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Forex striker review


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Forex striker review

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Forex striker review

  1. 1. FOREX STRIKER REVIEWForex Striker is the latest and innovative Forex robot software basedon breakthrough USA patented technology that is now. It is the onlygenuine Forex trading robot on the Internet that has been patented bythe U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.The robot was introduced on themarket by 8 developers, two of which – Mike and Steve – are one ofthe best in the field. They have numerous projects of forex robotsbehind their backs such as Fap Turbo, Forex Bulletproof and ForexAutopilot. All of those robots had huge success in the forex market andhave been a great foundation for the development of their new andunique robot - Forex Striker.Forex Striker is a low-investment forextrading robot that is meant for people that don’t have big bankrolls tobegin with or little knowledge in forex trading fields. The forex robothas also been tested on 500 live trading accounts. That makes this thebiggest live test of a robot ever. The developers have put up an“observatory” where everybody can track the performance of thetraders that test the software. Forex Trading Robots are an easy-to-use, automated Forex trading solution poised to revolutionize the waymoney is made on the foreign exchange market. Forex Striker is thenewest and most advanced Forex robot available making it theprogram of choice for Forex traders regardless of their level ofinvestment experience.Forex, affirming to be a convenient podium for traders, according tothe most recent survey, trades $3.21 trillion on the Forex Market daily.In such a competitive arena, ineffective strategies and tools will notproduce fast results. Instead, establishing a method by analyzingmarket trends and making use of Forex tools effectively, canhelp increase your winning ratios. Forex Striker Robot systems aresoftware robots used extensively for this purpose by manymerchants, and due to their strong operation and accessiblenature, advanced Forex Striker Robot systems will performabove and beyond your expectations with their modernfeatures and constant improvisations.Forex Strikers algorithm is capable of immediately and properlyresponding to any and all of the national governments, supra-nationalorganizations and central banks movements while requiring no action
  2. 2. on your part! Intended for use by the general public, most of whomhave little to no investment experience, Forex Striker Robots arefully automatic artificial intelligence products, tradingcompletely on their own under every possible market situation,and closing every single year in substantial profit regardless ofwhat happened that year in the global financial arena.Traders who invest the very small amount of $500-$1000 in tradingwith Forex Striker, only risk 3% of the account per trade!Additionally, nearly 70% of all trades taken by Forex Strikerare sufficient and profitable, working well in all three marketsessions(European, Asian, and North American). That means that ForexStriker doesnt trade exotic pairs leading traders into liquidity issues.So, as a Forex Striker user, you wouldnt have any high spreads frombrokers who charge for trading exotic trades, and the system can evendetermine account balances in different national currencies!Forex Strikers codes are simplistic also, to help controlmemory overloads on all computer platforms, creating aconflict-free integration between your software and computer.Forex Striker also has an on-chart message system. This way it issimple and easy to know when there is a problem, what is causing theproblem, and how to fixit promptly. Integrated in to the robots, theon-chart messages will help you work faster by explaining any errorcompletely and throughly.Click here to know more about theforexstriker robot…Installation of this program of 100% hands-free too! There is no needto worry about manually placing files, forgetting files, or placing filesinto the incorrect folders, which would lead to and prevent thesoftware from functioning. As a result, Forex Striker has anautomatic user-friendly installer which instantly andautomatically places all of the softwares files into the rightfolders. The installer is compatible with absolutely all versions of theWindows operating systems, and moreover, its much faster than mostmodern installers for other software, and will install Forex Striker onyour computerwithin seconds. So there is no need to worry about a long wait orhaving to dig through mountains of files on your own.
  3. 3. Forex Striker also has an amazing compatibility with many importanttrade issues. Designed for a platform offered by multiplebrokers, and completely compatible with this platform, ForexStriker Robots are conflict-free and their users can easilyswitch between one broker and another. Compatibility with bothinstant and market executions isnt a problem either for Forex Striker.The 4-digit and 5-digit pricing is simple for Striker Robots, beingcomparable with both forms of pricing. [The US CFTC (The UnitedStates Commodities and Futures Trading Commission), recentlyintroduced new restrictions and regulations for Forex brokersincluding: a 1:50 maximal leverage limit, hedging trade prohibition,and the FIFO rule (where trades need to be closed in the same orderthey were opened). Forex Striker botsare fully compatible with theserestrictions, and carefully trade in accordance with them. No need toworry whether you are following regulations, because Forex Strikerbots do it all for you.]In particular, Forex Striker temporarily stores the SL/TP (stoploss/takeprofit) values with a brokers terminal and forwards them on to thebrokers execution venue only when it is the right time for a trade toclose per Forex Strikers strategy which allows for both complying withthe FIFO rule and the hedging restriction as well as ensuring thestrategys proper use. Reversing the leverage limit, to your advantage,protects you from a risk of a margin call, but also, decreases theaverage drawdown on your account.Trading around-the-clock with Forex Striker, you will never findyourself in a situation when open trades cannot be filled by thebrokerage due to insufficient liquidity at the times of their opening andclosure. Using a day-trading strategy, not an after-hours one,this aspect ensures sufficient liquidity at all times, no matter what thecurrent situation on the market is and how many people are usingForex Striker. Also, stringent anti-crash measures have beenimplemented with Forex Striker. If your computer, VPS, broker,or Internet connection experiences an outage (be it even apermanent irrecoverable failure), Forex Striker can beimmediately restarted from a different computer on the sameaccount. It will recognize the open trades it had opened from the oldcomputer and will proceed with the trading (in particular, with trailingand adjusting their SL/TP values along the markets moves) likenothing happened, ensuring that your trades are still being carried onand decreasing your amount of worry the moment a computerhappens to crash unexpectedly.
