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Winning With Shoppers via Qualitative Research - P&G


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Presented by Michael Biscocho, Consumer and Market Knowledge Manager, P&G
at Qualitative360 Asia 2013
19-21 November 2013, Singapore

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Winning With Shoppers via Qualitative Research - P&G

  1. 1. November 20-21, 2013 | Singapore Twitter Hashtag #QUAL360
  2. 2. Platinum Sponsor Media Sponsors Association Partners
  3. 3. Winning With Shoppers via Qualitative Research
  4. 4. Consumers Bombarded With Choices Standing Out in the Store is More Important Than Ever
  5. 5. Shifting Research Paradigm + Shift From Research = Product + Media to Research = Product + Media + Store
  6. 6. Shopper Qualitative Research What does your shopper think about your brand? How does shopping fit in her daily life? How does she actually behave when shopping?
  7. 7. Case 1: e-Studyante Program Research Insight: Shoppers think of P&G brands as beneficial to their households and broader community
  8. 8. Possible Applications 1. Look for portfolio play across brands – What is common in the way your shoppers perceive them? 2. Leverage corporate heritage and scale – How can you partner with retailers to bring your vision to life in a meaningful way? 3. Assess evolving consideration set factors – Is there a new vector that is causing your brand to lag behind (i.e. Social responsibility)?
  9. 9. Case 2: Wholesale Path to Purchase Research Insight: What shoppers do before and after the trip affects their instore behavior Home/ Store Transit Transit Early Journey Checkout Mid Journey
  10. 10. Possible Applications 1. Identify behaviors that you can anchor on – What “rituals” does your shopper do before leaving the house? 2. Bring your brand to the forefront of the store – How can your product category be top-of-mind when the shopper enters the store? 3. Strengthen brand equity after purchase – Is there a way to remind the shopper of your brand after she has left the store?
  11. 11. Case 3: Baby Solution Centers Research Insight: Baby needs is the primary consideration for the “Pareto shopper” of the retailer
  12. 12. Possible Applications 1. Challenge assumptions on store behavior – When was the last time you literally walked with your shopper? 2. Enable win-win solutions with retailers – How can you grow category sales for retailers while growing your brand’s sales? 3. Do not be afraid to create disruptive solutions – What can you change in the store environment to make her feel better about the experience?
  13. 13. Closing Thoughts Winning with the Shopper is the Last and Most Important Step of Winning in the Market Understanding Human Behavior (not just Consumer Behavior) Increases Your Chances of Winning Walking in the Shoes of Your Shopper Unlocks Winning Insights
  14. 14. Platinum Sponsor Media Sponsors Association Partners
  15. 15. November 20-21, 2013 | Singapore Twitter Hashtag #QUAL360