Quantitative research going mobile: how do we leverage the strength of the mobile platform?


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Quantitative research going mobile: how do we leverage the strength of the mobile platform?

Miles Wright - Director of Mobile Development - Opinionology & Brandon Poduska - Manager, Mobile Research Solutions - Opinionology

Exploring the challenges and opportunities of taking survey research mobile. Identifying who takes mobile surveys and who will take mobile surveys. Sharing experiences on geo-location triggered sampling: what are the dos and don’ts.

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Quantitative research going mobile: how do we leverage the strength of the mobile platform?

  1. 1. Geo-location Triggered Sampling MRMW11 Conference Atlanta
  2. 2. Timeline of mobile development 2011 – NY Rep Lee resigns because of his camera phone 2009 – 13 year old Californian sends 14,528 texts in a month 2010 – Google Maps mistake leads to Nicaraguan invasion 1999 – First mobile of Costa Rica location based service launched on Palm VII 1992 – First SMS 2002 – US gets“Merry Christmas” camera phones
  3. 3. Source: CTIA, Wireless Quick Facts 2010
  4. 4. ImagineSurvey offered based on entry to storeCan track their path through the storeTime spent in sectionsRequest Additional information based on time spentPurchase history tie-in (receipt, rewards program, etc)Demographics from PanelAdditional survey opportunities based of of purchases
  5. 5. Geo-location triggered sampling ‘Recall – busting research’ Improved salience for respondents Built in validation Trigger survey event based on location • Customer satisfaction • Competitor benchmarking • Sponsorship awareness • Identify purchase heuristics
  6. 6. Although… it’s never that simple Privacy Battery Life (and device constraints) Ease of Use
  7. 7. Privacy
  8. 8. Battery Life
  9. 9. Think like an ecologistWe need to survey individuals in a ‘natural’ environment
  10. 10. Technical Details
  11. 11. Location Collection TypesStandard – Highly Accurate / High Battery Usage• Uses GPS technologySignificant – Less Accurate / Low Battery Usage• Uses a combination of known locations (cell tower, wifi) to give a best estimate of locationRegions• Uses significant notifications in conjunction with defined regions/radius• Gives notification on entry or exit
  12. 12. Technical Details (cont.) Accuracy levels Best for Navigation Accuracy Best Nearest 10 Meters Hundred Meters Kilometer Three Kilometers
  13. 13. The CaseCan you trigger survey events based on location?
  14. 14. ConclusionsSignificant Location accuracy 1 – 1.5 milesRegion change not always accurateRegions limited to 10 per device at a timeCan be difficult to determine correct survey triggerResults affected by wifi usageTechnology is close, but…
  15. 15. The Good NewsGeo location very accurate for limited applications/time(e.g. location verification)• Can simply be done in a mobile browserCould trigger ‘standard’ location tracking during aninterviewTechnology continues to improve – check back at nextyear’s conference…
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