Leadership in Remote Work


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My presentation in Tieto Knows knowledge sharing session on September 21, 2012. Tieto Knows is a knowledge sharing community within our company. My presentation was initiated by a blog post I wrote originally in talouselama.fi (later on translated in English in blogs.tieto.com).

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Leadership in Remote Work

  1. 1. Leadership in remote work September 21, 2012 Matti Vesala Sources: http://blogs.tieto.com/futureoffice/2012/07/11/recipe-for-remote-work- revolution-forget-the-management-methods-of-20th-century/ http://www.talouselama.fi/kumppaniblogit/tieto/alaiset+etatoissa+unohda+190 0luvun+johtamisopit/a2133788
  2. 2. Manager or Leader? Profession and position given by other managers. Toolbox Skillset No leader without followers. No leader without new leaders born. Relationships Self Growth
  3. 3. Management or Leadership? Organizing people’s skills to enable and control a sequence of activities in order to meet the targets. Amplifying peoples emotions to create and boost action in order to make a dream come true.
  4. 4. Disclaimers ;-) I’m fully aware that… … there are laws, rules and procedures for administrating remote work … remote work is not a good idea for all teams … the remote working tools could be better, always … remote work is a nightmare for data security officers … system can be misused or even abused
  5. 5. Source www.todayfm.com
  6. 6. Source www.realitysquared.co.uk Some controls exist because managers are worried about this…
  7. 7. Spoiler 1/2 The magic formula of leading remote and mobile people…
  8. 8. Spoiler 2/2 The magic formula of leading remote and mobile people.
  9. 9. Consequence Not being physically in the same location reveals the core building blocks of our leadership from a totally new angle.
  10. 10. My cornerstones Love Purpose Passion
  11. 11. Mindset change Control  Trust Planning  Uncertainty Order  Chaos Me & my team  Social Network Project  Value Flow Leadership is very much about tolerating uncertainty and chaos, trusting the creativity of the relationships in social network.
  12. 12. Shoemaker’s children We do have tools that support remote work (ok, as said, they can be improved)… But is that the right focus? Look at the remote and mobile working culture and leadership in the companies who have done that 100 years without the tools we have. What can we learn? What can we teach?
  13. 13. Source blogs.denverpost.com
  14. 14. Source www.tumblr.com My biggest failure in leading remote work has been my inability to keep up my emotional presence.
  15. 15. Some random thoughts Fear. Embracing the moments of being together. Leader, stay out from your office. Performance awareness today is social. Goals versus Dreams. Well-being. Freedom often comes with a responsibility.
  16. 16. Leadership Leadership... is fiery passion, intimate mental, emotional and physical proximity embracing us without any kind of obstacles in between. It is about ultimate joy of taking care of people, giving protection and support as well as encouragement and endless mutual inspiration. It is about dreaming of and acting towards a shared purpose. Leadership... is the ultimate way of focusing our energy to a purpose with such an intensity that no other force can stop us.
  17. 17. Thank you. Matti Vesala matti@adare.fi Twitter: @mkvesala