Alternative Medicine


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Alternative Medicine

  1. 1. L/O/G/OTraditional Medicine vs AlternativeMedicine.Umit Zhunussova, Zharas TaybaevMeruyert Ongarbayea, Adiliya Alimbaeva
  2. 2. L/O/G/OerTemplatewww.themegallery.comThemeGallery
  3. 3. Text inhereThe object of study-a system ofalternative andtraditional services.Methods:comparativeanalysis,contentanalysis,observation,statistical method,prognostic method.of this paper is to present problems related to ways oftreatment and investigate the advantages anddisadvantages of traditional and alternative medicine.CoNtEnTAimThe subject of the study-the process of integrationof alternative andtraditional medicine inmodern society.
  4. 4. Topicality Popularity of alternative medicine is rapidlyincreasing. Many doctors began to use them along withthe methods of traditional medicine. Previously it was considered to be tabootopic, but today it is included in the curriculaof educational institutions and manybooks, articles, research works arededicated to it There are developing special spheres suchas herbal medicine, hydrotherapy and manyothers. Increase of consumer demand for theservices of healers and practitioners ofalternative medicine.
  5. 5. Tasks:Click to add title in hereProvide an overview of different types of“alternative” medicine.To make an overview of the history ofalternative medicine.51Consider advantages and disadvantages ofalternative medicine.342Define terms "traditional medicine" and"alternative medicine“.Identify the differences between “alternative”and “traditional” medicine.
  6. 6. Theoretical and practical significanceTheoretical and practicalsignificance of the study lies in thefact that in the process of researchabout the features of alternativemedicine there were obtained dataabout development and functioningof it. These research results andrecommendations can be used notonly in educational but also in anymedical institution.
  7. 7. IntroductionFactorsinfluencing onwide usage ofAlternativeMedicine.Text in hereDue to lack of finance andreduce of the quality ofmedical education andexpensive medicalservices.Text in hereThe phenomenon of alternativemedicine affects the health careand social security, which is nowextremely inefficient, despite thesuccesses and achievements ofmedical science in some sectors.Text in hereThe integration of institutionalforms of alternative medicine(medical and educationalcenters, clinics, trainingcenters, etc.) in the health caresystem is not solved.Text in hereAccording to official statistics of theNational Institutes of Health, USAthe global statistics show thattraditional medicine is used from 70to 90% of the world population.Particularly in the USA, almost70%. In the Netherlands up to20%, in France to 49% of thepopulation.
  8. 8. Traditional medicinedeals withCauses of deaseses RemediesReliable prescriptions
  9. 9. Types of Traditional MedicineChemotherapyRadiothearapyBiologicaltherapiesSurgeryHormonetherapy
  10. 10. Advantages of Traditional Medicine1. In case of an emergency such as a severeaccident or where an urgent surgical procedureis required.2. Traditional therapy is granted a legal and validstatus by responsible authorities such as thelocal governments or medical associations of acountry.
  11. 11. Disadvantages1. This approach of Traditional Medicine mayadversely affect the other parts, during thecourse of healing.2. Most of these deaths occur because doctorsprescribe drugs without paying attention to thespecial characteristics of the person for whomthe drugs are prescribed.
  12. 12. are not accepted medicalmethodstherapiespracticesproducts
  13. 13. acupressure acupunctureapitherapyhomeopathysoundtherapyayurverdaaromatherapyherbaltherapyyogahydropathymassage reflexologyflowertreatmentheliotherapy
  14. 14. AromatherapymassageYogaHerbal medicineAcupunctureHerbal medicine 54.8%Massage 32.3%Aromatherapy 29.8%Acupuncture 30.4%Yoga 10.3%None of them 12%
  15. 15. Reasons Adultsin the USAUse AMInteresting totryMedicalprofessionalssuggested itWould not helpIt would helpTraditional isexpensive
  16. 16. medical schoolsapplied in hospitalsand used by doctorssymptom or conditionprescriptiondrugs, scientificstudies, laboratorytests, surgeries, pharmacology, and high-tech devicesnot taughtperson as a wholeholistic methods andlong-standingpractices
  17. 17. L/O/G/OIn conclusion, we need to emphasize the fact that today, indeveloped countries more than half of the population is onsome form of chronic medication. Development in modernmedicine has not ensured a healthy lifestyle. The focus is noton finding the cure but to suppress the symptoms.As a part of the hectic culture, we have resigned to the belief ininstant results. We expect a quick relief for oursuffering, without realizing the hazards of over-medication. Wemust remind ourselves that a pill for every ailment is not asolution to our health problems.
  18. 18. L/O/G/OThank You For your Attention !!!!