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All about me


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All about me

  1. 1. Hi! I'm Cel It’s me Lhen Me to Chen And me Hei Knowledge is the best way to success  &  Give your smile to every one but Give your Heart to only one ~Love people and use things,not love things and used people ~ don't take for granted those people who love you, co'z someday you might realize, you lost a diamond because you were too busy collecting stones.. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become... Honesty is the Best Policy
  2. 2. Once in a lifetime You find a Friend Who touches not only your Heart But also your Soul Once in a lifetime You Discover someone Who stand Beside you Once in a lifetime i f you are Lucky You find someone As I have found you Very special people We can be Ourselves with Talks with, Laugh with, Hope with and believe with,
  3. 3. Give Your Smile to every one but Give your Heart to only one
  4. 17. My Day My Heavenly Father, as I enter this work place, I bring your presence with me, I speak your peace, your grace, your mercy and your perfect order into this. I knowledge your power over all that will be spoken, though, decided and done within this walls Lord I thank you for the gift your have blessed me with, I commit to using them responsibility in your honor, Give me a fresh supply of strength to do my job, anoint my project, ideas and energy, so that even my smallest accomplishment, may bring you glory, when I’ am confused, guide me, I’ am worry, energize me, When I’ am burned out infuse me with the light of the holy spirit, may the work that I do and the way I do it bring faith, joy and a smile today And OH!!! lord when I leave a place, give me traveling mercy Blessed my Family and Home to be in order as left it, Lord I thank you for everything your gin to do