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Lim Kuala Lumpur 2008


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Published in: Technology
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Lim Kuala Lumpur 2008

  1. 1. Networked Politics is Here to Stay............ M e r l y n a L i m C o n s o rt i u m f o r S c i e n c e , P o l i c y & O u t c o m e s A r i z o n a S t a t e U n i v e r s i t y T e m p e , U S A
  2. 2. Indonesian 1998 Reformasi May 1998: student movement vs. Suharto
  3. 3. The Philippines People Power II SMS-based mobilization Jan 2001: People Power II (2001 EDSA Revolution) -- vs Estrada
  4. 4. The Philippines People Power III Ring-tone politics May 2005: People Power III (no-revolution) -- vs Gloria Arroyo
  5. 5. South Korean Netizens
  6. 6. OBAMA-YOUTUBE POLITICS 10,147,488 views Discovered Feb 2, 2008 7 duplicate videos by February 19: 4,061 blog posts 59,383 comments
  7. 7. e-Deliberation ............. e-Mobilization networked practices of agitations
  8. 8. Networked Politics WHERE POLITICS MEET POPULAR CULTURE..... BLOGGING videoblogging photoblogging miniblogging YOU-TUBE-ING social-networking FLICKR-ing TWITTER-ing PLURK-ing... SECOND-LIFE...
  9. 9. china 137 million internet users (second only under 30 and almost 60% are men other parts of asia 52% of internet users in japan and 31% in south korea read blogs, while 18% in write blogs (all larger percentages than the u.s.)
  10. 10. Some more stats (from Blogging Asia: A Windows Live Report) Nearly half of those online in Asia have a blog, 74% find blogs by friends/family to be most interesting Young people and women dominate (except India where it is overwhelmingly a male domain) 50% believe blog content to be as trustworthy as traditional media 41% spend more than three hours a week blogging 55% of bloggers in Asia were found to be female and 45% male. 20% of Malaysians voted for blogs focusing on politics, compared to 14% on average across Asia
  11. 11. RSF report 2005: 16 of the 53 journalists killed in 2004 in Asia 46 of 104 world’s imprisoned journalists were in Asia RSF report 2007: 26 bloggers and online journalists have been convicted and jailed since September 2006
  12. 12. it’s very clear... networked politics is here to stay not for a year, forever and a day the blogging and the youtube and flickring and twittering may just be passing Text fancies and in time may go but, oh my dear, networked politics is here to stay.... political participation political structure state-civil society dynamics democratic spheres