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Sendsteps & Chanctonbury Associates – formidable partners

Chanctonbury Associates are proud to have been selected as a UK-Partner to the award-winning Sendsteps meeting design company.

Sendsteps was outright winner of the ‘best meeting tool‘ award at the Fresh 2013 conference in January. All event professionals present at the flagship event of the Meeting Support Institute (MSI), reviewed the Sendsteps application for simplicity, affordability and ease of use for both audiences and organizations.

fresh award 2013 best meeting toolMike Coumans (Owner / CEO), on receiving the prestigious award, said:

“I see that we are at a tipping point; corporations realize that monologues during meetings are not done anymore. Dialogues are the real value adders to corporate events.

Contact moments in the form of events and conferences are costly and become more important from a strategic point of view. Visitors of these meetings, the stakeholders of organizations, want to be heard too and want to be taken seriously.

Freedom of speech – what the audience want!

Audiences nowadays are flexing their collective muscle. They no longer sit passively looking to authority figures to shape views and opinions, but instead crave the ability to exchange thoughts, opinions and experiences with like minded peers.

Speakers dare not insist members of the audience turn their phone off! As people everywhere are looking to develop up-to-the-minute, credible information and share it through social media and mobile devices.

The information age has created new expectations and requirements for meeting designers and planners; where knowledge sharing and the exchange of ideas is at a premium. So, Sendsteps really is a product of its time as it enables freedom of speech, changing the hierarchical structure for presentations and events, giving the power back to the people so their voice can be heard!

Interact and connect the Sendsteps way …

Sendsteps is the innovative way to engage, enlighten and interact with the audience during presentations via SMS, Internet and Twitter.

Closed questions: Send2vote – enables your audience to vote anonymously on multiple-choice questions, make group decisions, test people’s knowledge or run a contest. Presenters can actually interact and connect with the audience and get to know what is going on inside their heads!

Open questions: Send2Stage – enables your audience to start a dialogue with the presenter by anonymously posting a message. After a screening process (moderator &/or side-kick) messages will appear directly on the screen allowing you to discuss your audiences questions, thoughts and reactions. The result – increased participation and engagement from your audience, a clear and organized structure for you and livelier discussion.

Professional Support or D-I-Y
Support on location: during your event, we offer professional on-site support by one of

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