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Merqurio Group: Pharma Enterprise 2.0


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Innovation or tradition? Is communication to explore new technologies or rely on traditional channels? Marketing and sales operations are facing new challenges from the pharmaceutical market. The goal is to optimize contacts and relationships and create value by reducing costs. Merqurio provides pharma companies and national health system with new ways of interacting with doctors and pharmacists through their own media and publishing experience in marketing pharmaceutical products.

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Merqurio Group: Pharma Enterprise 2.0

  1. 1. Merqurio Group: company profile Merqurio Pharma Merqurio Servizi Merqurio Editore
  2. 2. SUMMARYMERQURIO GROUP: closer to customers, closer to marketInnovation or tradition? Is communication to explore new technologies or rely on traditional channels?Marketing and sales operations are facing new challenges from the pharmaceutical market.The goal is to optimize contacts and relationships and create value by reducing costs.Merqurio provides pharma companies and national health system with new ways of interacting withdoctors and pharmacists through their own media and publishing experience in marketing pharmaceuticalproducts.Merqurio Group consists of three separate companies:• MERQURIO PHARMAPhone Rep, CSO, service Team and marketing support to contact physicians. It will be surprising to find outthat there are new ways to communicate with medical doctors.• MERQURIO SERVIZIIt’s easy to get in touch with pharmacies! Real relationships, not only transactions! Our remote agents contactItalian pharmacies around 20 time every year. Over 60 projects for sales, marketing, sales support, ordertransfers, management and more...• MERQURIO EDITOREDirect Email marketing, e-detailing, video-detailing, Web marketing, electronic publishing are the mostpowerful and innovative marketing tools. Low-cost and highly effective: that is why our online marketingapproach allows to run a business successfully.
  3. 3. Merqurio Pharma Services & Products
  4. 4. MERQURIO PHARMA - PROFILEIn a highly concentrated market headed towards larger and larger forms of globalization, Merqurio Pharma isa brand-new type of pharmaceutical company thanks to its innovative approach to promotional and salesactivities on behalf of third parties.In such a competitive market, Merqurio Pharma has focused its action on a crucial need that affects allcompanies: the outsourcing of services.Merqurio Pharma is a company that provides its potential customers (mostly pharmaceutical companies) withmarketing and promotion activities for third parties as well as relationship marketing services, ranging fromface-to-face area networks (Contract Selling Organization) to phone-detailing; from online and web-based activities to logistics and distribution.The structure of Merqurio Pharma is, strategically, very flexible, but it also features a careful centralmonitoring on quality and activities, including medical direction and offices for regulatory processes andpharmacovigilance.
  5. 5. MERQURIO PHARMA – SERVICES & PRODUCTSMerqurio Pharma is a leading company in the field of scientific information through effective and cutting–edgecommunication strategies.Merqurio Pharma, compliance to Italian legislation, provides scientific information about drugs for thirdparties. Merqurio has created two innovative multimodal and remote-based detailing activities:1. PHONE DETAILING:  about seventy Phone Reps  Work from Merqurio offices  20-25 positive contacts a day for each Rep2. CSO (CONTRACT SELLING ORGANISATION):  about hundred Reps  Based all over Italy  Physicians visited are GPs, Gynecologists, Dentists, Orthopaedics
  6. 6. MERQURIO PHARMA – SERVICES & PRODUCTSPHONE DETAILINGMerqurio Pharma has revolutionized medical science information addressed to doctors and healthcareprofessionals thanks to its new detailing and phone-detailing services performed by a professional contact center.The Phone detailing is a business unit featuring seventy Reps (or more, if needed) who are in touch with doctorsand healthcare professionals to support marketing operations rapidly and in a flexible way.The main reasons to trust Merqurio phone detailing service are: Combination of several activities, including phone calls and e-mails Possibility to reach a large number of healthcare professionals at a very competitive cost. Possibility to act on two main drivers of any medical prescription: brand reputation and brand identity. Brandreputation enhances the competitive features and advantages of the product, whereas brand identity refers to brandawareness and image.Phone Reps’ activity is organized as if they were street Reps: a specific number of phone contacts and visits arescheduled, featuring different steps to follow during the phone interview, including product information andconference/group invitations, sending scientific papers as well as delivering paper documents and gadgets.This is a giant leap forward in the field of medical detailing, in which Merqurio proves to be a leading serviceprovider to pharma industry.