  4. 4. Accounting for simultaneous open trades on the other currency pair,Forex Striker also wont produce a cumulative margin call on yourtrading account where both currency pairs are simultaneouslytraded .For this reason, Striker bots account for simultaneously openedtrades on the other currency pair and adjust the lot size values of thetrades to be opened on the other pair, so that no cumulative margincall will occur. Moreover, as different brokers have their serversindifferent time zones, Forex Striker automatically adjusts to any givenbrokers current time.Another feature of Forex Striker is its anti-spike protection.Spikes- rapid price jumps within one market tick that do not reflect theactual price movements on the external market - are a major issue.Under the law and by any ethical standards, brokers are required toand usually do compensate a trader for any losses as a result of aspike. However, a trader usually needs to prove their loss has been aresult of a spike which is not a problem for those who trademanually(a simple screenshot will suffice) but a huge problem forthose whouse automatic trading algorithms 24/5. Therefore, ForexStriker has a function which regularly checks for you the current stop-loss (SL) andtake-profit (TP) values of all open trades and prevents the open tradesfrom closing when the price rapidly jumps within one markettick andcreates a huge deviation from the recorded current SL and TPvalues.Click here to know more about theforexstriker robot…Piracy is a very large issue when dealing with software also -however,Forex Strikers anti-piracy protection system prevents its code frombeing publicly distributed to and by unauthorized third parties. A smallportion of Forex Strikers code (namely, the usersunique authentication code, AuthCode, which is assigned to them atpurchase and emailed to them with their purchase receipt) is placed ona server and then matched with the value manually entered into theAuthCode field in Forex Strikers settings. Once these values match,the message "Authenticated" is displayed on the currency chart andForex Striker starts trading, which allows for you to have protectionwhile using the product.Why not invest in using Forex Striker products? Two EAsspecifically will be available for launch: the Forex Striker(trades EURUSD andGBPUSD) and Forex Striker Pro (trades
  5. 5. EURUSD). Also available will be one-on-one personalized customersupport with live chats. Four years have been spent developing theseEAs, and these robots have produced outstanding trade results. ForexStriker has a +6564.77% for EURUSD and +40345.77% for GBPUSDwhile Forex Striker Pro has incredible+1009.99% for EURUSD. Thesetwo EAs act as a unit for each other -when one takes a losing trade,chances are the other one will take a profitable trade. Working off of asystem of functional truths, any one can earn money with ForexStriker Robots. Its no secret that many trading strategies areprofitable with substantial amounts of initial trading capital invested,ranging from several thousand to several million dollars. Yet its notsomething one can expect the majority ofthe general public to afford,thus, for Forex Strikers, a minimalinvestment of only $500-$1000 perinstrument (currency pair) isrequired.All in all, Forex Striker is designed to be a long-terminvestment tool, and with a detailed step-by-step usersmanual with screenshots, covering Forex Strikers installation,the troubleshooting, and the back tests (historical data tests)process, and with details on Forex Strikers automatic could you go wrong with Forex Striker Robot systems? Aninteresting FAQ file is also included, containing detailed answers to themost commonly asked questions based on three-years experience withselling and supporting similar products, and additionally, qualified andexperienced out sourced customer service staff for Forex Strikersusers is available at an extra cost. So, if there is an issue and supportis needed, there isalways someone to call who can assist you!With unique varieties of trading signals that are helpful in stabilizingtrading in the Forex arena, opening and closing trades for youautomatically, assisting you with more than only showing good placesto trade, and having simple operating systems, Forex TradingRobots can work for you without the need of constant monitoring,lowering your burdens, and expressing low risks and high returns.Traders looking for online opportunities to earn additional income, butmost of the time unable to find a reliable and convenient onlinebusiness due to the fact that online income opportunities need largeinvestments and charge commission on trade dealings turn to ForexStriker, which is becoming more and more popular due to its marketliquidity. Even a novice trader can trade successfully in theForex arena with the help of Forex trading tools such as theUnited StatesForex Striker!
  6. 6. Stimulating many people to pursue Forex as a full-timeprofession, Forex Striker is an absolute must-have for theForex trader. Being aware of the performance and functionality ofthese tools, you can withstand the changing market conditionseffectively. Forex Striker Robots are incorporated with many efficientfeatures that are capable of managing the market risks and increasingthe returns, and because of this, they are an extremely valuable assetto any Forex traders business method, and they can be anoutstanding asset for you as well. Become a Forex Striker user today,and begin earning more with your trades! Remember it is also aclickbank product. So if you are not satisfied you can ask for a moneyback refund for 60days.Click here to know more about theforexstriker robot…