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e-detailing: effective promotion of professional science communication


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The evolution of new information and communication technologies (ICT) has designed an innovative model to transmit data in the healthcare field.
This model can support the health care and administrative processes of companies, management of the relationship between patients and facilities and, lastly, medical and scientific information.

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e-detailing: effective promotion of professional science communication

  1. 1. e-Detailing: Effective promotion ofprofessional science communication
  2. 2. Communication between Pharma Industry and Physicians
  3. 3. e-DetailingThe evolution of new information and communication technologies (ICT) has designed aninnovative model to transmit data in the healthcare field.This model can support the health care and administrative processes of companies,management of the relationship between patients and facilities and, lastly, medical and scientificinformation.However, the current paradigm is represented by the approach of the economic-business to e-Health, telemedicine and the online medical and scientific information, because of the need tocombine different way.New technologies,Clinical and administrative processes of healthcare companies,Skills and culture of working team.
  4. 4. e-Detailing: definition
  5. 5. e-Detailing Definitione-Detailing is a web channel that represents a model of communication with your doctor.The information activities (detailing) are carried out exclusively or mainly on the web and reachthe medical target by using only the means of the channel. E-Detailing offers the possibility tosegment communication, customize the one-to-one relation, analyze doctor’s behavior and hisapproval, have analytical data on the web pages visited, time spent, and more.The classic e-detailing model is based on three criteria: invitation, service site, link to theproduct.•The invitation is made by email, or other similar devices (areas within onlinemagazines, banners, demo) with the explicit permission to violate privacy.•The contents of the service site must be of good quality and have an editorial support in theorder of output Access to the site is ruled by applicable laws and regulations about confidentialmaterial and it must be restricted only to healthcare professionals who can prescribemedications.• The link to the product is entrusted to the agency but it is generally considered as promotionalmaterial designed to be used online.
  6. 6. e-Detailing ContentTo achieve an effective e-Detailing, it is necessary that the three actions of the classic modelare valid and useful.In particular, we should highlight the following aspects: number of accesses, strongpromotion, privacy management, access to the site, quality of the contents.These are the main points which the group Merqurio has focused on and are the crucial factors ofits success.
  7. 7. What the Italian doctors think about e-Detailing
  8. 8. Come valuta la sua conoscenza dell’informatica?1 Medico italiano: e-Detailing “Physician behavior” A survey conducted by the Merqurio Research Study * revealed that 88% of healthcareprofessionals uses the web daily and that 74% of them spends more than 6 hours per week searching for information and professional updates. * Come valuta la sua conoscenza dell’informatica il * Quante ore trascorre sul web il medico italiano? medico italiano? * Source: Medici e uso del web: analisi e confronto Europa -Itlaia. Centro Studi Merqurio. April 2011
  9. 9. Come valuta la sua conoscenza dell’informatica?1 Medico italiano: e-Detailing “Physician behavior”The 88.4% * of Italian healthcare professionals searches for information on the web and 2/3 ofthe physicians involved in the investigation confirms the predominance of the use of e-mails in their professional practice. * Cosa effettuata più frequentemente sul web il medico italiano? * Quale è lo scopo per cui il medico italiano usa il web? * Source: Medici e uso del web: analisi e confronto Europa -Itlaia. Centro Studi Merqurio. April 2011
  10. 10. e-Detailing “Physician behavior”62.4% * of Italian physicians, among different types of online resources, prefers free sources suchas databases (Medscape, Medline, etc..) and non-subscription magazines. A further 32.8% uses e- mail more frequently than other web tools. Quali tipologie di risorse usa via web il medico italiano? * Il medico italiano dialoga spesso con i suoi colleghi attraverso l’e-mail? * Source: Medici e uso del web: analisi e confronto Europa -Itlaia. Centro Studi Merqurio. April 2011
  11. 11. Merqurio’s e-Detailing model
  12. 12. e-Detailing Merqurio’s modelMerqurio has created a new model of e-detailing, based on:1.Analyses of tests or surveys (online or by phone) before identifying the most suitable tools in the project;2. Access to a community of over 150,000 health care members, with permission to privacy;3. The users are already active (logged in with a double-opt): after clicking on the email of invitation, they canimmediately have access to the promotion without further logins (Merqurio Dr. Click);4. Publication of editorial and scientific contents, for attractive websites or areas;5. 37 online papers and over 4,000,000 online newsletters sent each month, to push actions after the onlineinvitation;6. Phone-detailing, an unique experience in Italy, promotes e-Detailing project by offline (contact by phone) oronline devices;
  13. 13. e-Detailing Merqurio’s model7. The CSO network (scientific information in the front contract) is able to support physicians despite the absence of a scientific information network;8. Provider Fad at with a list of official online costs, offers to physicians, who enter the restricted area, a training on a specific disease;9. Thanks to, the first social network for doctors and healthcare professionals, reserved areas, called channels, have been created regarding pathologies and diagnostic issues; they are designed as "locations" where physicians can find e-Detailing, with contents, services, articles, multimedia, conferences, conventions;10. With DottNet., reserved areas, called microsites, have been created for promotional drug services. At a distance of a click and within DottNet, it is possible to move from areas regarding pathologies (channels) to promotional areas (microsite), making a clear distinction between scientific promoting and marketing action;11.The reporting, being an activity mostly or completely online, shows users’ values and behaviors;12.Merqurio’s e-Detailing commonly contains postal services (taking advantage of the discounted rates of Merqurio Publisher), allowing a greater involvement of participants;13.Merqurio proposes, at the end of the e-Detailing activity, a survey of perceived Assessment Advisory.
