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Marwan portfolio


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My work at various Digital Agencies in Malaysia.

Published in: Marketing
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Marwan portfolio

  1. 1. • The following is my portfolio • It’s about 200 slides collected from different campaigns I’ve: – Gathered insights & trends – Strategized and planned – And more than what’s mentioned above
  2. 2. Brief Recap •Deliverable: •Sustainable 12 months Facebook campaigns. •To reach 20,000 Facebook fans in 12 months. •Objective: 1. To increase penetration and consumption via creating urgency among younger Target Audience in regards to bone health. 2. To improve retention or increase in usage of Anlene among Target Audience
  3. 3. Challenges (TK COMMENT: PICK UP WHATS RELAVANT) • “We want to feel being a part of something, to feel motivated” • “Anlene is for old people” • “it’s premium product, I don’t understand the value for money” • “It’s for osteoporosis. I don’t have osteoporosis, why should I take it?” • “ I drink Anlene Milk and I don’t feel anything” • Making the consumer more involved with Anlene, being a part of something. • To change consumer’s perception about the brand: from “for old people” to “active lifestyle partner” • Highlighting the value for money the product offers. • Anlene is not only for osteoporosis, it’s also here to support your active lifestyle • To educate the consumer more about bone health. Specifically on how caring for your bones now can pay off in the future. Perception: Awareness:
  4. 4. Consumer Behavior Less exercise / replaced by shopping Tend to exercise more Use IPTV & Magazines High Search engine activities Uses internet for news & reads newspapers High online activities: Movies, news, businees news Male 30+ 59% Female 25-40 42% 76% are married | 84% have kids below 12 Source: Malaysia 3D 2013 *Universe SEC ABC Adults 30+: 4,016,498
  5. 5. Consumer Channels 97% Have Facebook 47% Have Twitter 56% Have Smartphones Source: Malaysia 3D 2013 *Universe SEC ABC Adults 30+: 4,016,498
  6. 6. Consumer Insights • Consumers want motivation, and the feeling of being part of something • There is a lack of knowledge of bone and overall health • People trust KOLs and their Peers opinions • People share and discuss recipes online • People search the web for their conditions, and consider purchasing from there first Source: Malaysia 3D 2013 *Universe SEC ABC Adults 30+: 4,016,498
  7. 7. Regional Direction •Fully connected, open and in touch with people that matter to us. Enabling us to collaborate effectively and at speed, to help people have healthier bones and greater mobility, for a happier more fulfilled life.
  8. 8. The big idea: •Anlene: Keeps you moving! • An initiative to make users realise how Anlene is an expert in mobility. • And we communicate by encouraging people to… • Start being aware of bones • Start being active • Start drinking Anlene •Strat line: •Take an action to improve your lifestyle
  9. 9. Engagement Strategy Content Pillar Engagement Ideas • Year-long sustainable Facebook plan • More Likes and Fans
  10. 10. • Phase 1 user journey: Engagement Strategy (Option 2) What Keeps You Moving? Anlene Facebook tab User exposed to Story/image/ Video CTA: Share with a Friend & send them an Anlene sample KOL Posts User Posted on Friend’s FB wall Anlene Sample is mailed to The user’s friend
  11. 11. • A mobile game (also available on facebook) that contains badges to unlock with every purhcase of Anlene products. • Requires to “Like” the facebook page first before playing. • Requires Facebook Connect. • Each badge is how many years you’ve added to the health of your bones. • Users need to purchase an Anlene product, scan the barcode with their mobile device, and the App will determine how many years they’ve added to their health of their bones. • With a certain number of badges unlocked, users get rewarded with free/or discounted Anlene products vouchers. Reference: Fooducate app Additional Engagement Idea Anlene Bone Bank
  12. 12. Additional Engagement Idea Anlene Bone Bank Keep moving: Build the drinking habit User downloads appUSER’S MOBILE ANLEN E MY FB PAGE Like Anlene MY & FB connect to use app Take Bone Health Check (at outlet list) Get latest motivational quotes Collect recipes Take Bone Health Check (at outlet list) GET RETURN ON BONE INVESTMENT Scan Anlene pack barcode Do ‘Keep Moving activities’ Get welcome sample pack voucher
  13. 13. Why create targeted campaigns? Gain insights into target audience’s personal details and activities. Tactical promotions & offers to pull traffic into Petron stations Tailor messages based on shared customer characteristics Rich media content in video, gif and interactive voice format enables creative communication
  14. 14. Match the message to the audience every time with precision. Tailored msg blast to the most relevant and responsive audience to increase incoming traffic. Track purchases and create lead generations through redemptions of promotions. How to communicate efficiently? The right place The right time The right person The right call to action Increase revenue & growth
  15. 15. How does it work? Trigger: Geo location Moving image Video Text Message Driver Petron station Pedestrian Petron station Time Weather User info ! ! Moving image Video Text Message
  16. 16. Example of targeted and customised content Immediate Redemption Content format: GIF Timing: AM Peak period *When you pump above RM30 Good morning Mr. Lim! Greetings from Petron Taman Melati.
  17. 17. Example of targeted and customised content Immediate Redemption Content format: GIF Timing: Mid-day *When you pump above RM30 Hello Mr.Lim! No time to clean your car?
  18. 18. Example of targeted and customised content Immediate Redemption / Awareness Content format: GIF Timing: PM Peak period *When you pump above RM30 Hello Ben! Here’s a quick boost from Petron to you!
  19. 19. Example of targeted and customised content Awareness Content format: GIF Timing: AM Peak period Hello Ben! How do you start your day?