  7. 7. MERQURIO PHARMA – SERVICES & PRODUCTSCSO (CONTRACT SELLING ORGANITATION):Merqurio CSO is the first network in Europe that meets the needs of pharmaceutical companies to outsourcescientific information, in order to cut the costs of an internal structure.Merqurio Street Reps network is made up of 100 people having remarkable sale experiences and skills and provenknowledge of the Italian pharmaceutical market .They are distributed all over the Italian territory.Merqurio’s CSO is coordinated by seven area managers. Merqurio Pharma’s CSO is Ipad-based network.Companies need to outsource scientific information, lower management costs and build effective and efficientrelationships with physicians.Merqurio CSO’s strong points are:- Broad and wide-ranging network extended all over the country and addressed to well defined targets;- An accurate selection and recruitment of Reps (Italian D.L. 219/06) carried out by assessing candidates’ customer retention abilities. Selection is not only based on experience and expertise, but, above all, on product and service oriented approach and relational skills targeted to GPs, gynecologists, odontologists and obstetricians;- Integration between different communication channels, thanks to its own CMS, which allows to work with the field force online and by phone at the same time;- A proper and ongoing training program, to boost professional, medical and communicative skills;-The implementation of an iPad-based system aims to maximize the efficiency of the contact with physicians;- Network constantly monitored through TMS system
  8. 8. Merqurio Servizi Services & Products
  9. 9. MERQURIO SERVIZI - PROFILEMerqurio Servizi is the solution to the problems of pharmaceutical companies: testing new products on themarket, collecting debts, marketing and distributing therapeutically equivalent drugs, conducting surveys,launching market researches, writing manuals and guides on the Italian healthcare facilities.The company emploies about sixty remote agents directed by a senior manager who calls every pharmacymany about 15 time per year and has so far trusted 3,500 pharmacies. Call centre operators are divided intogroups and coordinated by a team leader who has definite target –oriented duties, including sales and clientacquisition, sales support, transfer orders, logistics, promotion at point of sale, events in pharmacies.The overall activity of operators is assessed through a series of performance indicators, including the numberof daily contacts, number of orders, success rate of closed contacts, average weekly sales and, above all, thepercentage of new customers.Every day from Merqurio’s offices sixty remote agents call pharmacies to promote or sell products. Everyagent works always in the same area, so as to create a one-to-one relation with the pharmacist.
  10. 10. MERQURIO SERVIZI – SERVICES & PRODUCTSThe “Merqurio Remote Agent” can provide sellers’ networks targeted to pharmacies, if the Pharma companydoesn’t have one, or integrate an existing network.Sales activities are carried out in three different ways:• The first is the Transfer Order service, monitored by 25 operators in partnership with 15 wholesalers andfeaturing over 500 generic drugs (400 of them are included in class A) proposed to pharmacies. Teamwork isdaily supervised to analyze sales trends and related earnings, while the report is drawn up every day, week andmonth. The manager, one or more times a day, sends orders to the wholesaler in order to ensure quickdeliveries.• The second is Direct Order service: pharma companies purchase a series of services ranging from directsale to the promotion of specific brands. The operator, becomes an agent and works as a seller on behalf of thecommissioning company. Even in this case, reports on all activities are drawn up on a daily, weekly and monthlybasis, according to company needs and targets.• The third is Trade service, the service provided to customers by Merqurio Servizi. Twenty operators startedtheir activity only two years ago, but they have already conquered several market segments thanks to aninnovating sale strategy. Trade, today, is a solution which includes advantages both for pharmacies and pharmacompanies. Merqurio buys products from companies directly and then manages selling and distributionactivities, thus taking all the risks related to transport, delayed income, leaflet replacement, etc.
