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Constructing the Future [HS2]


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HS2 Ltd, the company designing and building Britain’s new high-speed rail system recently launched its Design Vision, a framework document to guide the work of its engineering, architectural and design teams to help make High Speed Two an exemplar national project.

Developed with the input of leading UK designers, the HS2 Design Vision aims to ensure that all aspects of HS2 will add up to create one transformational experience and that design is used effectively to achieve the ambitious social, economic and environmental goals for the nation.

There are three major themes in the HS2 Design Vision on People, Place and Time. The full vision can be found on the HS2: high speed rail site.

Jonathan CroneJonathan joined HS2 as the Director of the Programme Management Office in January this year with specific responsibilities for programme management, governance, management information, knowledge management and the Centre of Excellence.

With over 30 years’ experience in project delivery, Jon has held project-focussed and functional roles on major projects in the UK and overseas, including

Chek Lap Kok Airport in Hong Kong where he led the fit-out contractor for the check-in and baggage reclaim areas
and the Terminal 5 Project at Heathrow where he was responsible for the design and implementation of the full project control solution.

Most recently, he led the global project control function for a major sub-sea contractor in the oil and gas sector which was operating 85 projects in 13 countries around the world. This involved the standardising project controls, including the design and implementation of a hierarchical global reporting dashboard.

Jon was originally a chartered quantity surveyor and moved into the field of project management and project controls early in his career.

He is an active member of the APM, and has participated in various special interest groups and conferences.

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Constructing the Future [HS2]

  1. 1. Sowing the Seeds of Governance Jonathan Crone, Director of PMO, HS2 Ltd EVA 20 Conference June 2015
  2. 2. HS2: A catalyst for growth across Britain
  3. 3. Rail demand continues to rise
  4. 4. Unprecedented levels of demand for rail
  5. 5. Over-crowding Poor connectivity in the South in the North
  6. 6. Regenerating our cities
  7. 7. HS2: a strategic transformation Phase One Stations: Euston Old Oak Common Birmingham Interchange BirminghamCurzon Street PhaseTwo Stations: East Midlands Hub Sheffield Leeds Manchester Piccadilly Manchester Airport
  8. 8. Journeys will be fast, frequent and reliable
  9. 9. the people within our industry
  10. 10. HS2 will create 24,600 construction jobs and 3,100 operations and maintenance jobs
  12. 12. “HS2 needs to be built better, faster and cheaper than any other railway.We’re going to have to innovate. It’s the only way” Simon Kirby, CEO, HS2 Ltd
  13. 13. The challenge of an emerging organisation HS2 Ltd Paving Act Development Agreement RP1 RP2 RP3 Royal Ascent Feb 2012 Nov 2013 Dec 2014 Sep 2015 Apr 2016 Dec 2016 Establish the company Establish and run the programme Run the company Increasing autonomy Hybrid Bill
  14. 14. STRUCTURE
  15. 15. HS2 organisation: a classic matrix Functional heads MD Phase One infrastructure MD business operations MD development Chief Executive • Obtain powers • Develop PhaseTwo and PhaseTwo (A) • Build all Phase One infrastructure • Operations • Maintenance • Rolling stock and depots
  16. 16. PMO organisational design
  17. 17. The iPMO: broader integration
  19. 19. Governance: decision making blocks Build and run the programme Executive Committee InvestmentRun the organisation Build the organisation
  20. 20. Assurance: Lifecycle Gateways
  21. 21. Programme Level Lifecycle gateway process runs throughout Assurance: Lifecycle Gateways
  22. 22. Project Level Individual Project Assurance Gateways Programme Level Lifecycle gateway process runs throughout Assurance: Lifecycle Gateways
  24. 24. Proving our capability: People Processes Systems RP1 RP2 RP3 Permission to approach market Permission to award work Full authority to proceed
  25. 25. Proving our capability Design Risk Finances Procurement Engagement People Process Systems Programme management Management information Budgeting Contract management Land Functional owners Managing the functional matrix Internal assurance Health & safety
  26. 26. Proving our capability: methods of assurance at each RP Stage Capability Workstreams Assessment e.g. CMMI Formal Assessment e.g. APM Institutional e.g. ISO 9001 Accreditation Independent experts Peer review DfT, MPA Client review
  27. 27. A revolution in rail travelAn exceptional experience for passengers
  28. 28. Thank you