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Lazio powerpoint


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Lazio powerpoint

  1. 1. Roma, Lazio
  2. 2. The population of Lazio is 5.7 million.
  3. 3. The bordering regions of Lazio are: ● Umbria ● Toscana ● Campania ● Molise ● Marche ● Abruzzo
  4. 4. The soccer team in Lazio is SS Lazio
  5. 5. English Italian Lazio Dialect apron grembiule zinàle patience pazienza pacènza rusty arrugginito arruzzonìto cherry ciliegia ceràsa apricot albicocca ricòcola pocket tasca saccòccia tough difficile tòsto old vecchio bòccio head direttore capòccia lie mentire miffa
  6. 6. The patron saints of Lazio are Saint Peter and Saint Paul ● Saint Peter is the patron saint of workers like fishermen. He was called in for help with fever and frenzy. St. Peter's Basilica is named for him. Saint Peter was also an apostle. His symbols are two keys and an inverted cross. ● Saint Paul is the patron saint against snakes, and of authors and writers. Saint Paul was also an apostle. His symbols are the book and sword. -Feast Day: June 29 -Feast Day: June 29 -Born: A.D. 5 -Born: unknown -Died: A.D. 67 -Died: A.D. 64 or 67
  7. 7. Famous Dishes, Customs, and Traditions ● Gnocchi alla Romana is a famous pasta dish, where the gnocchi is made of semolina flour and topped off with butter, sauce and parmesean cheese. ● Natale di Roma is the Birth of Rome festival. This is held on April 21 and marks the day when Romolo found Rome. ● Spaghetti Carbonara is spaghetti with a carbonara sauce which usually consists of Italian bacon, cheese, eggs, and black peppers.
  8. 8. Famous Monuments/ Attractions ● The Vatican - Vatican City ● The Coliseum - Rome ● The Trevi Fountain - Rome ● Church of San Pietro – Viterbo ● Le Fontane di Viterbo - Viterbo ● Villa of Tiberius - Sperlonga ● Piazza San Pietro – Vatican City
  9. 9. Famous Cities in Lazio ROME SPERLONGA VITERBO
  10. 10. JULIUS CAESAR ● ● ● ● Julius Caesar was born on July 12th, 100 B.C. and died on March 15th, 44 B.C. He was possibly one of the greatest military geniuses, politicians, and leaders of his time. He was a strong dictator and led a centralized government. His death led to the rise of the Roman Empire.
  11. 11. Vecchia Roma by Del Pelo – Sung by Villa Claudio Oggi er modernismo der novecentismo rinnovanno tutto và, e l'usanze antiche e semprici so' ricordi che sparischeno. E tu Roma mia senza nostargia segui la modernità, fai la progressista, l'universalista, dichi occhei, ai lovv, tenk iu, ja ja. Vecchia Roma sotto la luna nun canti più li stornelli, le serenate de gioventù. Er progresso t'ha fatta granne ma sta città, nun è quella 'ndo se viveva tant'anni fa. Più nun vanno l'innamorati per Lungotevere, a rubasse li baci a mille là sotto l'arberi. E li sogni sfojiati all'ombra d'un cielo blu, so' ricordi d'un tempo bello che nun c'è più. Oggi le maschiette co' le polacchette certo nun le vedi più. Gli abiti scollati porteno controluce trasparischeno. Senza complementi, nei caffè le senti de politica parlà, vanno a 'gni comizio, chiedeno er divorzio mentre a casa se stà a diggiunà. Today modernism of 20th century-sm are renewing everything, and simple ancient customs are memories that fade away. And you my Rome without nostalgia follow modernity, act as progressive and universalist you say okay, hallo, thank you, ja ja. Today girls with ankle shoes sure you see no more. low-cut dresses they wear transparent in the back-light With no regards, you hear them in cafes of politics speak, they go to every Old Rome in the moonlight meeting, you sing no more ditties, ask for divorce law or the serenades of youth. while at home they are Progress made you great fasting. but this city, is not the one where we lived so many years ago. Lovers no more go walking along Lungotevere, to steal a thousand kisses under the trees. And he dreams dreamed in the shade of a blue sky, are memories of a good time that is gone by.