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Great Wall, Great Reward - Medtronic


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Presented by Tico Blumenthal, Global Customer Insights Manager, Medtronic
at Qualitative360 Asia 2013
19-21 November 2013, Singapore

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Great Wall, Great Reward - Medtronic

  1. 1. November 20-21, 2013 | Singapore Twitter Hashtag #QUAL360
  2. 2. Platinum Sponsor Media Sponsors Association Partners
  3. 3. Great Wall, Great Reward Finding design-actionable insights for Medical Devices in China November 21st, 2013 Tico Blumenthal Global Customer Insights Manager Medtronic Shanghai Innovation Center Prepared for
  4. 4. Image courtesy Alisdair Rae, University of Sheffield. Used with permission.
  5. 5. Why Qualitative in China? Online has some challenges V. Unlikely Scales have translation and regional issues China is an insider’s country Sl. Unlikely Neutral Sl. Likely V. Likely
  6. 6. Why Qual for Medtronic What SHOULD be done? What IS done?
  7. 7. Medical Qual is fun, meaningful & difficult Context Market Technical Clinical
  8. 8. The Great Qual Wall Cultural pre-disposition to start from mistrust High-complexity environment Format is not familiar or comfortable Insider’s society (relationship) Family Relations 2o Relations Chinese Society Less concerning May give ‘face’ to physician to have a foreign visitor Uncertain social status Outside of social circle – less messy Foreigners  More concerning Maybe a journalist  Very visible Uncertain relationship Old feelings re: foreigners
  9. 9. Diversity in China
  10. 10. Focus
  11. 11. Starting with Difference Enables Insight
  12. 12. Sitting
  13. 13. Sitting ? Social Value
  14. 14. Examples of medical innovations driven by qual insights • RestoreSensorTM neurostimulator • AccuveinTM venous access aid • Novocath IV
  15. 15. A few learnings for practitioners • Partner with good ground-level recruiters – the channel of introduction matters! Being blinded is a double-edged sword. • Start from the top, or risk challenging the hierarchy • Require translation pre-tests • Directness will often harm your inquiry if the topic is sensitive • Abstract questions don’t test well – prototypes are better • Hang on to articulate respondents – they are precious
  16. 16. Great Walls & Great Rewards
  17. 17. Platinum Sponsor Media Sponsors Association Partners
  18. 18. November 20-21, 2013 | Singapore Twitter Hashtag #QUAL360