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Sweatervest Supplement


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Sweatervest Supplement

  1. 1. Shay Merritté Consortium Application SWEATER VEST SUPPLEMENT
  2. 2. i ii This is a Hanger Through my training as a graphic designer, I have followed one guiding principle: THINGS ALWAYS NEED TO LOOK sweater vest. GOOD and COMMUNICATE IDEAS. shay merritté | application | sweater vest supplement I follow this idea in nearly everything I do, from the food I eat, to most importantly, the clothes that I V-Neck wear. Several years ago when I was reevaluating my wardrobe I was looking for a style that was businesslike and professional, but still youthful It says almost and stood out. I decided that my wardrobe should center around the sweater vest. Sweater vests follow both my wardrobe and design philosophies. They are usually considered aged and dorky, but by wearing them I make them youthful and funky. because they are sleeveless I can wear them everything throughout the year. Most sweater vests have Cotton Knit a "v-neck" that allows me to accent outfits with or Wool ties. The details and clean minimalist lines follow my design philosophies. If you would like to learn more about my well as requisite MBA application information, please turn the page. about me. Sleeves
  3. 3. iii TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Core Questions Personal Data [ 2,3 ] Employment [ 8,9 ] Academics [ 4,5 ] shay merritté | application | sweater vest supplement Test Scores [ 6,7 ] Employment History [ 8,9 ] Resume [ 8,9 ] Core Essays Core Essay 1 [ 10,11 ] Core Essay 2 [ 12,13 ] Core Essay 3 [ 14,15 ] School Specific Essays [ 16, 17 ] Transcripts [ 18 ] GMAT Score [ 19 ] Certification & Signature [ back cover ]
  4. 4. shay merritté | application | sweater vest supplement 2 first name MALE SINGLE St.Louis MO 63146 3
  5. 5. 4 School Attended: Washington University in St.Louis Graduation Date: Bachelor of Fine Arts Candidate May 2009 5 Major: Visual Communications shay merritté | application | sweater vest supplement *No graded classes were taken this summer. ** This book was designed before final fall 07 grades were released.
  6. 6. 6 7 Quantitative Verbal Total Analytical Writing 48% 84% 71% 83% shay merritté | application | sweater vest supplement 36 38 610 5.5 GM AT GRADUATE MANAGEMENT ADMISSIONS TEST test date: 11/24/07
  7. 7. J ob Experience Young Scientist Program {Spring 2004—Fall 2004} Position: Research Intern 9 V olunteerism Responsibilities: American Red Cross Youth Corps Black Bear Bakery { } {Fall 2006—Fall 2007} Position: Position: Freelance Designer Shay Responsibilities: Responsibilities: SP SU FA WI SP SU FA WI SP SU FA WI SP SU FA WI Project Rambling {Fall 2006—Spring 2007} V V Position: Freelance Designer American Red South Side A Merritté Responsibilities: Students Against Bullying and Rage Cross Youth Corps Day Nursery { } WashU Alumni & Parents Admissions Program Position: shay merritté | application | sweater vest supplement V C {Spring 2007—Fall 2007} Responsibilities: Students Against WashU MOMA RedStudio Position: Intern Bullying and Rage Film Board Responsibilities: J A C V Sierra Club Voter Education Program Young Scientist Social Justice Dr. Martin Luther King {Spring 2004—Fall 2004} Contact: University of Missouri-Rolla Hydrogen Bus Program Winner Program Center Commemoration {Spring 2007—Fall 2007} Position: Position: Responsibilities: Email: V A J Responsibilities: Convention Representative Sierra Club Voter Black Bear Education Program Bakery South Side Day Nursery {Fall 2006—Present} Phone: Pride St.Louis- PrideFest Position: J KT Family Foundation Red Cross National Project {Fall 2007—Present} Responsibilities: Scholarship Winner Rambling (314)703-1094 Position: Freelance Designer Responsibilities: Address: Dr.Martin Luther King Commemoration A C Black Anthology 1312 Thames Ct. {Fall 2007—Present} Position: Designer Responsibilities: St.Louis MO. 63146 J A wards & Honors St. Louis Red Cross School Alumni and Parents Admissions Program Education: and Community Award Washington University in St.Louis C lub Executive J MOMA RedStudio Contest Winner UMR Hydrogen Bus {Winter 2004} Candidate for Bachelor of Fine Arts, Details: WashU Film Board { } A A J May 2009 Red Cross National Convention Representative Position: PrideFest { } Responsibilities: Major: Details: C Visual Communications Dean’s List Two Pieces Selected for AIGA Enterprise Rent-A-Car Scholar Social Justice Center Des Lee “Core Show” { } { } Details: Position: A Responsibilities: Enterprise Rent-A-Car Scholar Additional Skills: KT Family Foundation Scholarship Winner { } Details: Office Software A Black Anthology Micr W r P erP cel St.Louis Red Cross: School and Community Award {Spring 2007—Present} Job Volunteer Club Exec Award { } Position: Details: Responsibilities: J V C A Design Software Event Happens Second Place, SLU’s Idea Second Place- Saint Louis University’s Idea to Product Competition to Product Competition t strat te {Spring 2007} AIGA-American Institute of Graphic Artists Web Software Details: {Fall 2007—Present} Once Position: Dr Wea S Des Lee “Core Show” Responsibilities: {Spring 2007} Spring Summer Fall Winter CAD Software Details: Event Happens For a Period t C etchUp SP SU FA WI Dean’s List {Spring 2007} Event Continues Details: to the Present
