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From Manager to Entrepreneur


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2015 workshop for GEM (Grenoble Business School) MBA students. Getting a reality check on what becoming an entrepreneur means and some insights to start reviewing their own situation and prepare for entrepreneurial adventure.

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From Manager to Entrepreneur

  1. 1. From Manager to Entrepreneur GEM - MBA 2015 Stéphanie MITRANO @SMmerkapt … not just a business transition
  2. 2. Stéphanie MITRANO-MÉDA Executive Coach certified NCFE / Management Sciences PhD @SMmerkapt +33.611.623.873 Stéphanie’”⁹s profile: co-founder transition designer keynote speaker
  3. 3. Experts for innovation networks
  4. 4. So what’”⁹s different?
  5. 5. Freedom
  6. 6. Isolation
  7. 7. Free to follow your ideas Autonomy in decision-making Liberty to choose your strategy Free choice of team members Free from chain of command … Alone in decision-making Weight of responsibilities No transversal resources No safety net … NETWORKED FREEDOM
  8. 8. Expertise
  9. 9. Generalist
  10. 10. ADAPTABLE MASTERY Manager to Entrepreneur Scaling up a start-up
  11. 11. Vision
  12. 12. The Dip
  13. 13. Dare to dream Have a vision Create new markets Innovate Change the world See opportunities Create value … Have courage Be resilient Take risks Be resourceful Deal with emotions … PURPOSEFUL COURAGE
  14. 14. Ready for the entrepreneurial adventure? TEAM UP
  15. 15. « My model for business is The Beatles. They were four guys who kept each other ’”⁹s kind of negative tendencies in check. They balanced each other and the total was greater than the sum of the parts. That’”⁹s how I see business: great things in business are never done by one person, they’”⁹re done by a team of people. » Steve JOBS (1955-2011)
  16. 16. They are iconic characters with extraordinary abilities to circumvent intellectual and, or physical limitations. CEO, CTO, CFO Superheroes
  17. 17. Reality distortion field Bends reality to its vision Plans BIG Thinks long term Pushes forward Knows when to pivot Secondary powers: limited precognition / apotheosis Super-weakness: radioactive and burns out employees The CEO
  18. 18. Psychokinesis Manipulates objects, atoms, with its mind Obsesses on « getting it right » Thinks short term Insulated from reality Extra-power : super-speed / mind-control resistance Super-weakness: autism Evan Williams, Twitter The CTO
  19. 19. Chronokinesis Accelerates TTM Moves through the plan Thinks medium / long term Prepares the next step ahead Extra-power : creates resources from thin air / super-connector Super-weakness: won’”⁹t pivot The CFO
  21. 21. Thanks! From Manager to Entrepreneur GEM MBA 2015 Stéphanie MITRANO @SMmerkapt