  20. 20. Printers: Freedom Pitch
  21. 21. Findings 16-20 8% 21-25 78% 26-30 11% >30 3% Age Student 58% Self- employed 1% Employed for wages 40% Unemployed 1% Employment Status
  22. 22. Findings Print quantity (pages per month) < 50 (84%) 50 – 150 (13%) >150 (3%) Common places to print Home (29%) University (37%) Office (28%) Common printing tasks Notes and assignments (74%) Email, flight tickets and bills (19%) Graphics and photos (3%) Others (4%)
  23. 23. Findings 91% say that printer’s speed Is important to them Main purchase considerations* Price of Ink cartridges (52%) Price of printer (20%) Printer Brand (11%) Most requested features (on their current printer) Wireless Printing (35%) Copy (27%) Scan (25%) *18% made up of warranty and other considerations
  24. 24. Canon = Freedom Owning a Canon printer gives you freedom because: • Freedom means not having to queue up in the Student Hub to print your assignment • Freedom means being able to print your lecture notes from the comforts of your own room • Freedom means having more money to spend on other fun things
  25. 25. Insight Our target audience are socially active, and they love to share their feelings and thoughts with their peers. As evident by their fascination with selfies, our target audience are also quite narcissistic; they love taking photos of themselves and of course, they have to share them.
  26. 26. Insight Youths are more vocal about their opinions, often taking to social networks to shout out their frustrations. There's also a general consensus that there’s a lack of freedom in Malaysia. Anything that gives them the power of free expression resonates strongly with them
  27. 27. ? Canon means “Freedom to do more” Narcissism Fascination with selfies and sharing Feeling of restraint, lack of freedom
  28. 28. Canon Freedom Booth A digital confessional style photo booth where fans get to express their personal interpretation of freedom.
  29. 29. How does it work? Canon Freedom Booth •Think of what freedom means to you Take a photo •Show off your thoughts by taking a photo with our photobooth or through Twitter or Instagram Live the experience! •Canon will empower you wish and let you experience your idea of freedom Feeling bogged down by the rules of society? Do what you do best and capture a selfie expressing your thoughts Canon gives you the opportunity to experience your freedom
  30. 30. Awareness Platform Sustenance Canon site Social seeding FB AdsCanonPIXMA EDM Main Platform: CanonPIXMA Facebook “Freedom Booth” app Pre-Like Page Main functions: Photobooth Gallery Contest Prizes Video sections Engagement Mechanics Step 1: Authorize App Step 2: Upload photo via photobooth, Instagram/Twitter w/ hashtag or via Canon Freedom Trucks Step 3: Thank you EDM Amplification: FB Post Share with Friends Invite Friends Videos Document winners getting their wish fulfilled Shared across: • EDM • Facebook Tab • YouTube Pre-rolls • YouTube Brand Channel • Video Banners Online Drivers Freedom Project User Journey (Optional) Offline Driver Canon Freedom Truck Secondary Platforms: Instagram Twitter
  31. 31. How does Canon printers help E-LO live out E-losophy?
  32. 32. Challenge 25 Money is tighter than ever these days, so you might think that RM25 is quite a lot to spend for a printer cartridge. However, E-Lo lives the Elosophy way, and to show you the real value of a single cartridge of ink, he wants the Canon fans to put up challenges for him to answer with just RM25.
  33. 33. How does it work? Elosophy FB App •The app has articles that explain how to live the Elosophy way of life •Articles contain tips, tricks and life hacks Challenge E-Lo •Users can post a challenge to E-Lo •Challenges are based on what E-Lo can do given RM25 E-Lo responds with a video •Challenges will be responded to in a video featuring E-Lo using a Canon printer in creative ways
  34. 34. Sample responses • How to impress your sweetheart – Instead of taking her out to dinner, print out 800 love letters instead • How to be a better multi-tasker – If you have a busy day and don’t want to forget anything, print out a reminder strip and wear it around your wrist • How to manage my time better – Plan out your week so you don’t waste time unnecessarily by printing out a weekly planner. • How to entertain your friends – If you can’t afford to bring your friends out for a movie, you can print out paper dolls and do a shadow puppet show
  35. 35. Elosophy webisodes The Elosophy webisodes serve as a way to respond to the fan’s challenges, showcasing interesting tips or life hacks in a creative way using his Canon printer. Webisodes will always end with a promo shot of the printer E-Lo decides to write a love letter for his sweetheart But, using his E510 and a single cartridge, E-Lo instead prints 800 copies of the love letter The episode ends with “Powered by Canon” and ends with a promo shot RM250 E-Lo surprises his girlfriend with a gigantic stack of love letters and it’s a happy ending E-Lo recieves a print out from his printer. It has this week’s challenge: Impress your sweetheart E-Lo recalls how he wanted to cheer up his sweetheart, but was short on cash
  36. 36. The Brief •Positioning Leveraging on existing social platforms to strengthen CIMB Bank’s regional presence and emphasize on ASEAN For You theme •Recruitment To maintain CIMB as the #1 fanpage on Facebook and increase fan count by 10% by Jan (i.e 1.5mil fanbase) •Positive engagement Increase positive sentiment on Social Media platforms through engagement ideas and content strategy. 41 Age Group: 18-35 Mass CIMB Malaysia FB: CIMBMalaysia Current average fan growth is about 3-4K per month. Maybank is at 10K per month.
  37. 37. CIMB Malaysia 42 •CIMB Malaysia • •Fans : 1,310,868 •Demographics: 18-24 years old •Talking about this : 17.1k -1.3% of total fans •Enquiry responds time: Within 24 hours •Frequency of postings: Everyday •Page created: April 2010
  38. 38. GOOD, RELEVANT CONTENT REACH & RESPONSE TIMELY, FREQUENT UPDATES What can be improved on the current CIMB Malaysia page? • We can run at a frequency of 3 post per day, with reach being 2000-5000 views per post, there is little danger of being “spammy” • Timely replies to customer complaints are essential. Organic response drop below 2%, FB being a commercial entity we have to invest to use the platform effectively. Consider FB media spend. As a rule in general, 50% of post likes happen within the first 30 minutes. So for example, if 30-50 CIMB employees were to subscribe to the page via ‘get notifications’ and like the posts, this would boost virality tremendously in the short term Suggestions: • Facebook ONLY contests exclusive for those that like the page • Weekly giveaways Content that is performing well: • Quizzes • Food • #ThursdayTip • Travel posts
  39. 39. Recruitment / Lead Generation CIMB Monday Music Mania 44
  40. 40. Making Monday a day to look forward to. Only on Monday, we redress current promotions into a limited- time-only deal with extra music perks.
