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Who Moved My Brain? Revaluing Time and Attention


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From a talk I do on Time and Attention. Optimized here for web-based (no audio) viewing.


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Who Moved My Brain? Revaluing Time and Attention

  1. HELLO. Hi. Iʼm Merlin. I do
  2. WHO MOVED MY BRAIN? REVALUING TIME ATTENTION MERLIN MANN 43FOLDERS.COM Today, I want to tell you about my pal, Mike Monteiro.
  3. MIKE MULEDESIGN.COM This is Mike. Hi, Mike!
  4. Mike makes things at
  5. Mike had a problem. Mike hates meetings. Mike is also a huge smartass.
  6. Mike made these. They make you think about how you use peopleʼs time and attention.
  7. YOU ARE A BIG BARGAIN. It costs very little to get your attention. Especially if youʼre a “knowledge worker.”