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Philippinesfromthe past


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Philippinesfromthe past

  1. 1. Places In The Philippines Nostalgia 1900s – 1980s
  2. 2. Ayala Avenue 1960s
  3. 3. Rustans Makati 1970s
  4. 4. The Automat: A very popular place to eat. To the left is Rustan's, and in the middle is the Manila Intercon.
  5. 5. Along Makati Avenue, facing Paseo de Roxas: IBM, RCPI, and Dona Narcisa De Leon Building.
  6. 6. A very spacious Makati in 1973. There was an abundance of empty lots yet to be developed into commercial areas and new buildings.
  7. 7. Entering Makati: The "Salamat Po" sign was there to thank motorists passing Mandaluyong. This is a shot of Highway 54, now known as Edsa. The buildings on the left are Euroclean and the Guadalupe Shopping Center.
  8. 8. Philippine Postal Savings Bank Photo '70s
  9. 9. Roxas Boulevard Photo '60s
  10. 10. Old Philippine Congress Building Padre Burgos Street Photo '60s
  11. 11. Here's a nice breezy afternoon shot of the CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) cark park.
  12. 12. Manila Main Post Office Photo '70s
  13. 13. Rizal Avenue 1940s
  14. 14. Rizal Avenue 1970s
  15. 15. Plaza Miranda 1960s
  16. 16. Simbahan ng Quiapo 1960s
  17. 17. Quiapo pa rin 1960s
  18. 18. Quiapo pa rin 1940s
  19. 19. Quiapo pa rin 1940s
  20. 20. Luneta Park 1967 ….panang nasa ibang bansa… hay….
  21. 21. Luneta Park 1910
  22. 22. Rizal Park 1910
  23. 23. Walled City 1910
  24. 24. Eto pa ang matindi!!! Mga peyboreyt na mga celebrities ng 70s at 80s… Pasok…………….. Number 1…..
  25. 25. Menudo…If you’re not here, by my side…
  26. 26. Menudo pa rin…Just like explosion…my love for you…
  27. 27. Bagets 1984…
  28. 28. VST….ahh ahh ahh, ahitin mo, at lagyan ng pulbos…
  29. 29. Rico J. …. Alaala… Nang tayo’y magsweetheart pa…
  30. 30. Sharon… Hello, Mr. Dee jay?
  31. 31. Boy Sulivan… Ang kapal ng bul…anak ka ng pu…
  32. 32. Hayyyy….. Mga favorite nating mga hottie noon, mga nanay at lola na ngayon…. Kung naaalala mo pang lahat ito, isa ka nang pinaglumaan ng panahon… joke! Send mo na sa mga ka-batch mo!!!