  14. 14. e-DetailingMerqurio’s model: workflow
  15. 15. Merqurio’s tools
  16. 16. e-Detailing From invitation to consultatione-Detailing is the organism of relationship with physicians who use Internet to have scientificinformation on products, so completing or replacing the promotional activity of products in ascientific information network.The physician receives the invitation by email or by a Scientific informant to exploit an Internetresource where he can find information on drugs.The qualitative and quantitative tracking of access may allow the monitoring of the effectivenessof the communication and the usefulness of the project, referring to the objectives ofcommunication, marketing and sales.e-Detailing activities in Italy and abroad have had attractive investment returns.
  17. 17. e-Detailing Dr. clickDrClick is a securing web access service, that allows health care professionals - doctors,pharmacists or others - to visit the Internet sites of Merqurio group or all pharmaceuticalcompanies by using only one access key and without having to retype the password.Merqurio has developed this technology to allow professionals to have a unique service, wherethe operator can be automatically accredited.DrClick allows the site to recognize the user, allowing web access without having to retype thepassword, so oversimplifying and increasing the numbers of visitors.The service has been created to certify the access and the view of contents, reservedexclusively to the Physician or the Healthcare operator (DrClick certifies the access incompliance with the Circular MIN.SAN. Department of Drugs and PharmacovigilanceN 800.I/15/1267 of 22 March 2000 and with the current Code of Drug).
  18. 18. e-Detailing DEMThe term DEM refers to the communication activity on products and services, based onsending an email to a list of selected users.It differs from the sponsorship of a newsletter for the exclusivity of the message that no othereditorial text conveys, dedicating the entire body of the notice to the sponsor or its product.The DEM should be recognized, authoritative, validated and sent to the specific target.Merqurio has devised a platform of more than 150,000 healthcare professionals with theauthorization to supply material, which can also be simultaneously segmented in:Area (region, province)Specialization (GP, pediatrician, gynecologist, orthopedic surgeon, pharmacist, etc., ...)newspaper (Gyne Hot News subscription, Medical News subscription, ...)Size and specification of communication (banner, square, skyscraper, DEM ...)for lists (lists of selecting specific users)For segments (gender, geographical area, only hospital, ...)
  19. 19. e-Detailing DEM: templateDEMs produced by Merqurio are distinguished by different types of communications:-Promotion of product and/or company;-Invitation: by clicking the link, the user can have access to services and/or online materials,dedicated to him.-Customized: a reminder message and/or a “thanks” message for taking part in a project.
  20. 20. e-Detailing Newsletter and content: editingMerqurio’s editors offer services and news, updated in real time, thanks to the content ofonline journals, generalist and specialist newsletters and web content.Merqurio’s editorial staff consists of 4 editors graduates in Pharmaceutical Chemistry andTechnology, 2 professional journalists and 20 publishers copywriters, doctors, lawyers andexperts in health economics, who provide a wide range of contents.Merqurio is always in synergy and has established relationships with the most respectedinstitutions: Assofarm, Federsanità, AIFA, Fnomceo, FIMMG, Scientific Societies.Merqurio has established a steady cooperation with:oThe University “Federico II” of NaplesToxicological and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department Chemistry of Natural Substances DepartmentoThe University of PaviaPharmaceutical Chemistry Department
  21. 21. e-Detailing Web contentIn addition to journalistic-scientific content, Merqurio provides other utilitiessuch as:Rounds of pharmacies ???Laboratory testsMedical DietsAddresses of public and private facilitiesMedical EmergencyMedical GlossaryMarco Polo, a list, divided by all countries in the world, of healthinformation useful to the traveler (such as hygiene, food, climate, safety,etc.).Etc ...
