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Eje cafetero

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Eje cafetero

  1. 1. EJE CAFETEROEje Cafetero is a good place to visit because thereare a lot of things to do, for example you can visitthe coffee’s park, panaca, Armenia, Salento, etc.
  2. 2. • In Eje Cafetero you don’t need to learn otherlanguaje, you don’t need to get the visa orpassport, you need to have money but youcan find cheap hotels.Slogan:In the Botanical Garden ofQuindio, learning and fun
  3. 3. Hotels.In eje cafetero you could stay near to Armeniabut you can stay in Decameron panaca but thereare some nice hotels or it’s a good idea host in acoffee farm.
  4. 4. Get aroundIf you don’t like to travel for a long time youshould probably go by plane but It’s a good ideatravel by bus because you know more and youcan take a tourist bus to make a tour for all EjeCafetero.
  5. 5. Suggestions.For travel to Eje Cafetero is very easy becauseyou don’t need nothing special but you shouldmake reservations in advance, and why don’tyou take a map or guide book, and don’t forgetto pack a watch, it’s important for the time.Then I show you more suggestions.
  6. 6. Things to rememberIf you want to have a fun vacations these are somerecomendations.• You need a toothpaste and toothbrush.• A lot of drinks• Sunscreen• Insect repellent• Cap• Watch• Comfortable clothes• A tourist guide
  7. 7. Now there are things that you don’t needbecause there are in this place or isunnecessary:* Depend of the hotelthere are/is in this place unnecessaryFirst aid kit A hair dryerTowel* tentblankets Flashlighttoilet paper High heelsSoap* Suit