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Using a high engaging tool to get answers in 24 hours with no or little incentive using the mobile phone


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Using a high engaging tool to get answers in 24 hours with no or little incentive using the mobile phone

Eduardo Carqueja - Chief Executive Officer - AppGeneration - NPolls

Statistics on 100 different polls answered on a 3-month period. What is the sample size and speed? How 5000 respondents rate their experience on answering to dozens of polls. How 10 different researchers rate the experience and results.

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Using a high engaging tool to get answers in 24 hours with no or little incentive using the mobile phone

  1. 1. “State of the art Tech for survey and polling at worldwide scale”Atlanta – July 2011Tech, Problems and benefits NPolls © 2011, All rights reserved
  2. 2. AGENDA Using a High engaging tool to get answers in 24h With little or no incentive…① How does the Npolls tech works② Comparison with web survey③ Market research done of the system after 6 months of operation④ Case study: ① Media and political surveys NPolls © 2011, All rights reserved
  3. 3. Technology overview of the system § Server side Survey APP Available Smartphone OS On iPhone, Reward iPod, iPad Panel 200 M devices in 2011 Panelmembers Android Phones Android Tablets Survey 150 M devices in 2011 backoffice server NPolls © 2011, All rights reserved
  4. 4. Check our app CREATE Choose a model BASIC POLL Step 1: Choose a Title CREATION Step 2: Select a Target Step 3: Create questionsResearch companies take 30m to implement a survey NPolls © 2011, All rights reserved
  5. 5. Check our appCREATE Get complete results & data by email in excel ready to go to SPSS Check the evolution of your results in real-time! NPolls © 2011, All rights reserved
  6. 6. Check our app ANSWERChoose a poll you like Answer the poll Submit it $Get reward$Users take on average less then a minute to answer NPolls © 2011, All rights reserved
  7. 7. Comparison with Web survey systems § Comparison Npolls Normal Web SurveySample initial deformation People with smartphones People with web accessReliability More difficult to fool, we Cookies and IP are a much use GPS, phone settings, weaker tool to trust and velocity of fulfill, unique ID easy to fool of phoneVelocity Faster, get results in hours Get results in few daysMake pool On web or phone On WebResponse rate… 50% of panel 2% of panelGeo localized surveys Can use GPS, on spot Just IP informationWhere you can do it? In the traffic, on shopping, In front of the computer in front of the TV, everywhere NPolls © 2011, All rights reserved
  8. 8. Panel community In 6 months operation① 75,000 people community in 60 different countries, targeted by age, profession, place, language, GPS, sex② 570 Market research studies done so far③ 650,000 results collected so far…④ Average time it takes to collect all the answers = 27h⑤ Maximum sample size chosen = 6,000⑥ Average size of survey is 9 questions⑦ Average time spent on answering is 58s⑧ Average 2,8 surveys available per day per user NPolls © 2011, All rights reserved
  9. 9. How our users see oursurvey tech? Based on 6000 answers, collected on February 2011 NPolls © 2011, All rights reserved
  10. 10. Market Research community In 6 months operation① 570 different surveys made② 260 different makers from companies to individual researchers③ From 18 different countries (most of them being US, French, German, Italian, English, Spanish)④ 89% plan do do another Research using Npolls tech in the future⑤ Results after 3 to 48 hours⑥ Writing the Survey takes from 30m to 1 hour, after conception⑦ You can make it, on the phone, IPAD, Web. So you can make it during a airplane flight, just using your phone NPolls © 2011, All rights reserved
  11. 11. What survey makers thinkOf the system Based on 198 answers, collected on July 2011 NPolls © 2011, All rights reserved
  12. 12. Case Study - Expresso① Expresso is the biggest News weekly newspaper of Portugal with more then 100 years in history and with more then 900,000 different people reading the newspaper every week APP Icon② Subject: National elections Challenge: Get a daily feed of Polls on different political issues of the campaign with controlled costs Expresso Website③ They launched the APP – “voteExpresso” – Meaning: “Expresso – Vote” and in 15 days got the following results: ① 6000 downloads of the app with no advertising at all ② 3800 people filled at least 1 answer putting their profile inside the app ③ More then 25 Polls were finished with at least 1000 answers ④ APP got 180 Reviews with 4,5 start – making it one of the best News Media APPs in the store, with 3% of people deciding to make a voluntary good comment ⑤ Polls are created and finish almost in 24 hours ⑥ Every day more then 2000 different people access the APP, making it highly engaging with most of the people being returning users. Expresso Paper Edition NPolls © 2011, All rights reserved
  13. 13. Case Study - ExpressoSTORE RANKS App Icon STORE REVIEWSApp went on tops in Media category, with noadvertisingAPP DAILLY ACCESS Better rated APP in media category in the local storeApp Reveals daily repeated participation as well ashigh fidelity NPolls © 2011, All rights reserved
  14. 14. Case Study - Expresso Target profile Income % Profession % Age % No income 10% General Management 17% 15-24 10% 1 to 10,000€ 12% Computer and IT 14% 25-39 56% 10,000 to 25,000€ 29% Student 10% 40-54 26% 25,000 to 50,000€ 28% Medicine and healthcare 6% 55-65 6% 50,000€ to 100,000€ 15% Financial and accounting 6% 65+ 2% Architecture and civil engineering 5% > de 100,000€ 5% Education 5% Marketing and communication 5% Office and administrative support 4% Device Used % Nº of polls answered % Sales and customer services 3%Android phone 14% Just 1 7% Legal and related 3%Ipads 28% 2 to 5 25% Unemployed 3%Iphones 51% 6 to 20 40% Arts and design 2%Ipods 7% More then 20 29% Restaurant, lodging and tourism 1% Police, army and Protective service 1% Show business and artists 1% Construction, installation, maintenance and Involvement % Last answered polls % repair 1%Active Push 88% Answered last 3 days 42% Transportation and material moving 1%Fulfilled Email 28% Answered last 7 days 54% Production and factory manufacturing 1% Answered last 15 days 80% Pharmaceutical and science industry 1%Gender Do not answer more 15 days 20% Others 11%Men 90%Women 10% NPolls © 2011, All rights reserved
  15. 15. Evaluate me now… I have finished! Evaluate my speech, right now, using Npolls1 - Download it from the APP store (search for npolls) – on both Androidstore or Apple app store2 – I have today just made a poll on my phone using a GPS coordinate ofthe place we are3 – So you are able to see it while you are here…and only you, so onlyattenders will be able to do it4 – Give me your honest evaluation and check in for a free trial run… NPolls © 2011, All rights reserved
  16. 16. Presented at: Market Research in the Mobile World 2nd International Conference | July 19 & 20, 2011 AtlantaOrganized by: Thank you to sponsors:LinkedIn Group: Mobile MRUpcoming Merlien Events: GreenBook Directory: GreenBook.orgMarket Research Blog: New Qual Blog & Directory: NewQualitative.orgGet Inspired. Stay Informed. Cut Through the Clutter. Sign up for our free email newsletter