  8. 8. 10 Core Essay 1 11 understood landmine-warning symbols. spirit, but it hasn’t taught me everything. I understand that there are many steps Through an MBA education I could that I need to take before I can run a complement my experiences with classes I have discovered that innovation can successful company. Just as I have from international money markets to W riting these essays has been very difficult for me, not because I dislike writing essays or that I am solve problems as basic as drawing people into an event or as complex as designing a building system from steeped myself in the culture and education of design to become a better designer, I feel that to be a successful operations management, skills that would take me years and multiple jobs to learn on my own. having problems defining answers to recycled materials. businessperson, it is imperative to the questions, but because the essays become immersed in the theory and After earning an MBA I would like to have to be composed inside a Microsoft Ultimately, I would like to run my own techniques of successful management work as a group leader at a design shay merritté | application | sweater vest supplement Word Document. The problem with the innovation and design consultancy and other business practices that an consultancy such as Metaphase, creators Microsoft Word Document format is that and think-tank, performing research MBA education can provide. Working as of Microsoft’s first ergonomic mouse it doesn’t allow for innovative type or and developing workable solutions a freelance design consultant has taught or IDEO, designers of the Palm V PDA. layout design. Microsoft Word makes it for diverse problems from designing me about brand worth, client relations, These companies have been able to difficult to adjust the spaces between the better pen grips to more universally and the importance of the entrepreneurial combine business, innovation and design individual letters in words or finesse the into products that have changed the world spaces between the lines of text; to most and improved peoples’ lives. Working people these are minor and trivial things, at either of these companies or another but I have spent weeks in class studying similar to them, I feel would give me the these basic type design elements and experience necessary to lead a group of how they lead to innovative typographic problem solvers to transform outlandish solutions for a more enjoyable experience ideas into workable solutions, and prepare for the reader. me for my future goal of running my own company. Developing creative solutions to problems is my career goal. During my I feel that my career goals are ambitious undergraduate studies at Washington but are still within my reach. I have had University, I have been devoted to learning some business experience, but feel that about design and creating visual solutions the advanced business education an MBA to help information travel between could provide would transform me into the businesses and consumers. Through leader I feel that I can become. An MBA freelance design consultant jobs I have education would allow me to use skills been able to put my learning into practice and training in innovation and design to in fields from baked goods to hydrogen change the world for the better. research. Through these experiences
  9. 9. 12 Core Essay 2 13 of the week. The only mandatory event at had garnered some inherent authority the bakery was a weekly meeting where amongst the other bakery workers by all the bakery members would gather virtue of experience. I decided to work and expand its business. After visiting to collectively discuss what products directly with the experienced workers the bakery I knew that I could use my would be produced during the week, what to run the meetings. I taught the Anarchy. For some people, images of black flags with red stars and idealistic training in visual communications to help in its transformation and ingredients needed to be ordered, and any other decision that would affect the experienced workers brainstorming tools and stepped back as they worked immediately offered my services as a bakery. together to develop solid ideas that I teenagers wearing Che Guevara t-shirts design consultant. could then develop into finished designs. come to mind. However, when I think of When I first attended these meetings Whenever I made independent decisions shay merritté | application | sweater vest supplement Anarchy, I think of fresh baked oatmeal People often joke that their to discuss ways to update the bakery’s I handed them to the more experienced raisin cookies, good coffee, and the workplaces descend into anarchy visual identity, there was a lot of friction, bakery members to be presented and importance of being a flexible leader. when the boss goes on vacation or because I was trying to lead in a system discussed by the group, so the changes a project approaches its deadline, that frowned upon authority. During the appeared to happen from within the I met a member of the Black Bear Bakery, however the Black Bear Bakery truly meetings each bakery member would community. I became less frustrated an anarchist bakery collective, during was an anarchic organization. There propose disparate design directions that with having to incorporate many a Washington University night school were no bosses, managers or shift would be difficult to combine into a unified individuals’ viewpoints and less conflict course about social entrepreneurship. leaders. Each bakery member made design. When I would make independent occurred when I needed to make The member talked to me about how the his or her own hours and received an decisions to unify design elements, the independent design decisions. bakery was working to evolve its image equal share of the revenue at the end bakery members became defensive because they felt like an outsider was Once I became a flexible leader, the forcing decisions upon them. After design process progressed much faster. several weeks of making little progress I The bakery members were able to have had to think of a way to reconcile my need a voice in the direction they wanted to exercise my training as a designer and to move their bakery’s visual identity position as a consultant with the bakery’s and I was able to create a functional culture of consensus. design identity. A system of labels was developed that could be applied to all After spending some time in the bakery I the bakery’s products, an attractive discovered that all the workers were not menu was designed that stood out both equal; some worked only a few hours a in the bakery and at farmers’ markets week while others worked from open to and a sales kit was developed that close almost every day. I realized that the allowed them to expand their wholesale workers who spent more time in the shop business to new customers.
  10. 10. 14 Core Essay 3 This question was posed to us What would this poster mean to the 15 Commemoration as well as showcase the Q: Could an at the beginning of a class discussion of race as a framework in art. retirees at the Jewish Community Center where I work out? Would the Bosnian importance of diversity on campus. First I reduced the amount of Dr.King imagery African-American Obviously an African-American could paint a landscape, but the question immigrants down the street want to pick up a book with this cover? Are these in most of my designs, so people wouldn’t view the event with preconceived notions. paint a serious was really asking, could the African- American’s painting escape from the informational symbols communicative to the stylists at the African hair salon where Then to showcase the importance of diversity I designed “diversity tags”. shay merritté | application | sweater vest supplement traditional, connotations and history of the African American and exist without any irony I get my hair done? These tags were displayed in places such as restrooms, classrooms, campus romantic or mockery of a traditionally white art When I was asked last year by Washington eateries and other places that had form? Is it possible to break deep- University’s Dr. Martin Luther King historically been segregated. The tags rooted norms and assumptions? Commemoration committee to design read, “This area has been desegregated landscape? promotional material I thought it would for your benefit” and featured outlines I address the issue of race and culture be a good opportunity to help diversify of people using the areas. Instead whenever I begin a new design or what had traditionally been a rather of addressing specific races I filled business project. Growing up as a homogeneous event. I started the project the outlines with different patterns to biracial person in a neighborhood by interviewing a cross section of people reference the idea of being diverse without with people of various ages, races, who did not attend the event. Some setting parameters for what diversity and socioeconomic levels, diversity people didn’t attend the event because specifically is. has always been an important part they felt that they had learned everything The tags were successful in attracting of my life. When I began studying about Dr.King from their elementary and a more diverse audience to