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Be Beautiful: A Case Study of BliVakker Mobile

  1. Be Beautiful
  2. A talk about a project done right On time Within budget No stress Accomplished business goals Better for end users
  3. A fairy tale? Let's see.
  4. BliVakker We need a mobile solution Five Minutes We provide mobile solutions
  5. In-flight fun facts about Norway
  6. Home of the Vikings flickr mararie
  7. Frozen pizza is a national dish flickr nettsu
  8. 1 lake per 10 Norwegians flickr denial_land
  9. The battle of Hoth was filmed in Norway photo Christian Ranke
  10. BliVakker ● ● ● The biggest female cosmetics web shop in Norway 100.000.000 NOK of yearly revenue 350.000 registered users (no. bli vakker = en. be beautiful) flickr wolfgangfoto
  11. Webshop traffic
  12. Phase 1 – Design and Problem Solving
  13. Research ● ● ● ● Current web analytics Usability testing of competitors' mobile websites (remote testing) Discussions with marketing, sales, customer support (direct contact with users) Customer journey map
  14. Direction ● ● After weighing between a native app, a hybrid and a web solution – we've chosen the web Benefits: – Speed of development across three major platforms – Easy linking to products, great for SEO and email marketing – Easy and fast to upgrade and extend
  15. Very fast to produce and manipulate
  16. Get everyone involved
  17. Iterations ● ● Sketching is still the fastest way to get your ideas out from your head in front of others Working in two hour iterations, often changing directions
  18. Some things had to be completely reworked for mobile
  19. Going digital ● ● Stable ideas get converted to digital wireframes showing the flow Clickable prototypes on a mobile device really help you get the feel of the application
  20. Visual documentation ● With both wireframes and the prototype, the functional specification was less than ten pages long
  21. Phase 2 – Visual Design and Coding
  22. Visual Design Challenges ● ● ● Modernize existing design Use common patterns, but don't follow specific platform guidelines (iOS, Android, WP) Make everything work from 3.5" to 5.5" screens
  23. Front-end Coding ● Custom HTML and CSS, no frameworks ● Mostly vanilla JavaScript and some jQuery – ● Conform to their back-end, speed of development was important CSS3 animations where available
  24. Back-end Coding ● ● Done by BliVakker team A good decision – let each party do what they do best
  25. Available at
  26. What could be improved ● Big project and long time to market mean you have to wait a lot to see the real feedback – ● Solution: Smaller scope and publish in milestones Final implementation has some minor differences compared to the initial design – Solution: Design team should be present on all phases
  27. Takeaways
  28. 1/3 Keep everyone in the loop
  29. 2/3 Solve a business and user problem before a technical one
  30. 3/3 Decide what to build before building it
  31. Thank you and stay beautiful
  32. Contact Merlin Rebrović Five Minutes @merlinrebrovic @petminuta