  11. 11. MERQURIO SERVIZI – SERVICES & PRODUCTSSURVEYS AND MARKET ANALYSISMerqurio Servizi has a great experience in recruiting, contacting and communicating via phone and webthroughout the Italian pharmaceutical market.Merqurio surveys reach the target immediately, so as to build a complete market profile and enhancethe relationship with customers.Merqurio monitors and checks information and data related to the Italian pharmaceutical/ healthcare marketthanks to: Latest and most advanced technologies (CATI and CAWI) Merqurio database of health professionals (150,000 members who authorized access to personal data) Merqurio offices, featuring more than sixty remote agentsMerqurio is also able to segment and identify targets according to company requirements and severalparameters: Brick and Micro-brick Number and typology of specialists Region, province, city and zip code Work, private office, street address Age, sex, date of bachelor, membership to professional orders (card number) Use of the Internet, online behaviour
  12. 12. MERQURIO SERVIZI – SERVICES & PRODUCTSCONTACT CENTERContact centers are a way for pharmaceutical firm to differentiate themselves from the competition.Fundamental customer service goals that should be delivered by today’s contact center include selling servicesby understanding unique consumer needs for healthcare services, and running more cost efficient operations byincreasing agent productivity. Further, contact centers are now considered a key instrument in changing thepublic’s perception of an organization, creating a great customer experience, and executing on the businessgoals of the organization as a whole.Merqurio Servizi has a great experience in contacting and communicating via phone.Merqurio Contact center’s strong points are: Improved clients satisfaction Increased patient satisfaction Better communication between pharmaceutical firm and patients Improved managers/staff relationships Stronger teamwork Quality proven through positive audit outcomesSuccessful collaboration through flexibility and responsivenessSystems and processes to ensure delivery of a consistent and cost-effective service
  13. 13. Merqurio Editore Services & Products
  14. 14. MERQURIO EDITORE - PROFILEMerqurio Editore is the leading company in the field of web-based marketing activities. Through asophisticated staff organization made up of a managing director, professional journalists, and experts onsocial security, trade union legislation, forensic medicine, law and economics, Merqurio Editore is amultimedia publishing house specialized in healthcare and medicine: PUBLISHING SERVICE NEWSLETTERS, WEB MARKETING AND ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING MEDICAL INFORMATION SERVICE DIRECT MARKETING, DATABASE, CRM  PHYSICIAN DATABASE  STAKEHOLDER DATABASE CONTENT & WEB MARKETING DOTTNET.IT CME AND E-CME SMARTPHONE HEALTHCARE APPS
  15. 15. MERQURIO EDITORE – SERVICES & PRODUCTSPUBLISHING SERVICETraditional paper publishing is still essential to support projects on healthcare communication.Merqurio Editore offers publishing tools to the pharmaceutical industry; these tools are consolidated andappreciated by physicians and pharmacists.The Italian Pharmaceutical Yearbook “ Annuario Farmaceutico Italiano” with his 2,000 pages of information ondrugs, from pharmaceutical components to pricing, represents the best product on the market if you want to know,learn and get always updated information. It is also available on CD, online, on smart phones and iPhone.The 700-page Pocket Pharmaceutical Yearbooks is the shorter version of the Pharmaceutical Yearbook andcontains 15,000 technical datasheets on all types of drugs. It is very useful for its small size.The bi-monthly Pharmaceutical Handbook, instead, is a practical booklet updated every two months and sent todoctors via email, featuring the name of the drug, its active principle, category and price.All these products are also published in electronic format, allowing a daily update through web service, a logindevice that recognizes the single user and sends him/her the publications he/she is entitled to receive.
