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Building Modern Software: UX and Design

  1. Building Modern Software: User Experience and Design Merlin Rebrović, Five Minutes
  2. @merlinrebrovic The award for the most overused buzzword of the decade goes to “user experience”.
  3. @merlinrebrovic It's not a new area, but has come into prominence because users have more choices today and it's hard to compete on hardware and features only.
  4. How to create a lousy experience?
  5. @merlinrebrovic Common mistakes ● Not understanding the real need
  6. @merlinrebrovic Common mistakes ● Building components without a bigger picture
  7. @merlinrebrovic Common mistakes ● Never tested in production settings ● “But it works on my computer!”™
  8. @merlinrebrovic Common mistakes ● Inconsistent labeling and technical jargon
  9. @merlinrebrovic Common mistakes ● Spelling and grammar
  10. @merlinrebrovic Common mistakes ● No testing due to time constraints ● “We'll fix it later.”™
  11. @merlinrebrovic Common mistakes ● End users not educated to use the product ● “But everyone should know that.”™
  12. @merlinrebrovic Common mistakes ● “Just add another button.”™
  13. @merlinrebrovic “If you're looking for usability disasters, just google for shareware or freeware. Sad but true, 99.9% of it looks like is was designed by a blind man with both hands tied behind his back.”
  14. @merlinrebrovic Why is that happening? And a few guidelines on how to avoid these mistakes
  15. 1) Attitude “always done that way” Mentality, education, history
  16. @merlinrebrovic How to recognize it? ● User interface is a necessary evil ● Design starts from a database ● We know exactly what a user needs ● Keeping everything secret
  17. @merlinrebrovic Case study
  18. @merlinrebrovic Design lecture in a technical class
  19. @merlinrebrovic Design lecture in a technical class ● Computer science students tasked with creating paper prototypes for their class assignments ● Never taught about user interfaces in four years of studying
  20. @merlinrebrovic Design lecture in a technical class ● Proved to be a hard, but rewarding exercise ● Initial assumptions were shattered by other students, but through iteration everyone got to a decent interface ● The lecture was declared a success by everyone
  21. @merlinrebrovic The best way to change someoneʼs attitude about user interfaces is to show them users having problems with their product.
  22. 2) Creating unnecessary solutions Failed communication with the customer
  23. @merlinrebrovic People value diversity and individuality, but during a design process we assume that everyone is like us. Conflict
  24. @merlinrebrovic Turn off your computer ● Talk to people and observe their problems
  25. @merlinrebrovic For every solution ● Ask what value does it bring to the customer ● Can you test it before implementation?
  26. @merlinrebrovic Case study A paper prototype used to validate assumptions with the customer
  27. @merlinrebrovic Buses - assemble and simulate
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  33. 3) Poor implementation Failed communication within the team
  34. @merlinrebrovic The most common problems ● Mind reading (if I know it, everyone else does too) ● Broken telephone ● Textual specification is misunderstood or not read
  35. @merlinrebrovic Use the fastest and most efficient channel of communication available: in person → video → audio → text
  36. @merlinrebrovic Don't write an email. Go to that person, grab a marker and use a whiteboard to solve the problem if possible.
  37. @merlinrebrovic Case study Using storyboards and digital prototypes to get everyone on the same page
  38. @merlinrebrovic Demo
  39. @merlinrebrovic Tested two layouts in the prototypes. Each had eight screens compiled into linked PDF for interactivity.
  40. @merlinrebrovic Prototype one Listen to soothing music during a work session Take a break when the time is up
  41. @merlinrebrovic Prototype two Listen to soothing music during a work session Take a break when the time is up
  42. @merlinrebrovic Time to build everything: 1 hour Presentation to the team: 3 minutes Result: shared understanding
  43. @merlinrebrovic Tools ● Pen and paper ● Balsamiq, Axure, InVision ● Prototyping in code
  44. @merlinrebrovic Always create wireframes? ● ● No, it depends on the specific situation and context.
  45. @merlinrebrovic Visual design Attractive is perceived as better
  46. @merlinrebrovic
  47. Conclusion
  48. @merlinrebrovic Communication is the most important part of any project.
  49. @merlinrebrovic Step away from the computer when starting to design a solution.
  50. @merlinrebrovic Use simple tools so they're not an obstacle.
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