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Managing Change


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Harley Lovegrove at Fusing the Project World Conference at ITER on 4 September 2015

Harley is the Chairman and one of the founding Partners of The Bayard Partnership; a multi-disciplinary group practice specialized in solving complex business problems via a combination of hands on project and change management with coaching and consulting.

Harley set up his first business when he was 21 and has over the years built a proven track record working for a wide variety of companies in all kinds of sectors from apparel to petrochemical and from telecommunications to transport. His biggest claim to fame in the scientific arena was in his role as COO of Eonic Systems, the innovative software company that designed and built the ‘Virtuoso’ real-time operating system for the Rosetta space probe and Philae lander; its minute but scalable microkernel architecture enabled it to run on radiation tolerant processors with the absolute minimum amount of resources.

Harley is also the author of four books; Making a Difference, Inspirational Leadership, Transition (and most recently) The Change Manager’s Handbook which was launched in the Science Museum in London earlier this year.

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Managing Change

  1. 1. Let’s talk about change & Change Management...
  2. 2. Workshop 1
  3. 3. Q. Why are we doing this project? Q. Why are we making this change? Q. What is the problem we are solving? Q. How will we know when it is solved?
  4. 4. Workshop 2
  5. 5. The Change Manager’s list • Where’s the vision? What’s the essential argument for the project? • Is it going to be a landmark or just a bridge? • How to incorporate the conservationists into the project • Politicians: Local/National: local elections?… • Summer Holidays • Pollution: Noise, Dust & Mud • Friday nights: Workers in the town • Shopkeepers: Extra trade / losing trade • Neighboring towns
  6. 6. If PMI says that the primary role of the ‘PM’ is ‘Plan – Do – Check - Act’ Then the CM’s primary role is ‘Anticipate – Strategise – Enable’
  7. 7. Anticipation Harley’s ‘Mood Matrix’
  8. 8. • To make sure that the ‘why’ of the project – is solved • To ensure the project teams are left alone to get on with their tasks without disruption • To anticipate – strategise – enable! The Change Manager’s role is
  9. 9. Organizational Readiness • How will we know when we are ready for go live? • What is our sign off criteria?
  10. 10. Organizational Readiness • Don’t let your project just be about achieving milestones! • It’s not about building a bridge!
  11. 11. The Change Manager’s job is done when: • Pleasantville is pleasant again • The traffic is flowing freely over the bridge & not through the town • There is a sustainable future • All the stakeholders are as happy as they can be!
  12. 12. Great projects start with great vision...
  13. 13. VP Lyndon Johnson Sam T. Rayburn (speaker of the house)
  14. 14. If you have been... Thank you for listening!
  15. 15. Harley will also be speaking at •PMI event 3 Oct. – Brussels •PMI event (Synergy conference) 12 Nov. – London •Other dates – to be annouced!
  16. 16.