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InTechnology Overview


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InTechnology Overview

  3. 3. OVER 25 YEARS At tHE CUttING EDGE / I would like to welcome you to InTechnology and introduce you to the ethos around which I have built the company. When I started this business in 1983, my aim was to the technology rollercoaster. We’ve built up not only steadily build a leading edge technology company a great wealth of experience, but a sure-footed and committed to excellence, but grounded in the core highly capable team too. Our £100m infrastructure principles of decency, value for money and best advice is best-in-class, we’ve a solid balance sheet with always. Then, as now, I wanted to build strong customer £10m in the bank, and we continue in these relationships and gain trust by delivering on our challenging times to invest heavily in R&D and the promises, by being easy to work with – and by putting latest innovative technologies. customers’ best interests first. Old fashioned thinking Regrets? I regret the abandonment of ‘value’ in an perhaps, but sadly too frequently compromised in the increasingly commoditised economy. Despite this I hold fog of commerce today. fast my commitment to providing a Rolls Royce service Many years on, we’ve had some great successes, some at a family saloon price – my desire, drive and passion notable industry firsts...and a little luck too. I’m proud of to excellence in all things remains undiminished. my management team (most of whom have been with PETER WILKINSON me for more than 15 years) and together we’ve ridden CEO / INTECHNOLOGY / Peter Wilkinson is a respected technology entrepreneur, having spent 13 years on the Sunday times Rich list. his successes include Planet online, Freeserve and Sports internet (now Sky Bet), amongst others. the more we manage, the more you save. the sequence of your journey into our cloud can be tailored to fit your strategy: InTechnology’s Harrogate HQDRIVING VAlUE /In today’s climate, the need for short-term gains competes against the demand for bigger picture initiatives and strategic planning. And, as wepush into 2011 and beyond, we grow weary of the tiresome tabloid message: ‘Cost savings first, second, last’. But what if you could have it all?What if you could achieve upfront cost savings alongside the strategic benefits of greater productivity, improved business agility and competitiveadvantage. A solution that delivers real value and underpins it with a culture driven by values.DRIVEN BY VAlUES /InTechnology is defined as much by how we do things as by what we do. We don’t simply throw technology at a problem: We collaborate with usersto understand the issues, grasp the context and devise the most appropriate solution. We deliver what we promise. We won’t disappear but willstick around for the duration. If there’s a problem we’ll get it fixed. If there’s a challenge we’ll rise to it. If you want more, we give you more. If youwant less, we scale back. Honesty, accountability and responsiveness are everything.
  4. 4. YOUR MANAGED SERVICES JOURNEY / CALLS & LINES / NETWORK SERVICES / SIP TRUNKS / HOSTED IP TELEPHONY / HOSTED VOICE PIONEER / ENHANCED MPLS NETWORK / CONVERGED INFRASTRUCTURE / IP VOICE PIONEER / PROVEN TRACK RECORD / FULLY MESHED & SELF HEALING / SAVINGS AGAINST ISDN / £100M INFRASTRUCTURE / £100M INFRASTRUCTURE / 24-365 MONITORING & SUPPORT / PROTECT PBX INVESTMENT / MONITORING & SUPPORT / £100M INFRASTRUCTURE / ENHANCED PHONE SYSTEM / ENHANCED MPLS NETWORK / WIDEST CONNECTIVITY / FREE CALLS BETWEEN SITES / HUGE SAVINGS / SECURE CLOUD SERVICES / 98% UK POPULATION REACH / PROMOTE REMOTE WORKING / BUDGET PREDICTABILITY / IMMEDIATE SAVINGS / NHS N3 ACCREDITATION / FLEXIBILITY AND SCALABILITY / ENHANCED AGILITY / CUSTOMER SERVICE TOOLS / WELCOME TO OUR CLOUD / AUTOMATED CALL ROUTING / BEST ADVICE ALWAYS / SAVE UP TO CHALLENGE US / FUTURE PATH TO UNIFIED COMMS UP TO SAVE / CHALLENGE US / MAKE HUGE 40% PROOF 70% SAVINGS CAllS & lINES / NEtwORk SERVICES / SIp tRUNkS / HOStED Ip tElEpHONY / It’s a no risk, no effort It’s the access point to our It’s about sweating the It’s affordable next quick win, with no Cloud, the enabler of our investment in your generation telephony disruption to business. services. current phone system. within our Cloud. in its simplest form it’s a if you want simple, fairly priced, Most businesses make their We are UK pioneers of hosted FRee analysis of your office-to-office connectivity, no phone calls via expensive iP telephony and, unlike telephone bill using advanced problem. if you want something iSDn lines. however, we offer some service providers, we tariff comparison software. more complex, that’s fine too. a service called ‘PBX connect’ will not treat you like our first which connects your PBX to our experiment. our hosted iP it delivers immediate savings But if you want to make real cloud and removes dependency service (‘Unity’) is the proven, of up to 40% on your telephone savings while future-proofing on your costly iSDn lines. pay monthly, alternative to bill and is the perfect starting your infrastructure, let’s chat expensive on-site telephone point to test us. about building your network and the savings can be huge, equipment. connectivity solution around our up to 70%. Send your current bill for cloud – hundreds already have. the savings can run into analysis today. hundreds of thousands.The UK’s most complete suite of fully managed servicesWhen we shaped our proposition it was all about taking the customer on a journey – at a time and pace that workedfor them – from the old to the Cloud. So by design our portfolio is extensive, and is reinforced by expert product teams,robust service delivery and a dedicated 24/365 support operation. Building our Cloud Although it wasn’t a trendy buzz word when we started, we’ve been engaged with the Cloud for 20 years. We built ours around a next generation network ring which runs through the spine of the uK. Within it, we’ve embedded our data centres which host our own platforms and, using best-in-class partners, we’ve also added great connectivity solutions to achieve 98% uK population reach.
  5. 5. FREE SpEND & StRAtEGY REVIEw: 0800 983 2522 /UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS / DATA CENTRES / INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES / DATA SERVICES /CLASS LEADING PROPOSITION / £100M INFRASTRUCTURE / PATH TO VIRTUALISATION / MULTI TIER STORAGE /PAY AS YOU GO SERVICE / SECURE & RESILIENT / EVOLUTION NOT REVOLUTION / MANAGED REPLICATION /CLOUD BASED DELIVERY / DO MORE WITH LESS / MANAGED BACKUP /SAVE ON TRAVEL / N+1 ARCHITECHTURE / YOU’RE ALWAYS IN CONTROL / MANAGED ARCHIVING /IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY / CLIMATE CONTROL / BASED ON VALUE NOT VOLUME /PRESENCE, IM & VIDEO / FIRE PROTECTION & SUPRESSION / LOWER OPERATING COSTS / SUSTAINABLE & AFFORDABLE /DESKTOP SHARING / COLOCATION & PRIVATE SUITES / IMPROVE DISASTER RECOVERY / SCALABLE CAPACITY / REDUCE CARBON TAX / REDUCE CARBON TAX / SIMPLE PAY Y GO MODEL /CHALLENGE US / TRIAL IT FOR CHALLENGE US / TAKE OUR CHALLENGE US / ELIMINATE CHALLENGE US / REDUCE FREE TOUR CAPEX OPEXUNIFIED COMMUNICAtIONS / DAtA CENtRES / INFRAStRUCtURE SERVICES / DAtA SERVICES /It’s about significant It’s affordable, secure and It’s cost-effective server It’s affordable replication,savings on planes, trains, 24 /365 monitored server infrastructure: Evolution backup and archiving ofautomobiles... and more. rack space. not revolution. your data.the upgrade package to our think of this as bolting one of our it’s another simple service that exponential data growth andhosted voice solution (‘Unity’) multi-million pound data centres helps you avoid capital finding affordable storageadds a suite of business grade onto your business. expenditure and minimise options is one of the biggestapps such as video calling, operating costs – you can challenges businesses face.instant Messaging, desktop We’ll give you state-of-the-art virtualise your servers in oursharing and much more. infrastructure and free you of cloud rather than pay for We keep it straightforward the headache of maintaining, new kit. and cost-effective: our modelit’s driven by ‘presence’, upgrading and replacing kit. is called Multi-tier Dataa smart application which you retain control of the servers Management (MDM) and weenables at-a-glance visibility Please ask for a personal tour through a portal, but we’re here charge according to the priorityof staff across your business, of our harrogate hQ and let us 24/365 to provide ‘hands and of the data, not the volume.including remote workers. show you how we can save you eyes’ support. thousands on the total cost it’s simple; it works and will cutTry our FREE 30 day trial. of ownership. challenge us to show you savings. your data management costs. CHAllENGE US / Our broad portfolio of managed services will almost certainly help you cut cost, build agility and increase productivity. Challenge us to prove our pedigree, and ask for a FREE Spend & Strategy Review. Call: 0800 983 2522 NATALIE DuffIELD / email: DIRECTOR / SALES & CuSTOMER Visit: MANAGEMENT / All content correct at time of going to press.
  6. 6. InTechnology Head Office InTechnology Reading InTechnology Londoncentral house commensus house 17 St. helen’s PlaceBeckwith Knowle 3-5 Worton Drive Bishopsgateharrogate Reading londonhg3 1Ug Rg2 0tg ec3A 6Dgtel: +44 (0)1423 850 000 tel: +44 (0)870 777 7778 tel: +44 (0)20 30 40 50 00Fax: +44 (0)1423 850 001 Fax: +44 (0)870 777 7779 Fax: +44 (0)20 30 40 50 Network Data Data Unified Calls Instant IP Telephony Management Centres Comms & Lines Comms