  16. 16. MERQURIO EDITORE – SERVICES & PRODUCTSNEWSLETTERS, WEB MARKETING AND ELECTRONIC PUBLISHINGMerqurio has set up its own electronic newsletter system, now including 37 titles and covering a wide range oftopics. All of them feature an editor-in-chief and a team of experts made up of journalists, four graduates inchemistry/pharma technologies and twenty copywriters, supported by physicians, lawyers and experts in healtheconomics, ensuring reliable and up-to-date contents. This long-lasting success is well represented by three milliononline journals sent to healthcare operators every year.Multimedia publications are increasingly replacing traditional publications, allowing users to read easily andquickly and producers to communicate in real time and cut publishing costs. Panorama Medico, sent daily to GPsand specialists and reporting an average redemption rate of 44%, takes an outstanding position. Panorama Medicocovers such a wide range of issues that it is possible to tailor it to customer needs and segment the target market.Every day, Panorama Medico is sent to 150,000 healthcare professionals who appreciate up-to-date contentscoming from the environment of science and research and dealing with issues concerning health systems andpolicies, trade unions, and social security.The same approach applies to other titles, such as Medical news, Farmacia magazine, Gyne hot news, UroNews, Cardo mail news, Pediatria news etc. They are all well-known and distributed publications addressed tospecific targets who can find up-to-date information concerning their own professional categories.
  17. 17. MERQURIO EDITORE – SERVICES & PRODUCTSMEDICAL INFORMATION SERVICEMerqurio has a well-established Medical Information service provider for the pharmaceutical industries andhealthcare professionals.Medical Information Merqurio provides on-call and written answers on medicines and devices from healthcareprofessionals and the general public.Medical Information Merqurio is: A team of experienced Medical Information professionals Ability to support customers from the whole of Europe Quality proven through positive audit outcomes Successful collaboration through flexibility and responsiveness Systems and processes to ensure delivery of a consistent and cost-effective service A real, demonstrable track record of successMedical Information Merqurio offers a range of additional services which traditionally are the responsibility of the MedicalInformation department: Standard Responses. This can include the development or updating of: One-off standard response letters Standard response documents in preparation for a new product launch Library of standard responses for the entire product portfolio Sourcing, databasing and supplying clinical papers Identifying and reporting initial information on spontaneous adverse events (drug-surveillance) Consultancy support on behalf of physician, pharmacists, other healthcare providers and patients.
  18. 18. MERQURIO EDITORE – SERVICES & PRODUCTSDIRECT MARKETING, DATABASE, CRMFor over 10 years Merqurio has provided its customers with database management, data acquisition andsolutions for data processing. They are crucial to healthcare organizations needing a accurate customer masterdatabase for their Reps, direct marketing, and CRM applications.Merqurio Database is a huge archive including all drugs marketed in Italy and their respective technicalspecifications, daily reviewed by Merqurio scientific staff. Merqurio Database is arranged in cooperation with theNational Department of Health and other institutional sources and is ISO 9001/Vision 2000 certified. Sponsored byFNOMCeO (Italian professional association of physicians and orthodontists), Merqurio Database is used by localhealth authorities, doctors, pharmacies and local hospitals as well as a number of pharmaceutical companies.DRUGS DATABASEMerqurio Database also includes exhaustive information on scientific references related to drugs and is the onlyItalian database including the original SPCs (Summaries of Product Characteristics) in PDF format. Moreover,Merqurio Database features a section about the interaction between drugs and food intake.
  19. 19. MERQURIO EDITORE – SERVICES & PRODUCTSPHYSICIAN DATABASEMerqurios physician database consists of over 110.000 physicians and includes such physician data asphysician specialty, mailing, addresss, phone number and etc…Merqurio, through the experience in multichannel(email, phone, etc..) contact physician frequently and verify everyfield of every record in its database to maintain accurate physician mailing lists.This commitment to quality means your marketing success.We understand the importance of physician databases which directly impacts organizational sales and marketingefforts: missing and inaccurate information within a prescriber database can cost healthcare organizations time andresources that could be allocated towards other sales and marketing expenses.Having a robust and up-to-date provider and facility profile greatly increases sales force and marketing efficiencyand saves our clients millions of dollars each year in both personal and non-personal communication withphysicians.The number of references in a database makes it effective for marketing campaigns, but data quality iswhat makes the difference. Append valuable information such as specialty, phone number, fax number, patientvolume and affiliation with a medical group, health system or hospital. This is possible thank to merge/purgeprocess and qualified operators.
  20. 20. MERQURIO EDITORE – SERVICES & PRODUCTSSTAKEHOLDER DATABASEThe "DB Stakeholder" was produced thanks to a cooperation between FedersanitàANCI and Merqurio. They feltthe need to map and update public and private stakeholders, thus taking a census of all “stakeholders”.The Database Stakeholder complies to privacy law through data co-ownership between FedersanitàANCI andMerqurio, according to their respective role as Owner and outsourcing Manager of personal data.The Database Stakeholder not only maps all Italian health structures and facilities, but it also includes all the"stakeholders“, which means all the decision-makers at several levels (national-regional-local), thus providingexhaustive and detailed information on healthcare professionals.The "DB Stakeholder" is available to all Pharmaceutical Companies and bodies that need to establish a directcontact with Regional and Local Health Authorities (for example AIFA, ASL, AO, Regional Committees, RegionalCouncil, Committee PTOR, Regional Health Committees Medical Schools Mental hospitals Specialized Centersetc…)All data: are arranged in compliance with current legislation are regularly updated are completed and tree-structured
  21. 21. MERQURIO EDITORE – SERVICES & PRODUCTSCONTENT & WEB MARKETINGDrug database Every information about Italian drugs with scientific references Drug interactions Para-pharmaceutical databasePhysicians’ master data Addresses and master data of all Italian Doctor (300.000) 150.000 fully profiled physicians logged in Italian Health Stakeholders Medical emergencies Addresses of public and private facilitiesPharmacies’ master data Pharmacies’ addresses, opening days and hours, holidaysContent database Laboratory tests Medical Diets Medical Emergency Medical Glossary Etc...Merqurio is able to develop micro-websites and online visuals to support phone-detailing and direct e-mailmarketing strategies.
  22. 22. MERQURIO EDITORE – SERVICES & is the unique social network of medical science in Italy. The goal of is creating aprofessional network among physicians, pharmacists and health professionals. Thanks to,members can receive, every day, specific scientific information.Access is reserved to trade professionals in accordance with the Italian law.The members through may : Receive professional news Invite colleagues/friends to access and discuss, build discussion groups, take part in debates; Share interests or participations in conferences; Enhance their knowledge by asking or answering questions; Write articles or include presentations and movies and see them published; Take part in eCME projects; Comment on and rate articles; Find colleagues from universities or specialists; Create new professional relationships;
  23. 23. MERQURIO EDITORE – SERVICES & PRODUCTSCMEMerqurio also organizes accredited residential courses (CME), taking care of the training project, logistics andcommunication of the event and all pre- and post-events.Merqurio provides design, production and distribution of distance learning courses (eCME), directly or throughDottNet.In the field eCME of Merqurio wants to create new solutions:•On Demand / Blended•Synchronous videoconferencing,•Tele-platform to manage the distance learningSMARTPHONE HEALTHCARE APPSThe mobile health landscape is rapidly growing: the use of smartphones and their applications in healthcare is moreand more common among physicians.Merqurio has set up its own Smartphone healthcare Apps for iPhone and Android system. Merqurio’s healthcareapps can help physicians formulate their diagnoses and prescribe specific therapies.
  24. 24. “These markets are conversations... A powerful global conversation has begun. Through theInternet, people are discovering and inventing new ways to share relevant knowledge with blinding speed. As a direct result, markets are getting smarter- and getting smarter faster than most companies.” The Cluetrain Manifesto Contact: Phone: +390815524300 Fax: +390814201136 E-mail: