The language of love and social media fire fly millward brown


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The language of love and social media fire fly millward brown

  1. 1. THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE IN SOCIAL MEDIANew Rules for Brand Engagement
  2. 2. Social Media Pervasive and Growing• 700 billion minutes spent on Facebook per month• 24 hours of content uploaded to YouTube per minute Networking Micro- blogging Gaming Content Blogging Sharing Consumer Ratings/ Location- Aggregation based Reviews Application Customer Any Service Discussion forum on a blog or corporate website
  3. 3. Social Media is Truly a Global Phenomenon • Social media usage and attitudes quite similar • Drivers and needs are universally human characteristics “It’s surprising just how similar we are. Even though we come from very different backgrounds, we all pretty much agree on what we expect out of social media.”
  4. 4. A Three Month Conversation with 400 PeopleInterviews Blogs Facebook IdeaBlogClient probes Consumer blogs Facebook Group Globalfor marketers & digital diaries for brand trust, conversation forperceptions of for behavior and influence, trends and social media attitudinal impact cultural nuance mining exploration discussion
  5. 5. Two Types of Users: Moderates and Mavens MAVENS MODERATES
  6. 6. Used Social Media to Study Social Media • "Ethnographic-like" feel and quality • Large pool of "virgin" respondents • Truly global conversation versus multinational
  7. 7. The Story Consumers in Control Marketers Struggling to Deal with the Shift in Balance of PowerBrands Outside Looking InSuccess Requires New Relationship-Building Model
  8. 8. What Did We Learn from Marketers? Brand Engagement and Commitment Ignoring social media, Jumping on the staying out of the bandwagon - game “must be there” • Listen, uncover needs • Build real relationship• Risk losing relevance • Let consumers co-own • Traditional marketing and trust the brand and evangelize approaches can• Complete loss of control alienate• Consumers define the • Risk credibility due to brand lack of relevance
  9. 9. Must Build a RealRelationship to Succeed
  10. 10. Stages of Brand Engagement Focus on Create Intimacy Cultivate Trust Behave Less Like aDiscovery and and Build Through Brand and More Attraction Credentials via Transparency and Like a Friend Humanization Consistency ENGAGEMENT and COMMITMENT
  11. 11. Some examples Schweppes (soft drinks) Developed a Facebookapp able to personalize facebook profile. Objective: to attract people on Schweppes fanpage.
  12. 12. Some examples Mulino Bianco (food) Created an online community including both consumers andpeople from the company working together on developing new marketing activities. Objective: co-create brand value.
  13. 13. Key Things to Remember Act like a friend not a corporation Build a relationship rather than sell Think COMMUNITY vs. marketplace
  14. 14. THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE IN SOCIAL MEDIAThanks for you attention