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By virtualising your servers in our Cloud you remove the headache of maintaining, upgrading and replacing in-house infrastructure.
You retain control throughout but we are there 24/365 to provide hands and eyes support.
Savings can run into tens of thousands of pounds annually.

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InTechnology Infrastructure as a Service

  1. 1. INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES /path to virtualisation /evolution not revolution /do more with less /you’re always in control /expert support 24-365 /lower operating costs /improve disaster recovery /reduce carbon tax /challenge us /
  2. 2. WHY CHOOSE INTECHNOLOGY?a straightforward path tovirtualisation underpinnedby 20 years’ experience /intechnology providesbest-in-classservices* /*source / proactis /
  3. 3. TAKE YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE TO A HIGHER LEVEL /the provision of infrastructure as a service (iaas) is one of the fastest growing areas of it & communications,with businesses across the uK facing the challenge of ‘doing more with less’.the adoption of managed storage and serversin particular is helping organisations addressthe multiple challenges of reducing it spend;ensuring 99.99% application availability;enabling ‘on-demand’ capacity; consolidatingserver and storage infrastructure and reducingcarbon based delivery models are increasinglyseen as a ‘must’ when it comes to datadelivery and storage. intechnology’spurpose-built £100m infrastructure isoptimised to support and drive that trend.OUR INFRASTRUCTURE PROPOSITION /the reality for most organisations is that they need to progress steadily, rather than switch immediately, to the cloud – a case of evolution notrevolution. intechnology gives businesses across the uK the opportunity to advance through a series of straightforward steps, at their own pace,with the support of our expert staff at every stage. Evolution not revolution: Remote Replication of Virtualisation of management of your data within your infrastructure your on-site our infrastructure infrastructure by InTechnology
  4. 4. YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES / 1 Remote management of your on-site infrastructurein the first instance we can remotely manage your on-site infrastructure. if necessary we can also help you specify, source and procure equipment. 2 Replication of your data within our infrastructureas time goes by, we can work with you to replicate your data in one of the data centres embedded within our own nationwide network ring.your infrastructure remains unchanged. we’ll simply hold a second copy of your data in our secure, 24/365 monitored, enterprise grade environment. 3 Virtualisation of your servers and storage within our Cloudfinally, at a time that’s right for you, we’ll help you reduce your dependency on in-house infrastructure (with its associated maintenance, upgradeand replacement costs) by helping you virtualise your servers and storage within our cloud. we’ll provide you with a real-time online portal tocontrol, scale and manage those servers and storage, as well as immediate access to our 24/365 support management team. Example deployment scenarios 1 Production server/storage – high performance servers and fast storage protected across two of intechnology’s data centres whichever steps you choose, they all lead to better performance, simplified 2 Secondary disaster recovery (DR) server/storage – within one or more of intechnology’s data centres to support dr and business continuity requirements management and more time and resource given back to under-pressure, in-house it 3 Short-term server/storage capacity – within one or more of our data centres for requirements such as test and development, proof of concept initiatives or departments. but the greatest flexibility short-term projects comes for those who make the full journey with us to virtual servers and storage. here 4 Fixed-term server/storage capacity – fixed-term capacity without the the deployment options are many & varied long-term cost and include the examples shown opposite. you’re always in control, but we’re always there to help with expert support 24/365.
  5. 5. FREE SPEND & STRATEGY REVIEW: 0800 983 2522 /Benefits of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): 1 reduced operating costs 2 unlimited capacity ‘on-demand’ 3 retained management and control, backed up by 24/365 intechnology support 4 improved server and application availability 5 enhanced business continuity and disaster recovery position 6 reduced carbon footprint and exposure to green taxes From infrastructure to full data services this booklet is designed to focus on infrastructure aspects only, via the 3-step path outlined. however, intechnology’s services extend beyond infrastructure and virtualisation to a complete suite of data management services. please request our separate booklet for information on our multi-tier data management (mdm) proposition. CHALLENGE US / infrastructure services is just one of the value-adding propositions within our managed services portfolio. to learn more about how we could help you cut cost, build agility and increase productivity put us to the test and ask for a FREE Spend & Strategy Review. Call: 0800 983 2522 stefan haase / email: divisional director / infrastructure Visit: services / All content correct at time of going to press.
  6. 6. InTechnology Head Office InTechnology Reading InTechnology LondonCentral House Commensus House 17 St. Helen’s PlaceBeckwith Knowle 3-5 Worton Drive BishopsgateHarrogate Reading LondonHG3 1UG RG2 0TG EC3A 6DGTel: +44 (0)1423 850 000 Tel: +44 (0)870 777 7778 Tel: +44 (0)20 30 40 50 00Fax: +44 (0)1423 850 001 Fax: +44 (0)870 777 7779 Fax: +44 (0)20 30 40 50 Network Data Data Unified Calls Instant IP Telephony Management Centres Comms & Lines Comms