  41. 41. Sign up for a CIMB Cash Rebate MasterCard (Current promo) (Additional music- related giveaway) Get Urbanscapes music festival tickets For example Get RM150 instant cash rebate Value add to current promotion
  42. 42. A one-year free subscription for music players Cash vouchers for music shops Sony-branded music accessoriesTickets to local music festivals Possible perks and partners Itunes gift cards
  43. 43. User Journey At CIMB Page: • User likes the FB page • User heads to the campaign tab Drivers: •Facebook ads •Facebook Promoted posts •Contains CTA Users: •Respond to CTA •Click on the ad/post At FB Tab: • User fill in their details • User signs up for CIMB credit card Reward: •User receives a 1 year Spotify subscription •Stand a chance to win UrbanScapesti ckets Increase FB page Likes Lead Generation Ownership & Association with Music Engagement Sustenance User shares activity on Facebook Increase FB page Likes At FB Tab: • User data successfully received Approval of application process
  44. 44. Backup Plan •Getting items from selected merchants who are more likely to participate with us to gain exposure to the CIMB 1.3 Million customers. •(CTA: Win a Sony Headphone Courtesy of 49 In case any of the brands mentioned did not want to participate in this, we have 1 backup plan to overcome this:
  45. 45. Visual Mocks 50
  46. 46. Visual Mocks 51
  47. 47. Idea: Around ASEAN in 30 Days Description: On the season for giving, we will give you a gift, but this not a gift for you, it’s a gift that you give to someone. The person who gives more, gets a prize.
  48. 48. Around ASEAN in 30 Days 1. Go to FB tab 2. Answer quiz (Quizes are based on ASEAN facts and trivia) 3. Quiz questions can be in the form of text, images or video. 4. Questions are related to ASEAN countries. User has to solve them. 5. A timer will be on to record the fastest user. 6. A leader board that shows top scoring users. 7. Prize comes from CIMB partner AirAsia, in the form of BIG Card points (if they have one) if not then we offer them a BIG points card loaded with the amount of points they’ve earned..
  49. 49. Around ASEAN in 30 Days (December) - Mechanics December 1st to 30th Instant Gratification 5 Questions – 1 Winners Each winner will get 5 discount vouchers for coffee to give to friends 5 Questions – 1 Winners Each winner will get 5 F&B discount vouchers to give to friends 5 Questions – 1 Winners Each winner will get 3 Free meals to give to friends 5 Questions – 1 Winners 1 Cash prize for a friend GrandPrize Top 10 winners who share their winning experience over FB stand a chance to get a pair of cards for a trip around ASEAN 54 Winning criteria: • (Instant gratification) There is a selection of 1 winner everyday based on the first who finishes up the quiz. • (Grand prize) The time taken to finish the quiz, the correct answers and the number of shares, qualifies the user to be in the top 10 leaderboard for the grand prize.
  50. 50. Quiz Sample – Multiple choice 55 • 1- (Singapore) In the days before and even after the arrival of Stamford Raffles, what was the standard mode of transport? Answer: The bullock cart - Did you know that CIMB Bank Singapore has a branch located at Raffles Place, Near Singapore Land Tower that also offers Auto Financing. • 2- (Thailand) On what occasion that marked the start of Thailand’s first electricity utilization? Answer: On King Rama V’s Birthday Anniversary - Pay all your chargeable bills for only 5 Baht Fee with CIMB Thailand Online. • 3- (Malaysia) Which village in Perlis is the only place in the world where large-scale cave tin-mining was conducted? Answer: Wang Kelian - CIMB Bank Kangar is the biggest CIMB branch in Perlis. • 4- (Cambodia) How many tourists did Cambodia receive in 2009? Answer: 2,161,577 - CIMB Malaysia credit/debit cards are accepted in cambodia’s CIMB branches for the convenieince of CIMB travellers. • 5- (Indonesia) In Bali, during the new year there is a custom not to speak for 24 hours. What’s the name of that custom? Answer: Nyepi “Day of Silence” - CIMB in Indonesia are open even through out the festivals and national customs.
  51. 51. User Journey At CIMB Page: • User to join the game, by filling their details in the FB tab • And also liking CIMB page as a requirement Drivers: •Facebook ads •Facebook Promoted posts •Contains CTA Users: •Respond to CTA •Click on the ad/post Users to engage in solving quiz questions at the fastest time User to share the CIMB Quiz oh his/her wall as a requirement Lead Generation Engagement Sustenance Increase likes & Social exposure A leaderboard that shows the top 10 players and eventually the winners
  52. 52. Visual Mocks 57
  53. 53. Visual Mocks 58
  54. 54. App/Website
  55. 55. Content: Malaysia Malaysian online reach tend to most likely to consume contents of: Multimedia 79% News 73% Blogs 64% Entertainment 97% •YouTube remains still the No.1 website for viewing, sharing, advertising and discussing video content in Malaysia.
  56. 56. Influencers •Beyond having great products and utilizing advertising, marketers should strive to turn loyal consumers into brand ambassadors. •But how does a marketer help make that happen? The first step is to make sure there are multiple places for brand ambassadors to share their opinions, and make sure those venues are easy to find. A company’s social media presence must include a wide variety of social channels. Millennials are opting for social networks beyond Facebook for a variety of reasons. Marketers looking to make the most out of their digital portfolio should include Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Google Plus. 0759420#FuQuRDP0cL2TompL.99
  57. 57. Influencers: JUSTFAB
  58. 58. Influencers: Chatime Use of Taiwanese celebrities in an eventUse of local brand ambassadors Chatime is a leading brand in its service and category of consumer products. They famous for using celebrities (local and international) to endorse their products. Also local KOLs (bloggers, reviewers and so on) to keep the word of mouth spreading.
  59. 59. Influencers: Perfecto – Pizza Hut •Eversince perfecto used Wak Doyok in their campaigns, it picked up awareness very quickly. That Pizza Hut wanted him to represent their promotions too. This by itself says a lot about the powerful use of influencers.
  60. 60. Linkedin • The Linkedin Advantage: • LinkedIn provides great targeting options, including the ability to target by job title, employer, role, skills, and interests; • LinkedIn profiles contain more detailed and up-to-date “professional” information compared to what people list on their personal profiles on Facebook, etc. • Beyond that, LinkedIn now provides additional value through content with its “Influencers” and “Pulse” efforts. • In addition, LinkedIn’s self-service advertising platform has a similar feel to those offered by Google and Facebook. For example, it allows you to design different types of ads, create logical groupings, define bids for specific campaigns, and measure performance with metrics such as impressions, clicks and conversions (if tagged/collected).
  61. 61. Linkedin 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 India China Indonesia Philippines Malaysia Singapore Japan Hong Kong Thailand Taiwan Sri Lanka Nepal TOP 12 Linkedin Users in ASEAN Countries Top Linkedin Usage in ASEAN countries 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 “Raise brand awareness, build relationships, and drive quality leads with Sponsored Updates. Extend your reach to the LinkedIn feed across web, mobile, and tablet. Connect with the world's largest audience of active, influential professionals. Launch your campaign in minutes. All you need is a LinkedIn account.”
  62. 62. Linkedin 61% used for professional networking 67% accesses it at least 3 times a week A 11 Million From industries related to our target audience 1 Million Active Malaysian users to date *and increasing Aspiration Connects our target audience with influential and looked- up-to personas Achievement & Inspiration Achievement and inspiration driven social network that seeds moving-up in live as a commonly shared ambition
  63. 63. • HongLeong Short-Term Assurance – User-Targeted Direct Marketing Campaign
  64. 64. Defining extreme Sports & Locations Sky Sports •Parachuting / Free fall •One-Day Pilot Water Sports •Wind Surfing •Kite Boarding •Water Rafting •Surfboarding •Scuba Diving •Kayaking •Boat/Jet ski riding Mountain Sports •SkyTrex •Rock Climbing •Mountain Biking •Bungy jumping Motor Sports •Car Drifting •4WD offroading •Go Kart •ATV Riding •Motocross Indoors Sports •Wall Climbing Urban (Street) Sports •BMX bicycle extreme sports •Paintball wars •Skateboarding •Orbing Ball •Bungy jumping
  65. 65. Why create targeted campaigns? Target Purchase Revenue growth Match the message to the audience every time with precision. Tailored message blast to the most relevant and responsive audience to increase incoming traffic. Track purchases and create lead generations through redemptions of promotions.
  66. 66. - - - Demographics - - - - - - Psychographics - - Target Audience
  67. 67. Filtering process Overview
  68. 68. Filtering process – Locations visited Extreme Sports locations Filtration through locations is done in 2 stages: Stage 1: Historical data Filteration is based on the locations visited in the past. The result will be identifying regular extreme sports fans. This will help us purify the data in the sense of reaching to the target audience with precision. Stage 2: Real-time Triggering This will serve as the trigger for the MMS message to be sent. If the user is within 5- 10KM of the arena, the MMS message will be sent to them.
  69. 69. Filtering process – Language Preference English Malay Chinese IndianArchived User Data Axiata Filtration Process Sending The message …In the User’s preferred language User receives The message User enters an arena that will trigger axiata messaging
  70. 70. Filtering process – SMS Keywords SMS keywords are also considered in the filtration process, either historic or real time. Those with the keywords below are considered to be recipients of the MMS message: Parachuting / Free fall One-Day Pilot Wind Surfing Kite Boarding Water Rafting SurfboardingScuba Diving Kayaking Boat/Jet ski riding SkyTrex Rock Climbing Mountain Biking Bungy jumping Car Drifting 4WD offroading Go Kart ATV Riding Motocross Wall Climbing BMX bicycle extreme sports Paintball wars Skateboarding Orbing Ball Bungy jumping
  71. 71. Engagement Intelligent targeting via MMS and Text message. Triggered via location. Campaign Campaign Engagement Sustenance Sustenance Standees, with interactive NFC chip and/or QR code Overview of the campaign
  72. 72. Sky Sports Location: Subang Airport, Skypark Terminal Coordinates: 3.134332, 101.553570 Coverage area: 10 KM radius Primary Target Audience: One-Day Pilot Tandem riders Parachuting Secondary Target Audience: Passengers flying from Subang Airport Message MMS Video Message: “Since you’re about to ride the skies, why not protect your self and your loved ones with Hong Leong 1Day hassle-free personal insurance. Only for RM 5, Reply with YES and enjoy your trip with a piece of mind” Coverage Area – Trigger MMS
  73. 73. Momento Website Revamp
  74. 74. Trends & Findings
  75. 75. Interactive websites Trends 2014 • Integrated Social Media: • Develop a Content Marketing Strategy: • Use Fully Integrated E-commerce Platforms: Content
  76. 76. Interactive websites Trends 2014 • Responsive Emails & Websites (Mobile Optimized): • Declutter Your Website: • Use Pictures and Videos as hero blocks:
  77. 77. Insights: What people look for while shopping for paint?
  78. 78. Social Insights - Malaysia Specific Inspiration DIY Self Expression
  79. 79. Shared Inspiration from the social space: @BusyHouseHold Twitter Key learnings: Users browse colours through interior rooms rather than walls.
  80. 80. Insights summary DIYInspiration Self Expression People look all over the web to look for inspiration before considering painting their houses/rooms They look for interior rooms rather than plain walls People consider paint as a way of personal self-expression, they like to express what they have in mind through the colours and effects. And share it with the world There is a noticeable number of users painting the walls of their homes themselves. This contributes to two factors: • Saving cost of a painter • Having the pleasure of doing/accomplishing something by themselves Key learnings: - Users browse colours through interior rooms rather than walls. - Users look for inspiration before intending to purchase Key learnings: - Users consider painting as self expression of their artistic skills - Users like to express what they have painted and share it with the world Key learnings: - Users like to paint themselves rather than having someone to paint for them
  81. 81. Deliverables: Concept, Tools & Layouts
  82. 82. Concept 1 Big Idea • INSPIRATIONS THROUGH MOMENTO • “A place where home inspirations, design ideas and Momento colours collide.”
  83. 83. Landing page – Concept 1 • Reference site: • Contents included: - Lookbook - Inspirational articles - Promotions - Swatch of the month - Tools - Video - Trial kit - Instagram feed #MYMOMENTO • More visually driven • Can view everything that the site holds in one glance • Clean and interesting
  84. 84. LookBook – Concept 1 References Inspiration An Inspirational browsing album that serves as a source of inspiration and ideas for customers. Customers are are able to browse, get inspiration for their homes and have the option to buy specific paint. We also intend to cross-sell furniture items along with paint as “get this look for your home” Reference: Ikea
  85. 85. LookBook - Concept 1 Layout Inspiration Feature inspirational images of a space with Momento. Include colour chips and GIFs to enhance it. Reference site:
  86. 86. Proton CSR Campaign
  87. 87. INSIGHT Generally, people would do good for the less fortunate. But what hinders them is the allocation of time and effort to make it happen, not knowing where
  88. 88. How does this relate to our Target Audience? Our findings reveal that people are driven rally together for a common cause when they find a sense of belonging in the community.
  89. 89. THE SMILE-O-METER Gather your friends, and together show how a smile can uplift a person. “Smile and the world smiles with you”
  90. 90. Why a smile? A smile is contagious. A genuine smile is usually replied with the same; It is a shareable feeling of happiness. Proton can share this happiness to underprivileged families by gathering smiles from its fans
  91. 91. How does it work? Facebook app • Uses your webcam to capture your smile Smile-O-Meter • Smiles fill up a meter that shaped like a car Donations • Cars filled up with smiles = donations made by Proton
  92. 92. How will the smiles help? Where are the donations are going to? It’s going to organization, for helping the underprivileged families. Why MyKasih? “We empower the people we help, regardless of their race or religion. Families undergo financial counseling and their children attend education workshops given by our volunteers. In the near future, we expect corporations to offer job placements and more long-term training. “
  93. 93. Main App Features Smile-O-Meter The main feature of the FB app is a meter that’s shaped like a Proton car (a Preve in this case). As smiles are captured, the meter is filled up What the meter looks like as it fills up 1. Educate Educate people on charity goals and vision, as well as highlight how their contributions will benefit the charity 2. Share Shout out your contributions and rally your friends to the cause 3. Document (Post goal achievement) Videos that show your contributions paying off
  94. 94. Smile-O-Meter Userflow Facebook app captures user’s smiles through their webcams Smiles fill up a meter shaped like Proton car The more cars filled with smiles, the bigger the prize the children get Car 3 Car 2 Car 1 Driving orphans to LegoLand Trip Driving the elderly to a picnic Proton toys / Merchandi se to orphans
  95. 95. Awareness Platform Sustenance Proton site Social seedingFacebook Ads Proton Fan Page EDM Main Platform: Facebook “Smile Meter Tab” Pre-Like Page Main functions: About Campaign Share Campaign View Gallery Participate Engagement Mechanics Step 1: Authorize App Step 2: Activate Webcam Step 3: Thank you EDM Amplification: FB Post Share with Friends Invite Friends Videos Interviews Mini Documentary Shared across: • EDM • Facebook Tab • YouTube Pre-rolls • YouTube Brand Channel • Video Banners Online Drivers Smile-O-Meter User Journey
  96. 96. Smile-O-Meter Mockup
  97. 97. The Brief To appoint the main creative agency for Red Bull Air Race event 2014. Agencies are tasked to: • Create main identity for Red Bull Air Race 2014 • Activate awareness for Red Bull Air Race
  98. 98. The Red Bull “Mini” Air Race Digital and On-ground Activation
  99. 99. Concept Get a first-hand view of what racing in a Red Bull Air Race plane is about on your mobile.
  100. 100. Introducing the technology Reference: Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Reference video: Review by
  101. 101. Introducing the technology Use the mobile phone to navigate the drone through a mini replica of the Putrajaya circuit Drone to be dressed up as Red Bull Air Race plane Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Watch the POV of the drone on your mobile as you navigate. Feel as if you’re really flying in the Air Race!
  102. 102. The engagement Go to the Red Bull Mini Air Race circuit in malls. On-ground at malls Use your mobile phone play. Top the leaderboard to win tickets to the real deal. Have your experience recorded on through the drone and shared on Facebook
  103. 103. On-ground driver On-ground with the RC club Tie up with the RC club in Malaysia to do a showcase using a remote-controlled scaled replica Red Bull Air Race. Call-to-action: To participate in the Red Bull Mini Air Race
  104. 104. Online driver Banners and Page Takeover Roll over to activate animation
  105. 105. Online driver Banners and Page Takeover Using Rich Media banners and a Page Takeover, create a digital game that allows the user to play a Red Bull Mini Air Race game online. Call-to-action: To participate in the Red Bull Mini Air Race
  106. 106. User Flow Engagement + Lead generation RC Club stunt Red Bull Mini Air Race Content created Sharing CTA: Stand a chance to win tickets to the Air Race Facebook Posts with hashtags Hashtagged Tweets VideosPhotos Leader board Online Drivers Red Bull Air Race Page @redbullmy @redbullairrace Red Bull Brand Page Web Banners* (Page Takeover) Paid Drivers (Optional) Facebook Ads Promoted Tweets *Paid Driver
  107. 107. “I bring you the Red Bull Air Race” Digital and On-ground Activation
  108. 108. Concept Be part of the promotional video that introduces Red Bull Air Race to Malaysia! You!
  109. 109. Introducing the technology Augmented Reality Video Reference video: National Geographic
  110. 110. The engagement HOW IT WORKS User goes to the site, Facebook connects, and starts the engagement. Webcam is activated and captures the user’s image. The user’s image is reflected in the video on screen. User acts according to the video story. Video of user is recorded and shared automatically on Facebook. 1 2 3 4 CONTEST ELEMENT The best video wins tickets to the Air Race. 2 1 3 4
  111. 111. Video story example Coming to you from the skies For the first time ever in Asia “Are you ready, co-pilot?” The fastest, most thrilling race event in the world “What stunt should we take?” User interaction: Use keyboard to pick a stunt, to be reflected in video “Good job co-pilot. Let’s bring her home.” Featuring Pilot Paul Bonhomme And Co-pilot John WongUser interaction: Type in your name User interaction: Answer ‘YES’ enthusiastically (captured on video) Putrajaya 17-18 May 2014 End call-to-action: Record Your Experience too. Visit website for more information
  112. 112. On-ground driver In malls Have several big-screens set up in malls for people to engage with.
  113. 113. User Flow Engagement + Lead generation Sharing Online Drivers Red Bull Air Race Page @redbullmy @redbullairrace Red Bull Brand Page Web Banners* (Page Takeover) Paid Drivers (Optional) Facebook Ads Promoted Tweets *Paid Driver CTA: Record Your Experience too Website Leads generated Content created Content shared Contest: Best video wins tickets to the Air Race
  114. 114. TM – CC1M Ideas Social Tactical 26 August 2014
  115. 115. Socially Powered Holiday ™•A socially curated campaign where users are to participate in creating the prefect travel itinerary for tourists to have the ultimate experience in Malaysia.
  116. 116. Socially Powered Holiday ™ •Malaysians to give their real-time suggestions via hashtags to curate a list of festive challenges to participating tourists. Experiences are recorded in real time and shared throughout social platforms. •Hashtag #MYfestiveholiday to suggest a variety of festive based challenges: •Hari Raya : Dress in “Baju Melayu”, attend a Raya open house, make a Ketupat, help a local furnish and light small kerosene oil lamps to attract the spirit of passed relatives. •Deepavali: Light 50 candles for the festival of lights, throw a coconut as a sign of wadding off bad luck, take a bath in ritual oil, design a kolam with colored powder and rice on the ground.
  117. 117.
  118. 118. Socially Powered Holiday ™
  119. 119. Socially Powered Holiday Drivers # CTA: share your festive suggestions through audition video Itinerary Accumulate itinerary of locations/times to visit Online On-Ground Approaching Travellers 1- Are you up for the challenge to travel the Malaysian way ? 2- Yes! Itinerary Use the most creative submissions from social media Reward: The most creative suggestion will win a personal trip around Malaysia Experience is recorded 1 2 3 4
  120. 120. Festive Social Audition •Malaysia’s festivals needs you! A call for entry and global wide enter the ultimate tourist contest in the world. •We need you to celebrate our festivities! Do you have what it takes to be: •A lion dance performer, a boat racer, a festive drummer, a silat dancer or a fire walker? However, instead of a real life audition, we will come out with a prefix audition. •Your photo for the prefix audition will be taken from your Facebook profile. Share your prefix audition video and tells us what makes you want to see Malaysian festivities. TM
  121. 121. Festive Social Audition TM
  122. 122. Festive Social Audition Chinese New Year Hari Raya Deepavali CTA: “Share this video and tell us what makes you want to see CNY and stand a chance to win a free trip” Audition video, posted automatically on user’s FB Microsite
  123. 123. The Festive Roadmap •Unlock 13 questions on Twitter based on each state. You have to answer correctly in order to proceed to the next question. The contestant who answers all the questions correctly, stand a chance to win a trip around Malaysia. CC1M
  124. 124. The Festive Roadmap Microsite Week1: Quiz 1 User to answer quiz via #Hashtag_MTA Quizzes spread on the map via Google pin Answer Correct: Qualify to next question Answer Wrong: Lose a point, try again Proceed to Next Question Next week Winner gets a 13 states travel holiday
  125. 125. Celebrate Life in the liveliest place in the world! •Malaysia is a country that celebrates life, being a country with the most festivals in the world. But people are spending too much time in the digital world, and one simply can’t fully experience the richness of a festivity when they are online. So we’re challenging fellow Malaysians to stop posting and start celebrating! •Festive Challenge: Give up your digital life and go out for real festive experiences! CC1M
  126. 126. Celebrate Life in the liveliest place in the world! •Bloggers and social media personalities take up the challenge to 1 week of silence with an announcement of “GONE CELEBRATING”. Their festive experiences are recorded and broadcasted online. Once they complete their challenge, they return onto social media to share their rich experiences with the one single device they were given, a digital camera. •CTA: Take the 1 weekend festive challenge every time there is a festivity happening in Malaysia. Pick your calendar, take a vow of “Gone celebrating.” CC1M
  127. 127. Celebrate Life Microsite App Access to profile To monitor user usage Leaderboard for those who: - Celebrated life the longest - Those who celebrated the least Automated Post: “I accepted the Celebrate Life challenge, you should too! Stand a chance to win a lifetime trip” Timer Starts Prize given to those who celebrated life the most
  128. 128. Golf 40 Years Anniversary <Insert Date>
  129. 129. The original hot hatch is a natural award-winner. • World Car Of The Year: MK6 & MK7 • European Car Of The Year: MK3 & MK7 • Every generation of Golf has been a runner-up in the European Car Of The Year awards.
  130. 130. • What is it that makes every generation of the Golf a success?
  131. 131. • We combed through the Golf’s 40 years (and looked at the people behind the steering wheel) to find out how it came to be the original hot hatch.
  132. 132. Idea #1 • 40 Years. 40 Tales. • Original stories inspired by the original hatchback.
  133. 133. • For many, the Golf is a turning point in life. • A defining moment when one sets out to achieve all that he/she possible can.
  134. 134. • Started his t-shirt empire from the boot of his Volkswagen Golf. • Now, on his way to a multi-brand retail empire. Example 1: Hugh Koh
  135. 135. 40 Years. 40 Tales. creative execution. 1. In order to trace the Golf’s heritage, we turn to the best storytellers and advocates – the drivers themselves. 2. We’re went on a mission to collect 40 stories – inspired from the Golf’s 40 years of innovation. 3. First we invite KOLs, like Hugh Koh, to share how the Golf marked a defining moment in their lives. 4 such KOL stories will be chosen, produced and seeded. 4. We then invite Golf owners to send their defining moments through photo, video or short caption. 5. The central message: After 40 years, the Golf is still ready to excite and inspire.
  136. 136. Idea 1: The Golf Factor User Journey FB Ads Web Banners Online Drivers Engagement: Microsite Microsite Story1 Story2 Story3 Story4 Story5 Story6 Story7 Story8 Owners Stand a chance to win top 3 prizes Voters Receive an EDM to test drive
  137. 137. Beetle Re-Spec – Digital Proposal 23 July 2014
  138. 138. 16.02.2012Page 145 2012-05-04_Marketing Planning Master 2013_Switzerland.pptx
  139. 139. Page 146 The Beetle Effect is one that spreads happiness and encourages people to be happy! The Beetle is set out to spread happiness across Malaysia through the simple act of paying it forward. We call it #BeetleItForward. The Beetle Effect
  140. 140. Page 147
  141. 141. Page 148 Beetle It Forward Campaign phases – Phase 1 • Phase 1: The Beetle spreads happiness (One Week) • A suggestion box on the microsite invites people to give ideas on how The Beetle can go out and spread happiness! • The Beetle sets out to spread happiness based on users suggestions. The acts are captured and shared on Volkswagen social media platforms. • CTA: Find out how you can be a part of The #BeetleItForward campaign and be rewarded for your acts of happiness with exclusive prizes!
  142. 142. Page 149 Dear ______, Happiness is contagious! We need your help to spread happiness across Malaysia! Leave us a suggestion in our suggestion box at and we will #BeetleItForward for you! Love, The Beetle Campaign kick off: An invitation to suggest
  143. 143. Phase 1: On-ground engagement • The Beetle Happy cruiser is set out to spread happiness across Malaysia! Page 150
  144. 144. What does The Beetle Happy Cruiser do? • Random acts of happiness suggested by online users and guerilla style adhoc response based on weather and traffic conditions. • Hot? Give out ice cream • Wet? Give out umbrellas/raincoats • Stuck in jam? Give out Beetle lollipops • Looking down? Give out hugs • Haze? Give out face masks • Waiting for the bus? Give out water bottles • Page 151 Capture happiness shared by people. Pass on your happiness to Malaysia through The Beetle Happy Cruise cam: Share your: happy dance happy song a joke a smile a happy story The Beetle rewards them in return through Beetle merchandizes!
  145. 145. Mechanics: Capturing Happiness Page 152 Capture through 2 methods: 1. Beetle cam captures, edited and uploaded within 48 hours. 2. Cruiser team will be provided a 3G smartphone whereby they can upload content. Step 1: Participant performs their happy act in front of The Beetle Cam. Step 2: Happy act captured. Participant receives a merchandize with a “Thank You” card and that thanks them for spreading the happiness. CTA: visit website to tag themselves and stand a chance to win grand prize. Step 3: Content is aggregated onto campaign site.
  146. 146. Golf R – Digital Proposal
  147. 147. Engagement Idea: Rule The Track• A virtual racing game that highlights the Golf MK7 R’s speed and puts your agility as racer to test. • Do you have the skills to rule the track?  Navigate the Golf MK7 R on the track • Left and right control  Take each corner with speed  Overtake other cars on the track • A time penalty for any collision • A virtual race to a real race • Clock the fastest time in the virtual race for an experience to test-drive the Golf MK7 R at the Sepang International Circuit.
  148. 148. User JourneyAwareness Platform Corp siteFB Ads FB Promoted Posts Golf R Microsite Hosts Engagement Lead Generation Additional Functions: 360 Interactive view Gallery Highlights Pricing & Specifications Engagement Mechanics Step 1: Click on one of the online drivers and reach the microsite Step 2: Fill form: Manually or via FB connect Step 3: Play game Step 4: Result will be posted on leaderboard Step 5: Top 5 winners are determined by: Fastest time (first come first serve basis) Amplification: FB post - Twitter post - Instagram post Share & invite friends via FB, Twitter and email Online Drivers Online Banners Platform 1st place: Sepang Experience 2nd place: Jacket 3rd place: Umbrella 4th place: Cap 5th place: Keychain
  149. 149. Mechanics Online driver -> Microsite Lead Generation tool: User to fill in manually or Facebook Connect Users to engage in a racing game. Avoid obstacles and try to achieve the fastest time to finish the track Results are posted on a leaderboard on weekly basis (4 weeks) Results are sharable over social media, mechanism to invite friends to play the game are provided Winners are selected based on: 1- Fastest lap time 2- Most deserving Tie Breaker (First come, first served basis) Top 5 Winners prizes: 1. Golf R experience at Sepang 2. Golf R Branded Jacket 3. Golf R Umbrella 4. Golf R Branded Cap 5. Golf R Branded keychain
  150. 150. User Flow Corp siteFB AdsFB Promoted Posts Online Banners Microsite: Awareness Engagement Amplification TwitterFacebook 1 2 3 • Lead Generation • Contest T&C • Game • Leaderboard
  151. 151. Visuals - Desktop
  152. 152. Visuals - Mobile
  153. 153. Visuals - Mobile
  154. 154. Volkswagen Jetta CKD – Digital Creative Concept
  155. 155. Creative Concept The Jetta. With confidence, comes power.
