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presentation plus comprehension questions about volcanos

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  1. 1. Active volcanos in the world 14th April 2010•Nowadays there are nineactive volcanos in theworld.•The last volcano thaterupted is in Iceland, andit is called Eyjafjallajökull.•The craters of thevolcano opened in theearly morning of 14 Apriland airports in Europeclosed. http://www.geocodezip.com/v2_activeVolcanos.asp
  2. 2. VolcanosWhen volcanos erupt first comes anEarthquake, then a hole on the earth and then a loud noise.Volcanos produce high columnsof smoke and they can be seen far away. Lava, rocks and toxic gases come out of the volcano. It is very dangerous but spectacular Volcanos can erupt under the sea and they can form islands. Craters are wide and they can be full of water or snow.
  3. 3. The highest volcano in the world• This is the Ojos del Salado volcano.• It is the highest active volcano in the world, it is 6891 metres high.• It is set in los Andes mountains, in Chile. It can be visited.• It last erupted i 1873 and in 1993 smoke and few lava came out.
  4. 4. Volcanos in EuropeEtna volcano is in the East coastof Sicily island, next to Italy.It is the largest active volcano inEurope and it is 3,329 metreshigh.Only one volcano in Spainsurpasses it. Do you know itsname?Mount Etna is one of the mostactive volcanoes in the world
  5. 5. Tenerife island, Spain• Can you see the volcano? What’s his name?
  6. 6. Teide volcanoTeide volcano is inthe Canary Islands, inTenerife.It is 3718 metreshigh. It is higher thanEtna.It is an inactivevolcano but you cannot visit it.
  7. 7. Volcanos in Catalonia• Croscat volcano is in Croscat and Sta Croscat volcano Olot, La garrotxa. It is the Margarita highest volcano in Spain, It is 786 metres high above the sea and 160 metres high on the earth and 350 metres wide.• Next to it, there is the Santa Margarita Volcano. In this volcano there is a Sta Margatita’s Sta Margarita church called Santa church volcano Margarita.• You can visit both volcanos.
  8. 8. Questions• Which materials come out of a volcano?• What comes first?• Where is the highest volcano in the world?• What’s his name?• Can you visit it?• Is the highest volcanoe in Europe in Spain? In which island?• Can you say two volcanos in Catalonia?• Can you visit them?• What’s inside of one of them?