  22. 22. e-Detailing NewsLetter: leading articleThe leading articleLeading article is the featured article published in the newsletter.The goal is to provide additional and more comprehensive information.For a better action of pushing, the title of the leading article represents the subject of the email that the recipient receives.
  23. 23. e-Detailing Newsletter: banners1 and 2 Header1 Header (468x60 pixels) is placed atthe top of the newsletter and is the firstpart that the reader sees.2 Header (468x60 pixels) ispositioned just below the first header,and, although it is smaller than the first,it provides maximum visibility.
  24. 24. e-Detailing Newsletter: banners1 and 2 Skyscraper The 1 Skyscraper (pixel 160x600) isthe first vertical banner positioned onthe side of the text The 2 Skyscraper (pixel 160x600) isthe second vertical banner positionedon the side of the text.
  25. 25. e-Detailing Newsletter : Panorama MedicoPanorama Medico is the generic newsletter ofMerqurio Editore.Target: Pharmacists, healthcare professionals, doctors ofall specialties, Manager of the pharmaceutical industryContents: updates from the world of science and research.Frequency: daily, for a total of 4 deliveries per week, (Demintegrated: 3 issues per week, 4 Banners: 1 number perweek).Redemption impression (open newsletter): range 39-44%Redemption link (click on the links Dem): range 25-31%
  26. 26. e-Detailing Specialist publications: weekly, fortnightly and monthlyIn addition to Panorama Medico daily updated, Merqurio has specialist publications weekly,fortnightly and monthly updated.The goal is to provide all the specialists of the healthcare sector with support information forthe performance of their professional practice, related to scientific literature and changes andnews about legislation concerning both health policy and social security rules.
  27. 27. e-Detailing Merqurio’s NewsletterSpecialist publications weekly, fortnightly and monthly:o Farmacia Magazineo Medical News o Medicina Interna Newso Cardio Mail o Nefrologia Newso Diabetologia News o Neuro Point Newso Gastro News o Nutraceutical Newso Pediatria News o Oculistica Newso Asma News o Odontoiatria Newso Dermatologia News o Onco Newso Ematologia News o Ortopedia Newso Endocrinologia News o Otorinolaringoiatria Newso Andrologia News o Psichiatria Newso Geriatria News o Reumatologia Newso Hospital News o Uro hot Newso Infettivologia News o Gyne Hot Newso Medical Sport News o Hospital News
  28. 28. e-Detailing Specialist publications weekly, fortnightly and monthlySpecialist publications consists in five sections, arranged in order to allow a targeted scanning oftopics of interest.Specifically, the sections are:i.Featured Article, is the first part to be seen/accessed by the users and it shows the sectionwhere are reported the most relevance news.ii.Written by you on DottNet/Multimedia Contents, these sections are alternated. Written by youon DottNet is a section dedicated to the publication of articles written by specialists whoparticipate in the DottNet community, about clinical cases and/or professional experience.Multimedia content is a section dedicated to the publication of video, conference proceedingsand power point presentations, relating to conferences, symposiums and exclusive interviews onthe healthcare field.iii.Scientific Literature, a section on the publication of news about clinical and pre-clinical trials.iv.Health, section on news about the public and private health.v.Drugs, a section on news about the world of medicine.
  29. 29. e-Detailing Social Network for professional healthcare: DottNetManage the relationship with the web 2.0DottNet is the first social network built and totallydedicated to physicians, pharmacists andmanagers of the pharmaceutical industry.The user, after registering, can attend allactivities typical of social networks:•search for a colleague•asking for his friendship•publish articles•to solicit or participate in a discussion, etc..Moreover, the user can communicate with seniormedical and sanitary professionals and comparepoints of view and experiences.
  30. 30. e-Detailing DottNet: functionalityDottNet allows the user to activate complex projects involving a tele-mode, such as:• Remodeling training projects based on participatory (community of practice)• Designing editorial products• Attend on complex communication processes which involve sharing of objectives, collection and data classification (knowledge centers)• Management of drug information through new ways (newsDetailing)• Etc.
