Capturing Sensorial Emotions with an Online Platform - ScentAnalysis


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Capturing Sensorial Emotions with an Online Platform - ScentAnalysis

  2. 2. CompanySCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved2Qualitative 360 – Berlin 2013PRESENTATION FLOWMethodology SpecificsWhy we need to move forwardOnline PilotReviewDiscussion
  3. 3. specialist multi-sensorial research agency thattranslates consumer’s feelings, emotions andideas into early insights.generating greater sensorialityin product design,fragrance development ormarketing
  4. 4. They provokeemotionslead to strongerbrand relationships(Product) Senses are keySCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved4OUR BELIEF as researchers:companyQualitative 360 – Berlin 2013
  5. 5. Sensorial quotes bringdescriptions to life, uncover emotionsSCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved5company“it smells light, fresh,nice and floral”Qualitative 360 – Berlin 2013“it’s a really nice smell. It reminds me ofan open field full of pink, soft smellingflowers. The air is clear, fresh anddynamic. I feel like swirling around,being happy, lighthearted and carefree!”
  6. 6. How do we getthose quotestoday?SCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved6companyQualitative 360 – Berlin 2013
  7. 7. We adapted traditionaltoolsfor the specific needsof scent research.To get at what scent is “saying”to people sub-consciously.SCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved7We started 25 years ago with scent,the most powerful sense of all!Qualitative 360 – Berlin 2013Today, next to scent we cover all 5 senses
  8. 8. People able to articulate scent and emotionis not universal*not experts or trained panellistsSCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved1st adaptation:We recruit sensorially articulate peoplemethodologyQualitative 360 – Berlin 2013SCENTANALYSIS © All rights reservedQCS Qualitative Consumer ScreeningWe qualify consumers* able to articulateabout emotions, scents,...
  9. 9. 2nd adaptation:We run individual sessionsSCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved9methodology…individual work space.…multiple workspaceswith supervisors to explain,survey rotations, assist but neverinfluenceSessions have individual work spaces to allow the participantto express their very private associations, using a variety ofprojective techniquesQualitative 360 – Berlin 2013
  10. 10. SCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved…associate to other sensorial experiences…We explore concept, scent, aroma or tasteperceptions…10companyQualitative 360 – Berlin 2013…uncover emotional involvement…
  11. 11. to eventuallyre-adapt our tools tothe specific needs of the‘new’ digital consumerhabitsSCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved11Next, we want to explore the digital‘sense’…Qualitative 360 – Berlin 2013
  12. 12. SCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved12Moving forward…consumers spend min. 21 hours online/week… increase of digital devices (smartphones,i-pads,i-pods,computer…)…and multi-tasking on single or on multiple screensFrom individual CLT sessions to digital HOME sessionsQualitative 360 – Berlin 2013
  13. 13. SCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved13Moving forwardHow emotionally involved can consumersbe ONLINE?How good is online sensorial feedback?Compared to our traditional tools, we wanted toknow:• Do we obtain the same sensorial quality feedback?• Are consumers engaged in the same way?• Can online be used for all research purposes?I am in my mid-30s …,the point remains that growing up digitalleads to some of the tendencies I amnoticing. There’s a lack of ability to befully present.Qualitative 360 – Berlin 2013
  14. 14. We used• an online marketresearch platform• plus software forsensory researchSCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved14Diving into the ONLINE pilot…Qualitative 360 – Berlin 2013
  15. 15.  Select the fragrance for a newsunscreen formulation. Deliver a detailed fragrancedescription Use a qualitative approachSCENTANALYSIS © All rights reservedProject outlineOnline PilotQualitative 360 – Berlin 2013
  16. 16. SCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved16Online PilotWe ran 2 parallel studieswith 12 consumers from target group, filtered for their sensorial articulation• Central location (in group)• Paper questionnaire• Over 2 hoursTRADITIONAL SESSIONS METHOD• Home (alone)• Online platform• Over 1 dayNEW DIGITAL METHODQualitative 360 – Berlin 2013CLT room,with a supervisorAt home
  17. 17. SCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved17Online PilotThe Set UpQualitative 360 – Berlin 2013ProductconceptdescriptionONLINEPLATFORM+SOFTWARELINK PAPERQUESTIONNAIRETRADITIONAL METHOD DIGITAL METHOD
  18. 18. The FlowSCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved18Online PilotQualitative 360 – Berlin 2013RecruitmentCLT fieldwork session (2hrs)Supervisor introductionIndividual concept evaluation- written answers (questionnaire)Questionnaire collected andentered manually (online software)RecruitmentIntroduction Email sent outProducts sent to participantsFieldwork startVideo introductionConcept Online evaluation- per VIDEO, picture uploads- followed by software linkProduct Online evaluation- per VIDEO, picture uploads- followed by software linkTranscriptions of videos onlineIndividual scent evaluation- written answers (questionnaire)TRADITIONAL METHOD DIGITAL METHOD
  19. 19. The Raw Data OutputSCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved19Online PilotQualitative 360 – Berlin 2013Videos+ transcriptsTRADITIONAL METHOD DIGITAL METHOD
  20. 20. How this wasreported…SCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved20Qualitative 360 – Berlin 2013Online Pilot
  21. 21. SCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved21TRADITIONAL Report extractA VERY APPEALING SCENTAPPROACHABLE-NATURAL-MODERN- LIGHT- WARMInnovative-expensive-soft“the tropical scent is amazing, itimmediately transports me to anexciting tropical island adventure” highly appealing because of its fruity tropical (coconut) beachy relaxation combined with an energizing kick evoking nostalgichappy memories and good moods. More than half of the respondents LOVE the scent. Has perfect intensity and long-lastingness and highly suits the concept. Colours evoked: white, yellow, blue a white yellow colour - yellow like the sun - baby blue (sky) - Blue like a clear ocean Makes me feel: CLEAN-relaxed-refreshed-happy-in a good mood-confident-comfortable-energized-carefree Happy and as if I were on thebeach - Content refreshed out going - Happy, calm, refreshed , relaxed - Happy, invigorated, excitedSummarizing how consumers described the scent:“Fruity fresh clean crispenergetic”“it has a very summerypineapple, coconut scent ““brightness of the summer sun ““reminds me of the beachand outdoors”Qualitative 360 – Berlin 2013
  22. 22. SCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved22DIGITAL Report extractSummarizing how consumers described the scent:An overall light, subtle and natural scent with a soft-warm(powdery-floral) and tropical summer note (comfortable,coconut-y).“The scent is very feminine, fresh andclean, It makes me feel happy andenergized and brings all the sunnysummer-y thoughts and makes myskin feel hydrated and smooth”Qualitative 360 – Berlin 2013VIDEOCOLLAGES
  23. 23. The sensorial feedback is notreally richer but…The report is more interestingand fun to look atSCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved23Qualitative 360 – Berlin 2013Online Pilot
  24. 24. Advantages versusdisadvantages…what prevails?SCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved24ReviewQualitative 360 – Berlin 2013
  25. 25. OrganisationAnalysisReportingSensorial richnessConsumer involvementCostsSCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved25Summarising our pilotQualitative 360 – Berlin 2013Client’s advantagereview
  26. 26. SCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved26Ameticulous organization is vital for thesuccess of multi-sensorial researchGolden rules:each step needs to be thoroughly thought through and communicated clearlyDiversify tasks to keep motivationDIGITAL METHODMicro-organization is keyKISS communication with participants(Keep it Simple, Silly)Limit number of questions/tasksper assignmentAdd interactions with participantsCalculate delays (mom-time-schedule)TRADITIONAL METHODTest material preparation is essentialClear supervisor brief and script summarizingQualitative 360 – Berlin 2013
  27. 27. SCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved27Raw Data well preparedis a must!DIGITAL METHODTRADITIONAL METHOD summarizingSoftware reporting Software reporting+ Pictures/collages+ VideosDIGITAL INCREASES the amount of data picture/videos illustration is easy… adds analysing time for multiple analystsQualitative 360 – Berlin 2013
  28. 28. SCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved28DIGITAL Reporting is moreactive, visual, funQualitative 360 – Berlin 2013  summarizingEmotions are not justdescribed, they are visible!+ Video feedback is great for– Showing product usage/habits– Seeing spontaneous scent feedback andillustrating reports
  29. 29. SCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved29Participants were open to either survey‘format’…but the home situation can alterresponse quality sometimes…Always ‘on the run’ inher kitchen/ radio inbackgroundTalking very softly, as ifshe didn’t want todisturb… bad recordingqualityLack of generalemotional involvement…Qualitative 360 – Berlin 2013Children running,laughing in thebackground…Some like the fact of not writing somuch / Others prefer writing tofilming themselves… summarizing
  30. 30. SCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved30UNCHANGED (-) REDUCED (+) ADDEDRecruitment Facility/supervision Higher setup costsSoftware programming Data entryONLINE Platform+ participant technicalsupportGuide developmentHigher RespondentIncentives…to ensuremotivation/completionHigher analysing costsQualitative 360 – Berlin 2013  summarizingApprox. 25% cost increaseIn our case,increase of internal costs
  31. 31. What DIGITAL enablescapacity to produce a more engaging reportvisualizing the consumer emotionsgoing for a broader (geographic) targetengaging small, specific target groupsSCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved31CONCLUSIONWhat puts DIGITAL into questionincrease of internal research costs (&time)…while clients want more for lesstechnical constraints depending on countries/ target…while global projects specs increasereviewQualitative 360 – Berlin 2013
  32. 32. To become… more cost-effective quickerWhile keepingthe research qualityLet’s discuss & share experiences!SCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved32Challenging ourselves!Qualitative 360 – Berlin 2013
  33. 33. SCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved33Spontaneous ideas/thoughts /questions…What about the limits?GeographyTranslation+ complexity of global ‘handholding’What about the recruitment?communitiesCombining TRADITIONAL & DIGITALQualitative 360 – Berlin 2013
  34. 34. THANK YOU
  35. 35. FranceBarbara PreyssasGlobal Vice PresidentEmail-Contact:barbara.preyssas@scentanalysis.com120, Rue Jean Jaurès92300 Levallois-PerretTel: +33 – 1 47 56 20 47Fax:+33 – 1 47 56 20 20GermanyAgnès WiegandSenior Insights DirectorEmail-Contact:agnes.wiegand@scentanalysis.comBettinastrasse 3060325 FrankfurtTel. +49 – 69 974 61 203Fax. +49 – 69 974 61 162IndiaAnuradha RoyRegional Director, India & AsiaEmail-Contact:anuradha.roy@scentanalysis.com402, Gokul RegencyV.M.Shah Marg, Sahar, Andheri (East)Mumbai 400 099Mobile: +91 9819127812ANALYSIS Scent International AG, SwitzerlandBarbara Busch , Chairman of the BoardHR-Nr: CH- 7, CH-6300 ZugTel. +41 - 41 71 04 26 1USALaura FinkelsteinVice PresidentEmail-Contact:laura.finkelstein@scentanalysis.com9 Prospect Park West, 6BBrooklyn, New York 11215 USATel: +1 917 743 4240ContactsSCENTANALYSIS © All rights reserved 35