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How To Start A Photography Business


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"How to start a photography business" is the most common question I get as a photography coach!

The legal part of it aside, it's essential to start with a solid foundation and build upon it to create a successful business.

I've identified six pillars of success that will support you as you grow as a professional photographer:

* Mindset
* Positioning
* Marketing
* Sales
* Client Relationships

It's vital to pay equal attention to ALL six of these if you are to be successful.

The Zenologue "Prime Focus" membership program is designed to help with all of these as you progress on your photography business journey.

For more information, go to:

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How To Start A Photography Business

  1. 1. “How To Start A Photography Business” Most commonly-asked question I see is: "How do I get started as aprofessional photographer?” Nigel Merrick
  2. 2. “How To Start A Photography Business”1st - Get the legal stuff sorted out...
  3. 3. “How To Start A Photography Business”
  4. 4. “How To Start A Photography Business”
  5. 5. “How To Start A Photography Business” • Set realistic and achievable goals • Maintain a positive attitude • Be 100% committed to success • Invest in business education • Have a forward-thinking mentality
  6. 6. “How To Start A Photography Business” Don’t make this BIG mistake: “Since I’m new and no one knows me, I’ll have to take every possible photography job going, no matter what the subject is, just to make some money until I get established, and then I can think about specializing...”
  7. 7. “How To Start A Photography Business” Marketing in it’s simplest form is earning, and competing for, the attention of your ideal client or target market. Good marketing educates your prospects on who you are, what you stand for and believe in, why you do what you do, and how they can benefit from working with you.
  8. 8. “How To Start A Photography Business” You might be the most personable and friendly photographer in the world, with the most amazing photography anyone could hope for… You might even have the sexiest- looking professional photography website on the planet, but none of that’s of any use to you at all if no one can find you…
  9. 9. “How To Start A Photography Business” If the client can see that you’re uncomfortable with your own prices or nervous about asking for the money, they will (consciously or unconsciously) become a lot more resistant to the sales process, making your job much harder...
  10. 10. “How To Start A Photography Business” Above all else, never lose touch with your clients... • Start an email newsletter… • Call them on the phone… • Feature them on your blog… • Mail them cards (thank-you, holiday etc)... • Offer help if they need something… Your clients are a part of your family!
  11. 11. “How To Start A Photography Business” What Should You Do Next? Let Zenologue “Prime Focus” Be Your Guide To Photography Business Success Visit: