There is an app for that a review of smartphone apps for marketing research


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There is an app for that a review of smartphone apps for marketing research

  1. 1. A review of smartphone apps for marketing research Mark Michelson Consumer Anthropologist Co-Founder MSPA
  2. 2. Gazillion appsFew unbiased reviewsNo real taxonomy
  3. 3. Search, reviews, detailsscreenshotsLimited to iPhone/iPadVery few apps for othermobile platforms
  4. 4. Search by methodsDifferent definitions of“survey”
  5. 5. By method, application,usefulness, cost?
  6. 6. Survey apps◦ For Researchers Proprietary Open◦ For Consumers Social/Fun For benefits/payQualitative appsMystery shopping apps◦ Multi-function appsPanel apps & Research utilitiesUseful all-purpose apps for researchers
  7. 7. *as of 12/3/10
  8. 8. App Name Type Target Use Access CostDaily Digest (NPD) Survey Consumer Journal Closed FreeAppRewards Survey Consumer Benefits Open FreeiPinion Survey Consumer Benefits Open FreeJoe Survey Survey Consumer Benefits Open FreeOnePoll Survey Consumer Benefits Open FreeQuickSurvey Survey Consumer Benefits Open FreeSurv-eye Survey Consumer Benefits Open FreeSurveySavvy Survey Consumer Benefits Open FreeThumbspeak Survey Consumer Benefits/Social Open Free2nd Opinion Survey Consumer Social Open FreeCrowdscan Survey Consumer Social Open Free & 99¢Pissed Consumer Survey Consumer Social Open FreeRight Now Survey Consumer Social Open FreeShow of Hands Survey Consumer Social Open FreeSurveySays Survey Consumer Social Open FreeTalee Survey Consumer Social Open FreeTwitSurvey Survey Consumer Social Open FreeSurveySmart Survey Consumer Benefits Open FreeSurvey on the Spot Survey Consumer/Researcher Benefits Open Free - 30 day trialPolls Online Survey Consumer/Researcher Utility Open Free & 99¢SurveyMonster Survey Reseacher Utility Open FreeiForm Survey Researcher Utility Closed FreeiForm ES Survey Researcher Utility Closed 9.99Mobilscan Survey Researcher Utility Closed FreeSA (Survey Analytics) Survey Researcher Utility Closed FreeTouchpoint Survey Researcher Utility Closed FreeiQuestionnaire Survey Researcher Utility Open 0.99iSurvey Survey Researcher Utility Open Pay for SurveyPolldaddy Survey Researcher Utility Open FreeSample Size Survey Researcher Utility Open FreeSupervision Survey Researcher Utility Open $4.99
  9. 9. App Name Type Target Use Access CostFocus Forums Qualitative Consumer OBB Closed FreedScout Qualitative Consumer Ethnographic Open FreeEthOS Consumer Qualitative Consumer Ethnographic Open FreeRevelation Qualitative Researcher Ethnographic Closed FreeSODA Qualitative Researcher Ethnographic Open FreeEthOS Pro Qualitative Researcher Ethnographic Open $11.99 Qualitative BehavioralIBAA Assessment Academic Ethnographic Closed $129.99
  10. 10. App Name Type Target Use Access CostMobiAudit Multi-Function Researcher Utility Closed FreeISCIS Mystery Shop Researcher Benefits Open FreeiSecretShop Mystery Shop Researcher Benefits Open FreeJob Slinger Mystery Shop Consumer Benefits Open FreeQSR Shop /FSR Shop Mystery Shop Researcher Utility Open FreePaid to Shop Mystery Shop (Scam) Consumer Benefits Open 99¢Medallia Mobile Customer Experience Researcher Client Reporting Closed FreeWalker Link Customer Experience Researcher Client Reporting Closed Free
  11. 11. App Name Type Target Use Access CostiC mobile Community Consumer US Only Closed FreeOrangePanel Community Consumer Benefits Open FreeSIC Community Community Researcher Ethnographic Closed FreeMarketing Research on a Shoestring Utility Researcher Resource Open 7.99Survey Research Glossary Utility Researcher Resource Open 99¢Grocer Share Secondary Researcher UK Retail Sales Closed Free
  12. 12. Presented @ International conference on Market Research in the Mobile World 2 & 3 Dec 2010, Berlin For more information Please visit: