Market research in the mobile work or naturalism struggle for reality


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Market research in the mobile work or naturalism struggle for reality

  1. 1. Market Research in Mobile World: The Next FrontierOr naturalism: the struggle for reality A talk by Siamack Salari EDLAPPCOM
  2. 2. Once upon a time• Henley Centre for Forecasting, JWT and DDB London 1992 - 2000• EverydayLives established in 2000 – Pure ethnographic research consultancy – True international scope – no partners – Only work for large international companies
  3. 3. In a nutshell• To sum up what we do – Obsessive naturalism – The difference between what is said and done – Things we didn’t even know we didn’t know – Things people don’t do or nearly do – Making the ordinary, extra ordinary – Adding meaning to events – leading to actions
  4. 4. Process
  5. 5. Which produced…
  6. 6. Commute
  7. 7. Our headache
  8. 8. Limiting us• A methodology which is – labour intensive – therefore costly – and time consuming – Yet very rich and insightful• Combine above with little business acumen
  9. 9. Needed to re-think how we worked
  10. 10. Revisit our process• Must capture list – Themes• Filming – 2-3 days in the field• QGW – 1 full day• Co-discoveries – For each and every respondent
  11. 11. Revisit our process• Analysis and editing – 3 days for every full day of participant observation• Final workshop – 2 days including a debrief and implication finding/actioning workshop• Final report, viral films, special requests, etc.
  12. 12. Brief• Started writing a wish list of features for an App in Spring 2009 – Ability to create a list of must captures or themes – Maps (Geo-tag) was also important – Ability to toggle between capturing video, audio and still images• Needed to be able to return to email inbox and have entries waiting
  13. 13. Enter the App monster• Started working on App in summer 2009• Started blogging all about it… forget confidentiality, IP and patents
  14. 14. But first
  15. 15. The poolside chat• I explained the App to a fellow dad watching his kids learning to swim• He inspired me to think about… – Empowering consumers – to share private information on their own terms – Level the playing field – Power to the people!• Many more ‘people’ to sell App to than researchers – except we didn’t
  16. 16. Live in App store in December 2009• There were problems with it – bugs and crashes = unhappy ethnographers• No save to camera roll• Restrictive labels• Needed updates• Supplier couldn’t deliver• Found new supplier
  17. 17. In the meantime
  18. 18. Culture change• Resistance from our own people• Seen as a ‘filter’• Seen as contradictory to our offer of naturalistic observation – Naturalism tradeoff – Inability to ‘fish’ – Co-discoveries• Giving up DV cameras will not be easy
  19. 19. Fishing example
  20. 20. Fishing example
  21. 21. Illustration
  22. 22. Live in App store in December 2009
  23. 23. Turn it on its head• Consumer version built with new team• Back to front (which was the right way round)• And Pro version re-designed around consumer version• Free consumer version – the enormous market mentioned earlier
  24. 24. Meanwhile• Coca-Cola get in touch asking for BB version• MasterCard, Google, RIM, Xerox, P&G & Unilever get in touch too• Coca-Cola funded Blackberry version
  25. 25. Coca-Cola story in brief
  26. 26. Big client, big problems• Attacked second only to Pentagon• Privacy issue and receipts• Destruction testing• Security• API rather than email• Almost resolved
  27. 27. Managing the data
  28. 28. The tail that wagged the dog• Only considered a web Application for storing entries after first Consumer App was completed• Needed a smart inbox• App needed to ‘talk’ to web application – email not good enough
  29. 29. Screen grabs from web site
  30. 30. Main page
  31. 31. Entry
  32. 32. Work areas
  33. 33. Upload from desktop
  34. 34. Key
  35. 35. Essentials• Consumer App a free download with option of registering for a research on first opening the App• Ability to create work areas on web application• Ability to ‘push’ projects from web application to hundreds/thousands of users
  36. 36. Beta projects
  37. 37. More than one approach• App based ethno studies• Diaries using the App to select best of the rest to conduct (conventional) deep dives with• Longitudinal diaries >12 months
  38. 38. Into the future• New company established separate to EverydayLives• Privacy receipts• New functionality queued up to be added – Bar code, analysis and reporting• Android version• iPad and Android tablet
  39. 39. Lessons learnt• Practice what you preach – we are only now beginning to• Talk about it – don’t keep it confidential• Don’t test it yourself – you will be much too forgiving• Work with clients, don’t just sell to them• Expect your costs to (minimum) double during development – not due to bad management• Once done, never stand still
  40. 40. Summary description
  41. 41. 1 How it • API mean entriesworks sent/received in backgroundRegister on web application( username andpassword on device App toautomatically synchAll projects synched andvisible on device and on-line
  42. 42. 2 How it • Complete project taggedworks and waiting for you onCapture events then your desktoptag, ‘send’ andforgetVideo, audio, stillimages and textPush projects torespondents orcolleaguesCollaborativelyanalyse entriesCreate private workareas
  43. 43. • Digital suggestions box3 FutureBarcode readers forthe app and projectreportingfunctionality will beadded in next fewweeks and month
  44. 44. Presented @ International conference on Market Research in the Mobile World 2 & 3 Dec 2010, Berlin For more information Please visit: