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Basic french lessons for beginners


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Are you a beginner then this slide will help you learn some basic French

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Basic french lessons for beginners

  1. 1. Basic French lesson Are you a beginner then this slide will help you learn some basic French greeting.
  2. 2. Bonjour! Bonjour means hello in French. Salut! You can say “salut” to your friends in a very casual way
  3. 3. Salut Jean Paul! Commet ca va? Salut Meri, oui je bein merci et toi? Meri and Jean Paul are best friends, they are having a phatic talk. Meri askes to Jean Paul: hello Jean Paul! How are you? Jean Paul replys: hi Meri, yes i am fine thanks and you? don’t worry about the dog by the way.... Here are the translations for this conversation. Bow bow
  4. 4. Je bein I am good or I am fine
  5. 5. Merci or Merci becoup (thank you very much)
  6. 6. How are you? Commet ca va? Et toi? And you?
  7. 7. French greetings Bienvenue welcome
  8. 8. Je m’appelle Sandra My name is Sandra Enchante! Nice to meet you
  9. 9. Au revoir! Good bye!
  10. 10. A beintot See you soon
  11. 11. Ron, Connaissez-vous la réponse? Oui, mademoiselle, c’est vingt-huit. Try translating the conversation between Ron and the teacher.
  12. 12. Did you translated it correctly? If you did.. WELL DONE but don’t worry if you don’t because here are the translations...... Ron, do you know the answer? Yes Miss, it’s 28.
  13. 13. • Mademoiselle  Miss • Connaissez-vous  do you know? • réponse  answer • c’est  it’s or it is • vingt-huit  28 • vingt  20 • huit  8 vocabulary
  14. 14. Bonjour, puis-je avoir un rendez- vous pour voir dr Hasley s'il vous plaît? Bonjour madame, oui commet t’appelle tu s'il vous plaît? This is an easy conversation have a go at translating it.......
  15. 15. Here are the translations for the previous conversation... hello, can I have an appointment to see Dr Hasley please? Hello madam, yes, what is your name please? Because it’s a formal conversation we use “bonjour”
  16. 16. The conversation continues..... Ok.. Merci.. votre rendez- vous est 05:04 je m'appelle Catherine My name is Catherine Ok , thank you your appointment time is 05:04 To go furthur you can ask “how do you spell that” Say : “comment ça s'écrit ’’
  17. 17. merci beaucoup, au revoir… Bienvenus…Au revoir! Thank you very much bye Welcome... Bye....
  18. 18. Vocabulary • puis-je avoir un rendez-vous pour voir  cani have an appoinment to see…. • sil vous plaît  please.. • votre rendez-vous est  your appoinment is..