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Malaga questions for__migration


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Published in: Education
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Malaga questions for__migration

  1. 1. Questions about migrations in Europe
  2. 2. What was the biggest minority in Poland during 17th century? a) Tartars b) Jews c) Cossacks d) Muslims
  3. 3. What is the name of the oldest synagouge in Cracow? a) Remuh b) Kupa c) Tempel d) Old synagouge
  4. 4. What was the biggest center of foreigners after Middle Ages in Poland? a) Warsaw b) Poznań c) Cracow d) Gdańsk
  5. 5. Where did the Estonians emigrate on the 19th century? What was the reason? a) To Finland for work b) To Russia looking for a land c) To the West to escape from the wars
  6. 6. What is “Talendid koju”? a) A project to bring back Estonian workers b) An Estonian company dealing with migration in Estonia c) An Estonian community in Canada
  7. 7. Where are the biggest Estonian communities in the world? a) In France, Germany and Belgium b) In Latvia, Lithuania and Poland c) In Finland, Sweden and Russia
  8. 8. What is the biggest religion after christianity in Sweden? a) Islam b) Judaism c) Hinduism
  9. 9. What is most common in Sweden? a) Being a Christian b) Being a muslim c) Being an atheist
  10. 10. It lives around 9 millions people in Sweden today. How many people are members in the Swedish church? a) around 2 millions b) around 8,5 millions c) around 6,5 millions
  11. 11. How do immigrants influence Malaga? a) They build their own cemeteries b) They build their own temples (churches, mosques,ecc.) c) They teach their own language in schools
  12. 12. Which are the reasons immigrants come to Málaga? a) They come to learn a new language (Spanish) b) To buy houses and then sell them c) They come because of the weather, the culture, other people comes looking for a job and retired people come to live here
  13. 13. Which is the most abundant population in Málaga? a) British people b) Moroccan people c) Chinese people
  14. 14. Which nationality of immigrants is the dominant one in Italy? a) Chinese b) Romanian c) Albanian
  15. 15. Why is Rome a perfect example of peaceful coexistence? a) Because it’s beautiful b) Because the people are happy there c) Because it hosts the three most important religions with the Great Mosque, the oldest Jewish community in Europe and St. Peter’s Basilica
  16. 16. To what extent are gypsies in Italy concerned about their future? a) Very much concerned, especially for their children b) Not concerned at all because they don’t live but just survive c) They are only concerned about the present
  17. 17. What’s the percentage of foreign people in Paris ? a) Less than 10% b) Between 10-20% c) More than 30%
  18. 18. What kinds of food can we eat a lot in Paris? a) Couscous, Kebab, Chinese and Japanese b) Fish&Chips, Tortilla and Burger King c) French traditional food
  19. 19. What were the main reasons of the immigration in France ? a) French girls were beautiful b) French demography was in deficit c) They wanted to learn how to make cheese
  20. 20. Who was the ruler when the first relationship between Germans and Turkish began and when was that ? a) Adolf Hitler, in 1900 b) Bismark, in 1877 c) Friedrich the II, in 1761
  21. 21. Why are Turkish people coming to Germany? a) Germany have a big economic boom and they need host workers b) German people like kebab c) Turkey was in poverty
  22. 22. What was the percentage of Huegenots in Berlin at the beginning of 18th century a) 1 % b) 75 % c) 20 %