A mobile study of school food copenhagen city


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A mobile study of school food copenhagen city

  1. 1. A mobile study of school food A case study for the Municipality of Copenhagen
  2. 2. Me ulie Byskov Gade Cand.it Digital Design og Communication) xperience Architect at Triple LBi ounder of Story Field
  3. 3. Agenda EAT case Piipl Mobile research
  4. 4. Children in Copenhagen are eating too much junkfood!
  5. 5. EAT case he Municipality of Copenhagen wanted to eform the food in public primary schools of Copenhagen. During 2 years 2 concepts had been eveloped. We were asked to test the concepts, and study he children's point of view.
  6. 6. Numbers wo 7th grades participated 4 children /teenagers 2-14 years old weeks 0 movies
  7. 7. 3 key elements . Mobile documentation of eating behaviour . Online diaries and sharing at piipl . Digital Storytelling workshop
  8. 8. Element 1 Mobile documentation of eating behavior
  9. 9. Element 2 Online diaries and sharing at piipl
  10. 10. Element 3 Digital Storytelling workshop
  11. 11. Why not just ask them? Questionnaires, nterviews, and bservation did ot give sufficient nsight. here was a ifference etween say and o.
  12. 12. Documentation t is a small shawarma for 20. dina and I signed up for the meal rogram at school, but if we do not like he food, we immediately go to Grill House o buy shawarma. So we almost everyday o to Grill House. We buy one shawarma each and a Coca ola. We always pay together. Between Eldina nd I, there is no such thing as my own money, we always pay together.”
  13. 13. Documentation It is canteen food hat Yacoub etched. Meatballs with pple and potato alad” Ridvan
  14. 14. Documentation Ercan bought a alaffel at "Boshka" for 0 Kr, he ate it quickly nd wanted to eat more. o he went to another hop and bought a arlic bread. took place in school reak time at 11 AM"
  15. 15. Piipl Hvorfor er en skriftlig rapport ikke god nok til at formidle viden?
  16. 16. Piipl Hvorfor er en skriftlig rapport ikke god nok til at formidle viden?
  17. 17. Piipl ros SMS, MMS, email, upload ags and themes Video and photo Social interaction functionality Cons No mobile version Poor analysis tools No privacy settings Usability
  18. 18. Mobile Research What we learned about mobile research: The mobile is an excellent documentation tool Mobile documentation reduces gap between say and do Children mobile document their everyday lives naturally Images make children /teenagers talk The mobile gives researchers access Mobile documentation must be combined with storytelling The social element adds great value
  19. 19. Thank you! Contact: Julie@storyfield.dk
  20. 20. Presented @ International conference on Market Research in the Mobile World 2 & 3 Dec 2010, Berlin For more information Please visit: http://www.merlien.org