement. After each debate, the same statement was also presented to the students. The speakers then gave a brief response to the audience with the outcome. During the debate ongoing questions and responses were submitted from IT students ask questions to prospective employers. Best practice the audience. The input was regularly delivered from the audience to the stage by the Sendsteps Sidekick. One of the statements of the debate was: “My colleagues are also my friends” A) Yes B) No The audience could respond to these statements via SMS, internet and Twitter. Feel free to contact us at +3120 716 3656 or visit We love to think along with you! Suggestions By letting the audience respond to a statement, both before and after the debate, it allows you to measure a shift in the opinion. Note: Sufficient time and input is necessary to genuinely change an opinion.
  13. 13. 07 An interview with several guests at a panel is a common format for an audience to take in information. But why limit the conversation to the information coming from the panel, when there is much more information to be had from the audience? By allowing the audience to react to a number of multiple-choice questions on a screen throughout the panel, and then showing the results, you can gain valuable input for the discussion. The discussion can also be stimulated by the Sendsteps Sidekick, who’ll regularly bring up real-time audience comments. Any other business? The audience provides live input during a panel discussion. Learn Involvement
  14. 14. Effect By using this technique, the interaction was focused and directed, making space for audience input. The audience said that they liked being able to influence the conversation. “We were able to determine the course of the conversation to a great extent, so I got notes on topics that are particularly relevant to me”, said one of the guests. The app developers spoke afterwards about a “co- creation session”: “We received honest input from our customers, it was tremendously valuable!”. During the FRESH Conference in Copenhagen, an annual international meeting for event managers, six app developers gathered on a panel. The developers, who develop apps for the event industry, discussed the apps with a moderator. The audience consisted of app customers: event managers. The guests took their places on the panel. The Sendsteps Sidekick regularly interrupted the discussion with input from the audience App builders receive input from their customers during a panel interview. Best practice and a number of delegates introduced statements to the rest of the audience. The moderator asked the panel guests to comment on the statements as well. One of the statements was: “Event apps are not sufficiently user- friendly” A) Agree B) Disagree Feel free to contact us at +3120 716 3656 or visit We love to think along with you! Suggestions Decide in advance what topics you would like to be covered, and then formulate multiple-choice questions based on those topics.
  15. 15. 08 How do you find out what your audience really thinks? Sure, you can walk through the audience offering up a microphone for responses and questions, but you never know what you’ll get - not to mention you’ll lose out on valuable opinions and questions from those that aren’t comfortable enough to step up to the microphone. Instead, you can give the audience an opportunity to respond anonymously via mobile phone. By openly discussing the responses with team members or stakeholders together, you’ll quickly get right to the heart of the matter. Show all you’ve got. Analyze and answer questions together. InspirationChange
  16. 16. Effect The employees felt encouraged by the results on the screen. After a while they began to realize it was a safe environment to discuss some sensitive topics. They shared, “Things must change, but often there’s so little acknowledgment paid to the things that already work well”. At the end of the session, the board not only received the voting results, but also gained a valuable insight from the employees. This allowed them to adjust company policy and communications, and create a more supportive direction for the organization. Employees speak out about changes. The Board of Directors of Libra Rehabilitation & Audiology had already spoken with their team about changes within the organization. However, the board wondered why the team wasn’t acting like a cohesive team. Were the changes clear? In alignment with the organization, ten statements were presented to the team and discussed under the guidance of an independent moderator. One of the statements was: Best practice “I welcome the developments / changes within the organization” A) Absolutely, we will benefit from this B) Most of the time, I understand why it is necessary C) Sometimes, it is still very unsettling D) Not really, I do not understand why it is necessary E) Not at all, I have no confidence in Feel free to contact us at +3120 716 3656 or visit We love to think along with you! Suggestions Have an independent moderator lead the conversation. Sendsteps can help. We’ve developed some helpful suggestions for using this technique.
  17. 17. 09 Is it possible to involve your audience before they come to your meeting? And what about the day after your meeting? Will everyone simply go back to their day to day routine? During the meeting there are several opportunities to connect with your audience. However, by asking your audience to think about a topic prior to, and after the meeting, they become more engaged with the message you are trying to get across. From A to Z. The audience is thinking throughout: during, before, and after. Involvement Inspiration
  18. 18. Effect There was a high response rate and the responses were useful and substantial. The answers to the question that was posed before the meeting were used by the speakers to prepare their discussion. It was a great way to kick off their meeting with the content and get everyone involved. The audience shared that they felt involved during the entire process. The meeting “Achmea 2020 - Accelerating and Refresh” was about the future of the insurance company. Two days prior to the meeting the audience was asked a question by SMS. Then, during the meeting, questions were asked again. Some of the answers to the questions were summarized in a word cloud - a dynamic image in which the most common responses are displayed largest and boldest. As such the audience could visualize what topics were discussed Achmea’s Top 300 are involved before, during and after the meeting. Best practice most. The morning after the meeting, the audience was asked one last question: “What am I going to do differently as a result of yesterday?”. The reactions to this question were used as input for a follow- up meeting. The question that was asked, prior to this meeting was: “How do you see Achmea in 2020?” Feel free to contact us at +3120 716 3656 or visit We love to think along with you! Suggestions SMS is a useful tool to obtain responses prior to a meeting. Make sure that you have access to your audience’s mobile numbers in advance.
  19. 19. 10 “Name all of the countries our company has offices in?” “How often has the Dutch national soccer team lost the World Cup finals?” During a meeting, playing a quiz can offer up a nice break. While they are answering, you can assess the audience’s knowledge level of the subject and gain a better understanding of what still needs to be taught. At the end of the quiz, announce the winner and put him or her in the spotlight! Want to play a game? Let the audience think playfully. InspirationLearn
  20. 20. Effect The audience participated enthusiastically and had fun during the breaks. The lucky winner went home with a travel voucher for a weekend in Barcelona! During the break between tennis matches, the audience was asked eight questions by former professional tennis player Jacco Eltingh. These questions were answered via mobile phone via SMS, internet and Twitter. One of the questions was: “How many AFAS Tennis Classics have there been?” A) 11 B) 13 C) 16 Knowledge tested by the public during the AFAS Tennis Classics. Best practice After the audience answered all of the questions, the one with the most correct answers, and fastest response time, was called on his mobile phone and could be heard live in the stadium. He was invited down to the tennis court where he received an award from Jacco Eltingh. Feel free to contact us at +3120 716 3656 or visit We love to think along with you! Suggestions Make the last question one that the audience has to guess at. For example: “Howmany followers does AFAS have on Twitter?” This way, you prevent two people from finishing in first place.