the Dr.King visual communications, I realized middle school experiences. Other people Commemoration and several residential that addressing diversity would help didn’t attend the event because they assistants used them in floor programs tremendously with my work. The field thought diversity was no longer a major about campus diversity. Diversity is of visual communications is primarily issue and didn’t need to be addressed or important and needs to be addressed concerned with how to communicate celebrated. in our work and community. I look at with people as clearly and effectively diversity to help solve problems and as possible. When I begin a new The material I designed attempted discover new points of view, and will project I try to approach it as if I were to address both these issues and continue to do so throughout my career. trying to address diverse audiences: attract people both to the Dr.King
  11. 11. 16 School Specific Essay 17 Washington University I understand that Olin’s MBA program will It never seems like there is enough find very useful from my undergraduate Ultimately though I am interested pursu- be challenging, especially for someone time; whether trying to savor the design curriculum. With unique pro- ing an MBA from the Olin School of Busi- who has spent his undergraduate educa- last five minutes before the alarm clock grams such as the intense Integrative ness because it will prepare me for the tion in art studios, but I was relieved that Case Experience Week I would have the career I aspire to as soon as possible. shay merritté | application | sweater vest supplement goes off or speeding a product to market Olin allows students to take appropriate to beat the competition, time is very opportunity to solve previously unsolvable When I mapped out my career goals this academic risks through its high-pass/ important. At the beginning of my search problems of major corporations and then past Spring I realized that I would need pass/low-pass/no-pass grading system. for MBA programs I was worried about not present the recommendations to corpo- an advanced business education, and Olin I am looking forward to exploring new having enough full-time work experience rate executives. No other business school stood out as the best school that would classes like Capital Markets and becom- that many programs required. I became provides such an opportunity to someone offer me the opportunity to earn such an ing more proficient in underdeveloped further discouraged at the prospect of who is still an undergraduate student. It education in an efficient manner. I feel skills such as Statistics. This opportunity building my career only to need to take a is a challenge that I am anxiously awaiting that after I graduate from Olin I will be to be academically adventurous excited break to pursue an immersive full-time to meet head-on. able to transform business in the same me as I thought about how it would trans- MBA experience. Everything changed way that Olin is transforming the MBA form the way I learn and extract informa- when I learned about the Olin School of I was also impressed by Olin’s genuine classroom. No other school gives me the tion from a variety of business disciplines. Business Young Leaders Program and the focus on teamwork and fostering a diverse same opportunity to combine my art edu- Even before I applied to Olin I understood 3-2 MBA format. I was excited to learn business community where the goal is to cation with an advanced business educa- the benefits that this system could bring. that I had an opportunity to pursue an help each other attain success. Being an tion like the Olin School of Business. During the accounting case study discus- MBA while finishing my undergraduate art student trying to transition to a busi- sion at the recent Diversity Weekend, I degree at Washington University. ness program I was really looking for a discovered that I enjoyed accounting and MBA program where I could get support began seeking out other cases in newspa- When I investigated Olin’s MBA program from and be challenged by both my faculty pers and magazines. If one hour in Simon further, I was impressed by its innovative and peers. Even though I haven’t applied Hall can make me enjoy accounting, I am curriculum. The Olin classroom is very yet I have already felt the warmth and ac- excited about what else I could learn dur- research and application focused, it is not ceptance of the Olin students, faculty, and ing another two years with Olin. just about taking tests and writing papers, administrators. but applying learning from the classroom to real-world problems, something that I
  12. 12. shay merritté | application | sweater vest supplement 18 19
  13. 13. This book was designed and printed by Shay Merritté for the Olin School of Business MBA application during the fall and winter of 2007, using the typeface Din.