  31. 31. e-Detailing DottNet: functionalityThe groupThe group has the same features of a group in the social network Facebook.Graphics and hierarchical features of control activities can be personalized.Rules of the group: The group can be made visible both to the whole community (public) and to private sectors. Theprivate group is managed by an owner who can invite, accept requests from new users and who canexclude persons already members of the group. The group can communicate with the community through official information.All the functions of monitoring and mentoring are active.Each participant can add articles, post content, comment threads, gather and share multimediamaterials, new threads. When new material is added, the messaging service of DottNet notifies all participants of the group. The notification comes only to the participants of the same discussion, whenever you insert a newcomment.
  32. 32. e-Detailing DottNet: functionalityArea eventsThe area events has been developed as in other social networks. The section is divided for events displayed in chronological order, starting with those with a daily deadline.The user can view and search for the events of interest, published not just from his contacts but by all the users. Events have public and private audiences; the first one are open to all, whilst to take part in the private audiences it is necessary a call by a user who is already registered.The user can decide to invite contacts, filtering them by: Category Specialization Province City
  33. 33. e-DetailingHighLight Congress DottNet: functionalityIn this section the user can view the monitoring of national and international conferences.Each conference will have a link that allows the user to view the conference’s proceedings, images and all the information about the event.The materials will be incorporated into DottNet in specific sections (channel), and they will be available through the DEM and promotional banner placed in the social network.Conferences will be reported from the company, proposed as a sponsor, or directly from Merqurio.The activity is structured as follows:1. Participation of a team of Merqurio editorials, journalists and qualified operators, during the congress.2. Video conference interviews with leading exponents of Italian pulmonology, who have participated to national and international events.3. Collection of congress material: clinical trials, conference proceedings etc.
  34. 34. e-Detailing DottNet: functionalityChannels, is the area that allows the access to a specific channel in order to have more informationabout specific diseases, scientific events, medical and scientific issues about legislation and welfare.Clicking Channel list, the user can view the page with the list of channels.Channels are structured in different sections, that concern different subjects; each channel isassociated with a group, a place of discussion about the topic of the channel.
  35. 35. e-Detailing DottNet: functionalityThe channel is divided into several areas, such as: "Material Information", devoted to material information about a specific diseaseand/or product. "Insights of pathologies", an area where the user can refer to clinical studies,conference proceedings and information on the pathology. "News and/or Scientific Review", where the user can view the most important newsabout a specific issue."Discussion Group", devoted to discussions and debates on specific issues and/orproblems concerning a specific pathology and/or product. "Video interviews," where the user can see, in the case of a channel related to anevent, the video interviews with the most important representatives who have attendedto the event.
  36. 36. e-DetailingChannel: template
  37. 37. e-Detailing The micrositeThe microsite is the area in which the physician finds information about a specific product.Communications in this area are all focused on the product from a commercial point of view,with promotions and claims defined with the company sponsors.The user can move from the scientific area to the promotional one, without leaving the socialnetwork, but just with a click.The mini-site and the channel have been developed by Merqurio to meet the need forcompanies to differentiate the communication about the product rather than the disease.
  38. 38. e-Detailing Microsite: template
  39. 39. e-Detailing eCMEMerqurio provides design, production anddistribution of distance learning courses(eCME), directly or through DottNet.In the field eCME of Merqurio wants to createnew solutions,• On Demand Blended• Synchronous videoconferencing,• Tele-platform to manage the distance learning
  40. 40. e-Detailing eCMETo have access to the contents of the course, the doctor/pharmacist can enter Merqurio’s eLearningplatform and can take the course dedicated to him. The DEM invitation is the "key door- opener" of the doctor/pharmacist to gain access to the platform. The physician receives in his mailbox the message that reminds him the project. Clicking, he will be automatically directed to the platform where he can follow the course and receive eCME credits.
  41. 41. e-Detailing eCME -CMEMerqurio also organizes accredited residentialcourses (RES), taking care of the training project,logistics and communication of the event and allpre-and post-events. From the collection of registrations to the coordination of the teachers at the end of the practice and the delivery of ECM certificates.
  42. 42. “It is not the strongest species thatsurvives nor the most intelligent but theone that is most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin Contact: Phone: 00390815524300 Fax: 00390814201136 E-mail: