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Creating Private Label Social Media Dashboards


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Creating Private Label Social Media Dashboards at the intersection of "Social Clefts" and "Private Influence Inflection Points".

Further discussion about Influence Inflection Points can be found here:

Building Brand Mindshare:
Multi-Generational Emotional Touchpoint Strategies

Using the Water & Marine Gear Industry
to illustrate the strategy

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Creating Private Label Social Media Dashboards

  1. 1. Creating Private Label Social Media Dashboards at the intersection of “Social Clefts” and “Private Influence Inflection Points” Image source: swordscollection.blogspot
  2. 2. Social Media Messaging Dashboards inject comment into the swarming wave of Social Media when public conversations are happening
  3. 3. Social Media produce a Tsunami of Data. But these are not truly interesting conversations… these are: At Private Influence Inflection Points*, outside the conversations that produce public swarm aggregates *
  4. 4. The Most Interesting Connections & Conversations are Not on Linkedin or Facebook, or Google+, or Twitter they take place before, and around, those conversations
  5. 5. That affect the framework of conversation in Public Realm Social Media PIIPs offer opportunities to inject quality comment into high influence conversations PIIPs operate in parallel with social media.
  6. 6. PIIP - Analogy #1 Similar to undersea earthquakes that spark Tsunamis Seismic shift moves seafloor, upthrusts a water column. This creates a pulsing energy wave that travels imperceptibly until landfall Buoy data network
  7. 7. PIIP - Analogy #2 Similar to neural Synaptic Clefts neuron neuron
  8. 8. Private “Social neuron” Private Conversation initiated A B C Conversation happening Conversations aggregating Possibility of data entering public realm IIPs happen at “Social Clefts” Public “Social neuron” Private “Social neuron” D Public
  9. 9. PIIP Social Cleft A B C “Wave Maker” Node “Distant Warning” Node “Real Time Warning” Node (Time until private influencer conversation might enter the public realm”) “Distance” D Framework Different times of entry to inject and to listen
  10. 10. Creating opportunities for PIIP Dashboard Brands A B C Premium (Time until private influencer conversation might enter the public realm”) “Distance” D Revenue = “Time of Access”-driven. COGS, Overhead, Expenses are scalable. Mid Basic Price/Time Matrix Price/Time Matrix Price/Time Matrix
  11. 11. PIIP Social Media Management is the untouched battleground This is the realm of lobbyists, policymaking & debate, intelligence makers & gatherers; of Private Cloud, LAN, and WANs Networks; of Investors, Corporations, Trade Networks; Professional Networks, R&D Labs & Institutes.
  12. 12. Who Will Dominate? Image source: swordscollection.blogspot
  13. 13. DAVE HUER Practical wisdom & Profitable thinking BCIT Technical Web Design: Commercial Innovation Site: Design/Community Re-Visioning Projects: Linkedin: © Dave Huer 2014