  156. 156. Heard of life hacks? Now we bring to you Career hacks – all kinds of career tips an efficient, powerful go-getter could want. And brought to you by unconventional KOLs who will put a 'I-never-knew-that' twist on how you approach your career, the Jetta way. (Obviously, one of the career hacks is to drive a Jetta) ” “ Talkshow Concept: Power Talks
  157. 157. Career Hack Reference *Source:
  158. 158. Power Talks Execution • An introduction video will first explain the concept of the programme. • Next, a 30-second online video featuring KOLs in cameo roles will be released. • Throughout the campaign, short, 15-second cuts of the video featuring individual KOLs will be seeded.
  159. 159. Execution: Introduction Video (30seconds) Sample Storyboard To be seeded 4 days before launch* *Proposed 23 April 2014
  160. 160. VISUALS VO SUPERS 1 Power Talks Powered by The Jetta 2 VIDEO: Cut to host, Ezra Zaid, Welcome to Power Talks, brought to you by the Volkswagen Jetta. We're here to find out how extraordinary people… 3 VIDEO: Cut to Bryan Loo, surrounded by Bubble Tea cups on the table … become so successful. 4 VIDEO: Cut to Paul Tan stepping into a Jetta. Is it the man or the machine? 5 VIDEO: Cut to Yuna who is well dressed, ready for a photo. The lady or her amazing sense of fashion? Power Talks – Introduction Video (30 seconds)
  161. 161. *Teaser Microsite contains just a landing page of the Key Visual directly adapted from ATL. MOCK: Campaign Phase 1 – Teaser & Product Launch
  162. 162. *Timeline above is tentative to recommended Host & KOL availability
  163. 163. MOCK: Campaign Phase 2 – Power Talks
  164. 164. MOCK: Campaign Phase 2 – Power Talks
  165. 165. MOCK: Campaign Phase 2 – Power Talks
  166. 166. Ramadan/Raya Season Campaign
  167. 167. Creative Strategy
  168. 168. When is the best time to roll out a Hari Raya online campaign? • Campaign Pre-launch: • 2 weeks before Hari Raya (14/7/2014) • Campaign Launch: • 1st day of Hari Raya (28/7/2014) • Why? • There is a rise in online interest and activity in 2 weeks leading up to the festive season.
  169. 169. Online Activity Forecast Based On Previous Years 14 July, 2014 15 July, 2014 16 July, 2014 17 July, 2014 18 July, 2014 19 July, 2014 20 July, 2014 21 July, 2014 22 July, 2014 23 July, 2014 24 July, 2014 25 July, 2014 26 July, 2014 27 July, 2014 28 July, 2014 29 July, 2014 30 July, 2014 Online Activity Online Activity Start of campaign (2weeks before raya) End of campaign (Raya Day) Reference: Google trends
  170. 170. Online Activity Forecast Based On Previous Years 16.02.2012Page 177 2012-05-04_Marketing Planning Master 2013_Switzerland.pptx
  171. 171. Key Ideation Insights #2 Hari Raya Music #3 PaRam (Pasar Ramadan) Traffic #1 Karaoke Culture CREATIVE IDEA HOW THEY DO IT WHAT THEY DO WHERE THEY ARE
  172. 172. Insight #1 – Karaoke Culture
  173. 173. Insight #1 – Karaoke Culture • Karaoke has the unique ability to lower barriers to participation. • Malaysians (and the world!) have special affinity for Karaoke. This fun activity has spawned countless Karaoke chains. And even a hit game show. • A total of 20 Neway & Red Box outlets in Klang Valley alone.
  174. 174. Insight #2 – Hari Raya Music
  175. 175. Insight #2 – Hari Raya Music • Catchy, festive songs are a Hari Raya staple. • There are 13,500 search results for “Karaoke Hari Raya” on YouTube. • “Hari Raya Cover” yields 172,000 results. • Hari Raya singalong programmes dominate both paid and free-to-air stations during the festive season.
  176. 176. Insight #3 – PaRam Traffic
  177. 177. Insight #3 – PaRam Traffic • Pasar Ramadhans have experienced a surge in online presence. • Other brands that have tapped into PaRam traffic include Fried Chillies. • The largest PaRam in Klang Valley (Shah Alam Stadium) houses 2,226 food stalls. • Thus, it presents a perfect opportunity for customer contact.
  178. 178. Recap: Key Ideation Insights #2 Hari Raya Music #3 PaRam (Pasar Ramadan) Traffic #1 Karaoke Culture CREATIVE IDEA HOW THEY DO IT WHAT THEY DO WHERE THEY ARE
  180. 180. CAR-A-OKE RAYA VOLKSWAGEN 1. Volkswagen is creating a Hari Raya Karaoke Greeting Video! And everyone is invited to be a part of it. 2. A popular Raya song will be sliced into slots based on song verses, and participants will be asked to ‘adopt’ a slot individually or in a group on a microsite. 3. Lyrics will appear on-screen, and participants must do something whacky and sing along to the lyrics – while the camera and mic records. 4. The CAR-A-OKE RAYA site will run for two weeks prior to Hari Raya, until all slots are claimed. 5. The completed video will then premiere on Hari Raya day as an official Volkswagen greeting video. And sent to everyone in our database as an EDM.
  181. 181. Song Recommendations Put youtube 16.02.2012Page 188 2012-05-04_Marketing Planning Master 2013_Switzerland.pptx 1- Balik Kampung 2- Selamat Hari Raya 3- Satu Hari Hari Raya
  182. 182. CAR-A-OKE RAYA! User Journey (Microsite) 16.02.2012Page 189 2012-05-04_Marketing Planning Master 2013_Switzerland.pptx On ground Buzz Driver FB Ads Web Banners Singing/Recording mechanics Open Cam Lyrics and music starts playing Recording video Review video Or record again Submit Video to microsite Shareability Videos are shown in a gallery once they’re done recording Final compiled video released on 1st day of raya Users are notified via FB message or EDM GalleryGallery Engagement: Microsite Visiting Bazar The car is loaded with A laptop for recording Online Drivers
  183. 183. Thank you Marwan Ghazi Tel: 012-9344491 Email: