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Newspaper final

  1. 1.
  2. 2. The students of Colegio San Patricio did well in the ITESM UN<br />Model. We are proud of them.<br />MORE SMARTBOARDS IN THE CLASSROOMS!<br /> For our students to have more resources<br />
  3. 3. On November 22 the mayor of our city, Fernando Larrazabal, visited the primary unit in San Patricio school.<br /> “It was a privilege for us, teachers and students, to have him here, with us”<br /> Mrs. Mary Marks Salazar, HighSchool Principal<br /> It was a very nice event. It started at 8 a.m. with an assembly in which teachers, parents and students were present. Later, our school director, Mrs. Alicia Martinez.Cantu gave a message.<br /> Fernando Larrazabal recognized some outstandingstudentsfortheir hard work and effort in their activities.<br /> Everyone was greatly impressed when the mayor greeted every single student. <br /> At the end, mayor Larrazabal gave sport balls and tickets for the Rayados vs. Pumas soccer match. Everyone enjoyed the event.<br /> When the event was over, the mayor accompanied the directive personnel for breakfast.<br />We thank mayor Fernando Larrazabal for visiting our school.<br />By Sofia Kharissova<br />
  4. 4.  JH HIGH – GETTING A FIXER UPPER!<br />More security for our school. <br />Our school Is taking precautions to ensure our safety. One of these is the new gates that help keep strangers out. <br />The fence was also covered to have more privacy.<br />It´s important to be alert of the drills. Stairs were also added on Fundadores to help our students cross over to the school.<br />Natalia and Nora Rodríguez.<br />
  5. 5. STUDENTS TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE GYM CENTER.<br />Students from High School, take advantage of the new fitness center, gym teachers help them with the workout, and starting February 1, a new instructor will help the students with their exercise.<br />Also, students from Jr. High whom will enter high school, may start using the Fitness center, their only requisite is to bring the instructor a paper signed by a Dr. that they don´t have allergies or any other health problems.<br /> -Gerardo Morton<br />
  6. 6.  <br />“Reconstruction of the Basketball court”<br /> <br />The basketball court is one of the most used courts in the school, when the rain came it destroyed it. It was filled with holes and the floor was mistreated, so the school took action and started its reconstruction. It´s already fixed, and students may thank the school for the maintenance of the court. <br /> -Gerardo Morton<br />
  7. 7. As everyone knows, Monterrey is experiencing critical situations regarding safety. Robberies, shootings and murders occur every day. And the only way to avoid being affected by these environmental circumstances is to use security preventive methods.<br />Personal security: Prevention in the car<br />While driving<br /><ul><li> Do not place stickers in the windows of your car that indicate the number of children your family has, the school they are studying in, and your favorite football team .
  8. 8. If someone hits your car from behind, drive forward, in the mirror, observe the people that are inside the car and if you mistrust, DO NOT stop.
  9. 9. Avoidstoppingtohelpstrangers. Call 086 toinformaboutthe place wheresomeoneneedshelp.
  10. 10. Ifyoususpectyou are beingfollowed, gotothepolicestationorto a place wherethere are enoughpolicemen and guards.
  11. 11. Beforegetting off the car, observe theenvironment. Ifyounoticethepresence of someoneorsomethingsuspicious, drive away.
  12. 12. Avoidroutines; try tovaryyourroutes and schedules.
  13. 13. Alwayskeepthephonenumbers of roadsideassistance, police and cranes withyou. Thecellphoneisanextremelyusefultool; besureit has credit and chargedbattery.
  14. 14. Whendriving, place aheadbriefcases, wallets and handbagsout of sight of others.</li></ul>When parking:<br /><ul><li> It is preferable to use the parking with fee, it is safer.
  15. 15. Ifyouneedtoleavevaluableobjectsinsidethe car, such as phones and otherdevices, putthem in thetrunkorglovecompartment of your car,beforeyoustartdriving.
  16. 16. If when returning to the car, you observe that the engine doesn’t work, get out of the car immediately and call roadside assistance. Someone may have caused the damage to attack you.</li></ul>Don’t miss the second part of this article in next month’s newspaper!<br />
  17. 17. XV parties<br /> On February the 4th Nora Rdz from 8ºA celebrated her 15 years, she had a party at Las Lomas, Salon Invernadero, the party started at 8:00pm and ended at 2:00am. <br /> This April Rocío Leal y EstefaníaRdz will celebrate their 15 birthday party on Friday 8th at El Tío La Silla, Salón Don Rodrigo, the party will start at 8:00pm and it will end at 2:00am. Both Rocío and Estefy are excited and hope to see you there.<br /> By Ana SofíaLanderosBasurto<br />
  18. 18. The Valentine´s Day dance, was successful. Many friends sent their love by giving letters, cupcakes and roses. There were also marriages, everyone had a good time dancing and behaved well.<br />It’s good to let the people you love how you feel about them everyday and not only on Valentine’s Day.<br />The BOOK FAIR was changed to February 16 and 17, we are proud to say that many students were interested in buying books. Congratulations to Miss Paulita who did a wonderful job organizing this event. <br />
  19. 19. ART<br />FAIR<br />